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The Top ER Was Next Door. Her Ambulance Couldn't Go There

How the practice of diversion might have hurt Tiffany Tate

(Newser) - When David Tate got word that his sister had suffered a medical emergency at work, he rushed to Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Tiffany Tate wasn't there. That didn't make sense to him, and for good reason: Tate suffered a stroke while working in the cafeteria at the... More »

Did Insulin Rationing Kill a 26-Year-Old?

The 'Washington Post' looks at tragic case of young man who died after losing insurance coverage

(Newser) - Alec Raeshawn Smith was shocked to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 23. The incurable autoimmune disease, which often strikes in childhood, is far less common than type 2 diabetes, which does not always require patients to take insulin. Type 1 diabetics must take it; before the hormone... More »

What Life Is Like When Puberty Starts at Age 2

Patrick Burleigh details a childhood of shame, shaming, and anger

(Newser) - Patrick Burleigh doesn't remember when he grew his first pubic hair, which makes sense—most people don't remember much from when they're two. That's how old the now 34-year-old was when he entered puberty, a story he recounts at length for the Cut . The cause of... More »

A Provocative View: We're Overdoing It on Sunscreen

Writer for 'Outside' makes the case that the sun isn't as evil as we think

(Newser) - The advice is ever-present and official: Slather on the sunscreen and keep evil, cancer-causing rays of the sun away from your body at all times. But in a piece at Outside , Rowan Jacobsen presents a provocative counterpoint. Rounding up research from a "rogue band of researchers," he makes... More »

He's Serving 450 Years. His 'Victims' Say He's Innocent

Ricky Malee is 17 years into a sentence for crimes he insists he never committed

(Newser) - If Ricky Malee had taken the plea deal, he'd be out of prison right now, having served just 10 years. Instead, he's 17 years into a 450-year sentence. But he didn't want to confess to a crime he insists he didn't commit, and so "an... More »

How a Fact-Checking Journalist Nearly Married a Con Man

Abby Ellin runs an excerpt of her new book in 'Marie Claire'

(Newser) - In August 2010, Abby Ellin and her fiance moved into a one-bedroom rental at the Watergate in Washington, DC. It's a location infamous for being "ground zero for deception," and it's an almost poetic detail in Ellin's story of falling for a con man. Ellin... More »

Salesforce's CEO Went on Vacation, Had an Epiphany

Marc Benioff isn't the only CEO anymore

(Newser) - Salesforce had an envy-worthy 2018. The markets had their gloomiest year since 2008 , but Salesforce shares were up 34%. In the most recent quarter, revenue and earnings topped estimates for the 30,000-employee company. Ari Levy looks at what CEO Marc Benioff is doing right—and Levy begins his lengthy... More »

How to Lose Your Life Savings on Amazon

Matt Behdjou and Mike Gazzola insist their methods are sound

(Newser) - Ever buy a plastic wine aerator on Amazon? If so, you may have done business with a couple who lost their life savings and are mad as hell—at marketers who told them Amazon-selling was a good idea, Alana Semuels writes for the Atlantic . "It's a scam,"... More »

High School Student's Doodle Leads to Deportation

Alex drew a devil with horns, the school mascot; ICE deemed it gang activity

(Newser) - Alex attended Huntington High School on Long Island, and he committed three big sins in the eyes of the authorities: He once wore blue sneakers to the school, he wrote "504" on his school bag and on a school calculator, and he doodled a devil with horns on his... More »

Harry Reid Is Dying, and He Doesn't Hold Back

Former Senate majority leader offers his biting assessment of President Trump

(Newser) - Harry Reid "does not have long to live." Mark Leibovich puts it bluntly in a New York Times Magazine profile of the former Senate majority leader, who is himself quite blunt at times. Leibovich writes that he was the first to be granted an interview with Reid since... More »

The Word 'Odessa' Got a Serial Killer to Start Talking

Christie Palazzolo was asked to look into Samuel Little in 2013

(Newser) - Much has been written about Samuel Little , a 77-year-old serving life in California whose recent confessions may make him one of America's deadliest serial killers. In a lengthy piece for the Los Angeles Times , Del Quentin Wilber manages to present new details on how those confessions came to be... More »

A Serial Killer Murdered Her Son. She Was the One Found Guilty

The 'New York Times Magazine' looks at the case of Julie Rea

(Newser) - "I wouldn't wish it on a snake." So says Julie Rea of the life she has had since Oct. 13, 1997. That was the day she awoke to a scream and tussled with an intruder in her Illinois home. Her 10-year-old son, Joel Kirkpatrick, had been stabbed... More »

In Mollie Tibbetts Case, a Surprise Move by Her Mother

Laura Calderwood takes in teen son of immigrants who knew alleged killer

(Newser) - A remarkable twist in the story involving the murder of 20-year-old Iowa college student Molly Tibbetts , delivered via Terrence McCoy of the Washington Post . Tibbetts was allegedly murdered by an undocumented immigrant named Cristhian Bahena Rivera, a 24-year-old who worked as a farm laborer in the rural community of Brooklyn,... More »

Doctors Find No Drugs in Suspect's Rectum, Bill Him $4K

Syracuse newspaper details strange case

(Newser) - In the annals of surprising medical bills, this one stands out. A man in Syracuse received a bill for $4,595.12 after doctors performed a sigmoidoscopy, meaning they inserted an 8-inch scope into his rectum, reports the Syracuse Post-Standard . They did so against his will, on the orders of... More »

He Reported the Fake 5-Star Reviews to Amazon. Then, Hell

The Verge goes deep inside the cutthroat world of the Amazon Marketplace

(Newser) - You obviously know Amazon, but the "Amazon Marketplace" might be a less familiar phrase. That's the company's third-party platform, which some 6 million sellers use to hawk their wares. And, for the successful, there's real money to be had: About 20,000 of those sellers make... More »

Inside One Man's Theory: There Is No Zodiac Killer

Thomas Henry Horan believes the murders were committed by various people

(Newser) - "Finding out there’s no Zodiac would be like finding out there's no Santa Claus," writes Bill Black for MEL Magazine —which may explain why a whole bunch of people are no fan of Thomas Henry Horan. He's a semi-retired community college writing professor in... More »

When Working for Musk, Beware 'Elon's Rage Firings'

'Wired' recounts volatile outbursts of the Tesla boss

(Newser) - Those fascinated or even mildly interested in the doings of Elon Musk will want to make time for a long and often unflattering profile in Wired by Charles Duhigg. The story paints a picture of a brilliant CEO for whom it can be absolute misery to work. One Tesla manager,... More »

Sorry, Dexter: Blood Spatter Analysis May Be Bogus

ProPublica looks at how one man nearly single-handedly created the field

(Newser) - It looks like unassailable science when presented on shows like Dexter or CSI, and, far more significantly, in countless courtrooms across the nation. But as a report in ProPublica explains, the science behind blood-spatter analysis may not be as sound as people think. The story looks at how one man,... More »

Top Flutist Makes $250K a Year, and Is Suing Over It

Elizabeth Rowe argues the BSO has refused to pay her the same as her male colleague

(Newser) - When the Boston Symphony Orchestra's selection committee heard 29-year-old Elizabeth Rowe audition, it didn't know her gender: As Geoff Edgers writes in a lengthy piece for the Washington Post , the orchestra's blind auditions dictate that a screen obscures the musician's identity. She landed her "dream... More »

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Master of 'The Shove'

Actress talks about her life, her career, and her bout with cancer in the 'New Yorker'

(Newser) - Seinfeld fans know it well: "the shove," as practiced by Elaine, when she puts both hands on the chest of a man and yells something like "Shut up!" as she shoves him backward. In a profile of Julius Louis-Dreyfus, the New Yorker notes that Louis-Dreyfus brought... More »

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