'Drunk Nate Silver' Is the Best Thing on Twitter Today

Tweets imagine a smashed statistics guru
By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 8, 2012 11:29 AM CST
'Drunk Nate Silver' Is the Best Thing on Twitter Today
Some "Drunk Nate Silver" tweets.   (Twitter)

The most hilarious thing on Twitter right now, according to Gawker—and we have to agree—is the "Drunk Nate Silver" game. Campaign consultant Dan Levitan started it, and now everyone is weighing in, imagining things the statistical guru who correctly called the election might do whilst intoxicated. Some of Gawker's favorites, plus a few of ours:

  • Dan Levitan: "Drunk Nate Silver is riding the subway, telling strangers the day they will die"
  • John Herrman: "Drunk Nate Silver strolling around a casino, whispering 'you're on a roll' in strangers' ears"
  • Kevin Lincoln: "Drunk Nate Silver explaining to you why your baby will manage a Radioshack"

  • Kimera Chetty: "Drunk Nate Silver never gets slapped for responding to a girl's tantrum with, 'PMS?'"
  • Dave Levitan: "Drunk Nate Silver hurls a TV out his window on to the street below, shouting '10 day weather forecasts DO NOT EXIST!!!'"
  • Stacey Wedlake: "Drunk Nate Silver hangs out at 7-11 mocking everyone buying Powerball tickets"
  • Tom Ganjamie: "Drunk Nate Silver is now just handing everyone new pens the moment the one they're using runs out of ink."
  • Adam D'Arpino: "As you remove the first piece from the Jenga tower, Nate Silver smiles triumphantly #drunknatesilver"
  • Kevin Roose: "Nate Silver, drunk in the newsroom later tonight: 'More like FiveThirtyGREAT, AM I RIGHT?!'"
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