F-Bombs and Other Big Oscar Moments

Melissa Leo's faux pas is sure to be watercooler fodder
By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff
Posted Feb 27, 2011 9:50 PM CST
Updated Feb 28, 2011 7:42 AM CST

Worst Academy Awards ever? E! thinks so, calling it “clunky, amateurish, and pretty much lacking in actual entertainment value for those of us not picking up awards," and New York suggests that the obituary reel "should include a mention of this show." Some of the highlights—or, in many cases, lowlights:

  • Two opening montages? One too many—but anything involving Alec Baldwin and Morgan Freeman can’t be all bad. Watch that montage here.
  • Bad material, worse transitions: Example? “One minute Hathaway is yelling something about lesbians and then … Tom Hanks comes talking about Gone With the Wind," writes Erik Pederson on E!.

  • Most Talked-About Presenter? Possibly Kirk Douglas, who seemed to divide watchers into two camps. E! says that “his charm is undiminished,” but on Deadline, Nikki Finke writes that “it was painful to watch and listen to” him. On New York, David Edelstein’s take: “I ... like that Douglas had fun. … But I hope I'll never have cause to relate to how hard people try to hold onto certain physical and physiognomic (if that's a word) attributes beyond reason...”
  • The inevitable F-bomb: Melissa Leo, who accepted the award for best supporting actress after the aforementioned presenter stalled for a very, very, very long time. Watch a very R-rated version in the gallery. (Her co-star Christian Bale, who later won best supporting actor, said "I'm not gonna drop the F-bomb like she did, I've done that plenty before.") Leo was quick to apologize.
  • Auto-tune at the Oscars? You betcha. One of the more amusing pieces of filler involved re-imagining some of 2010's films ... as musicals. Watch here.
  • So ... how was Franco? Kinda "stoner-esque," writes Edelstein. "There are stoned people who can be quite amusing, others who just kind of sit back and think their own amusing thoughts. The latter kind shouldn't maybe host awards shows." Hathaway was "singing and dancing and mugging and acting her heart out and he's not projecting anything. He brings so little to the party."
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