Newser's AI Policy

Summarizing used to be a skill I needed to have, and a valuable one at that. But before it had been mostly invisible, bundled into an amorphous set of tasks that I’d called “intelligence”—things that only I and other humans could do. But now that I can use ChatGPT for summarizing, I’ve carved that task out of my skill set and handed it over to AI. Now, my intelligence has learned to be the thing that directs or edits summarizing, rather than doing the summarizing myself.

-Dan Shipper, cofounder and CEO of Every

Newser has made summarizing our business since 2007. Our journalists (who hail from places like Gannett properties, the Washington Post, and the Chicago Sun-Times) have fine-tuned the art of boiling the day’s most important and interesting stories into succinct news briefs.

Across hundreds of thousands of stories, we have come to internally understand and define what makes a summary a successful one: which facts are most essential, which filler should be omitted, which sources are the most trustworthy, which gray areas need to be more deeply researched and clarified.

The advent of generative AI could on the one hand seem like an existential threat to what we do. But we’re choosing a different view: That, as Dan Shipper puts it so nicely, our expertise leaves us exceptionally positioned to direct and edit the summarizing that AI is primed to do.

Our first foray into summarizing the news is underpinned by a chatbot we built with AnyforSoft. It’s an experiment. Here are the parameters we’ve set:

  • Our AI-generated stories will be entirely written by AI.
  • All AI-generated stories will have a byline identifying them as such, along with a link to this policy.
  • All AI-generated stories will be reviewed by an editor before posting. They’ll be tasked with fact-checking for errors or hallucinations, but not with rewriting to make the story better or more Newser-like. The goal is to see what AI can produce and continue to refine the prompts as a means of improving what we’re presenting.
  • All AI-generated stories will go live with an AI-generated headline and one written by one of our editors. These stories will be subject to the same A/B headline test process as our typical Newser stories. We’ll eventually share the results of this human vs. machine head-to-head.
  • No AI-generated stories will appear on our homepage grid or most popular controls. These stories will live in their own controls and be clearly marked as
  • No AI-generated art is currently being used anywhere on the site. If that changes, we’ll update the policy and clearly identify it.
  • Mistakes are inevitable, as our human editors know. If you see one, let us know. If we correct one, we’ll make a note of it at the end of the story.