California wildfires

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Utility That Serves 16M Declares Bankruptcy

Liabilities for state wildfires are just too expensive for PG&E

(Newser) - California's largest utility is crying uncle. PG&E Corp said Monday it will file for bankruptcy protection as it deals with billions in possible liability costs over huge state wildfires, the Wall Street Journal reports. The utility and its main unit, Pacific Gas and Electric Co., plan to file... More »

Trump Had Warned California. Today, Another Shot Fired

President says he's cutting off FEMA money unless state gets 'act together, which is unlikely'

(Newser) - When President Trump demanded California get its wildfires in check , he apparently meant business. "Billions of dollars are sent to the State of California for Forrest fires that, with proper Forrest Management, would never happen," Trump said in a Wednesday tweet, ultimately replaced with one in which "... More »

Wildfire Cleanup Workers Fired for 'Reprehensible' Photos

One of them joked about the remains of a dead pet

(Newser) - Three wildfire cleanup workers in California have been fired for clowning around in the ruins of people's homes and posting what the town of Paradise calls "reprehensible" photos on social media. One photo shows the burned remains of a pet cat with a bottle near its mouth and... More »

Dog Guards Burnt Calif. Home for Weeks

Paradise homeowner finds her dog guarding the ruins

(Newser) - A survivor of the catastrophic Camp Fire in Northern California returned this week to find her dog there, guarding the ruins of her home. "Imagine the loyalty of hanging in in the worst of circumstances and being here waiting," homeowner Andrea Gaylord tells WKYC3 . "It was so... More »

Residents Given Hazmat Suits for Return to Paradise

They were allowed back for first time since blaze

(Newser) - Nearly four weeks after the devastating blaze leveled her California town, Jennifer Christensen was allowed to return to her home in Paradise, where the first thing she saw was her son's charred tricycle in the front yard. Christensen was among hundreds of residents who were allowed back into neighborhoods... More »

Man Will Hand $1K Check to Each Paradise High Student

San Diego businessman was moved by their plight

(Newser) - A San Diego businessman is donating $1 million in the wake of Northern California's devastating Camp Fire—but he's doing so in an unconventional way. Bob Wilson, 89, plans to pass out $1,000 checks on Tuesday to each of the 980 students and 105 staff members from... More »

Catastrophic Cali Fire Is Finally Contained

The Camp fire is surrounded by firefighters

(Newser) - A massive wildfire that killed dozens of people and destroyed thousands of homes in Northern California has been fully contained after burning for more than two weeks, authorities said Sunday, the AP reports. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection says the Camp fire had been surrounded by firefighters... More »

Rain Helps Put Out California's Deadliest Fire

But downpour will bring new hazards

(Newser) - The deadliest wildfire in California is now 90% contained after firefighters got some help from the region's first major rainstorm of the season. The rain in northern California also helped bring the Bay Area's air quality from a "very unhealthy" rating to "good," though it... More »

In California, an Example of 'What Thanksgiving's About'

Businesses, volunteers teaming up to provide meal to those displaced by Camp Fire

(Newser) - The Camp Fire in northern California has killed at least 83 people, with the number rising daily, and has displaced tens of thousands of others. Hundreds are unaccounted for. It won't be a normal Thanksgiving for any of those families, but businesses and hundreds of volunteers have stepped up... More »

Daughter of Man Killed in Wildfire Sues Utility

PG&E faces potentially catastrophic financial penalties

(Newser) - Investigators still haven't settled on the cause of the California wildfire that has killed more than 80 people so far, but another lawsuit is pinning the blame squarely on the utility Pacific Gas & Electric. The AP reports that Neva Rodrigues, whose 73-year-old father was killed in the fire,... More »

Finnish Leader: No Idea Where Trump Got His 'Raking' Idea

Finland's president says he didn't mention it during chat on forest management

(Newser) - Finland's president isn't sure where President Trump got the idea that raking is part of his country's routine for managing its substantial forests. Trump told reporters Saturday while visiting the ruins of the northern California town where a fire killed at least 76 people that wildfires weren'... More »

Trump in Cali: 'I Think ... Everybody's Seen the Light'

The president still sees no effect of climate change

(Newser) - From the ashes of a mobile home and RV park, President Donald Trump said Saturday he came to the heart of California's killer wildfire to fully grasp the scale of the desolation wrought on the landscape, the AP reports. "We're going to have to work quickly. ... Hopefully... More »

Was Trump Right About Cali Wildfires?

Scientists weigh in

(Newser) - With President Trump blaming forest management for California wildfires, many wonder about the role of climate change—and scientists say it is a factor, National Geographic reports. While wildfires are normal in California, the state's fires have generally gotten larger since 2000 as hotter and drier years go on... More »

Trump Slams California Right Before Visiting

State officials say 1K are still missing

(Newser) - President Donald Trump heads to Northern California on Saturday to see firsthand the grief and devastation from the deadliest US wildfire in a century amid confusion over how many people remain unaccounted for, the AP reports. Authorities confirmed a new death toll of 71 and say they are trying to... More »

Breathing San Fran Air Like Smoking 11 Cigarettes: Researchers

Smog from wildfires has given San Francisco, Stockton, Sacramento worst pollution in the world

(Newser) - The smoke in some parts of California from the wildfires has been "overwhelming," and now the air in some cities there has earned a new descriptor: the world's worst. CNN reports on a sobering chart from the Berkeley Earth nonprofit , which pulls together stats from sites that... More »

Wanted Man Dies After Chase Through Fire Zone

Parolee reportedly brandished metallic object

(Newser) - A man who lost his life in the area of the Camp Fire succumbed not to flames but to bullet wounds. An "armed and dangerous wanted parolee" led police on a high-speed chase Thursday and was ultimately shot and killed, Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey says, per the... More »

'I Just Want to Go Back to My Dirt'

Number missing in California's Camp Fire jumps dramatically

(Newser) - The list of people unaccounted for in the Camp Fire rose dramatically from 297 to 631 Thursday—and while many of them may be people who failed to contact loved ones after evacuating, authorities fear the death toll is also going to jump. "The level of chaos we were... More »

Paradise Cop: 'There's No One to Watch Over and Protect'

Camp Fire death toll hits 56

(Newser) - The death toll from the Camp Fire now stands at 56—almost double that of the state's previous deadliest single wildfire—and close to 300 others are unaccounted for, according to the Butte County Sheriff's Office. The sheriff's office released a list of 297 names Wednesday night,... More »

As Calif. Fires Rage, Pink's Husband Threatens Looters

Carey Hart's Instagram photo is raising eyebrows

(Newser) - It's usually Pink who's making headlines , but the pop singer's husband has found his way to more than a few over to his response to the California wildfires . Per , Carey Hart is the center of new controversy over a photo he posted on Instagram Tuesday... More »

Famous S. Calif. Landscape 83% Burned by Wildfire

Movies, TV made Santa Monica mountains famous

(Newser) - The Woolsey Fire burning in southern California has devastated a landscape millions of Americans know from movies and TV. Authorities say a shocking 83% of federal parkland in the Santa Monica Mountains was burned in the fire, including the set of M*A*S*H and the Reagan Ranch, reports the Los Angeles ... More »

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