Rand Paul Does His Best Trump Impression

'You're stupid, you're fired, you're a pig, you look terrible, you only have half a brain'
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Aug 13, 2015 10:22 AM CDT

In the ongoing tennis match/trainwreck between Donald Trump and Rand Paul that started with last week's GOP debate and continued this week, the two presidential candidates aren't showing any signs of slowing down the political attacks, insults, and even comic impressions. First Rand Paul released a digital ad yesterday calling out Trump for past statements supporting Democrats in general and Hillary Clinton in particular, CNN reports. That was followed by Paul's appearance last night at a town hall event in Nashua, NH, in which he "unveiled his impression" of Trump, per CNN. "We have now people up there who say such profound things as 'You're stupid, you're fired, you're a pig, you look terrible, you only have half a brain,' and then when you respond with an argument it's like "You're stupid,'" Paul said to a chuckling audience.

"Another one is, 'You know I must be smart, I'm rich,'" he continued. Trump sent a long response to Rand's ad to the Washington Post yesterday, noting that he recently beat his competitor at golf, donated to the eye center Paul founded, and has kept his relationships strong on both sides of the partisan fence. "Rand Paul is doing so poorly in the polls he has to revert to old footage of me discussing positions I no longer hold," he wrote. "Rand should save his [lobbyists'] and special interest money and just go quietly home. [His] campaign is a total mess." The response of a Paul campaign strategist to the Post: "Wow, that took a while to read. … [Trump] is devoid of ideas other than he likes the idea of power and getting attention for foolish statements and bluster." And a final dig: "While [Paul] appreciates Donald's golf skills, I will note that [the game] was on [Trump's] home course that he plays often." (Read both in full at the Washington Post if you like the drama.)

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