Boehner: We're Not Servants of the Rich

Also, he and Obama have a 'good relationship'
By Polly Davis Doig,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 6, 2011 1:02 PM CST
John Boehner: Republicans Not Servants of the Rich
House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, calls on the Senate to approve fifteen house-passed jobs bills, Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011.   (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The notion that Republicans are "servants of the rich" is "very unfair," John Boehner told Christiane Amanpour today, adding that his job is "to make sure that the American dream that was available to us is available for our kids and our grandkids. And frankly, I've got concerns that it may not be the case." Boehner emphasized his own blue-collar background, while decrying "a government that's taking in 30, 40 cents out of every dollar from our kids to pay for government." Of Congress, Boehner proclaimed "it's working. The founders gave us a committee of 535 people. Frankly, it was designed not to work. My job is to make it work. And it is working." Elsewhere on your Sunday dial, as per Politico:

  • Boehner on President Obama: "We've got a pretty good relationship," while acknowledging that "it's been a little frosty the last few weeks."
  • Boehner on who he'll endorse: “I'm sure Republican voters around the country will choose a good candidate," he added. "And whatever candidate they choose, I'm going to support."

  • Condoleezza Rice on foreign policy: "It concerns me that we are not having a discussion about foreign policy, and, obviously, I would suggest that anyone who’s going to run for president of the United States spend some time on the basics of foreign policy."
  • Rice on Obama: "I think that building on [what] President Bush left in place, President Obama has indeed carried the war on terror far forward in a very effective way."
  • Haley Barbour on Herman Cain's sex harassment allegations: “I do think you do have the smell here of Clarence Thomas. What he wants to do is get back on message. People need to know what the facts are and that’s a challenge for him right now."
  • Ron Paul on whether he would support the GOP nominee: “You know, probably not, unless I get to talk to and find out what they really believe in.” Unless a candidate believed in the same things, "I would be reluctant to jump on board and kill all of the supporters that have given me trust and money."
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison on slamming Rick Perry in 2010: “I’m not going to backtrack on anything that I’ve said. It was a very tough race. ... He was pretty brutal on my record and I took on his record, so that’s the way politics is. I thought that we needed a choice in Texas and I certainly feel the same way about the United States.”
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