Target Troll Returns to Stick Up for Rainbow Doritos

Haters are 'slowing down collective progress for all humanity': Mike Melgaard
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Sep 23, 2015 2:07 PM CDT
Target Troll Returns to Stick Up for Rainbow Doritos
Screenshot from Doritos Rainbows site.   (Doritos)

Mike Melgaard is at it again. The guy who famously trolled folks outraged that Target was taking down gender-specific signage is back, this time lending his "customer service" skills to the Doritos brand, Time reports. After Doritos' rainbow-colored chips debuted last week as a sign of support for LGBT youth through its "It Gets Better" initiative, people took to the Doritos Facebook page to voice their displeasure and threaten boycotts. That's when Melgaard jumped into the fray as "Doritos ForHelp," offering replies such as "What would Jesus do? Jesus would eat Doritos" and "deactivate your Facebook account" in response to angry posts about the snack, per Digiday. "What is this disgusting product doing in my feed … I do not support child molesters and evil companies," one irritated commenter wrote, to which Doritos ForHelp replied, "It seems you have accidentally mistakened us for a Subway post?" followed by "you seem upset and are most likely what we like to call, 'Hangry.'"

But despite getting lots of Facebook "likes" for his humorous approach, there's a serious undercurrent to Melgaard's trolling. "Did it ever occur to you that this … is to address the fact that suicide is one of the leading causes of death amongst the LGBT community for ages 15 to 24?" he wrote to the upset parties on his personal Facebook page on Friday. "I just find it kind of ridiculous that when we pay attention to one sub-group within society, some other groups tend to freak out." The Doritos ForHelp account was taken down less than a day after Melgaard started it, per Digiday and a Saturday post by Melgaard, but his Friday post calling out the haters received almost 5,000 likes. "Anyone being 'upset' over this issue is really just slowing down the collective progress for all of humanity," he wrote. "And you're doing it for no reason other than your personal bias." (A writer for the Week says the term "troll" is "insipid.")

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