Man Refuses to Date 'Hot Women,' Riles Up the Internet

His fiancee isn't too happy, either
By Michael Harthorne,  Newser Staff
Posted Apr 13, 2017 5:28 PM CDT
Updated Apr 14, 2017 2:00 AM CDT
Man Refuses to Date 'Hot Women,' Riles Up the Internet

Hoo-boy. The New York Post ran a story Wednesday titled "Why I won't date hot women anymore" featuring an interview with a 40-year-old private equity executive who boasts he "could have [anyone] I wanted." Dan Rochkind says he used to go on multiple dates a week with "20-something blond models," but he eventually realized these hot women were all "flighty, selfish, and vapid." They were "full of themselves" and "couldn't carry a conversation," he adds. And that's why he's now engaged to a 30-year-old woman, despite the fact that she's a "softer beauty" who's far too short to be a runway model. Understandably, people had some strong feelings on the article. Here are some of them:

  • New York says the article is the Post's "greatest troll yet," ably accomplishing the paper's usual goal of angering the internet for a day or two.
  • A hot woman responds on Jezebel while "crying hot tears from my hot hot eyes" because she can no longer date the "average-looking, uninteresting man" from the article. It only gets more brutal from there.
  • A reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal sums up the story on Twitter: "Pretty women are terrible and stupid and all men are great and smart."
  • The Huffington Post, which sarcastically refers to Rochkind as a hero, rounds up some of the other great Twitter reactions to the piece.
  • Rochkind's fiancee, Carly Spindel, doesn't appear too pleased with the article, accusing the Post on Instagram of "making me look beyond unattractive."
  • Spindel's mom, who runs a matchmaking site and set up Rochkind with her daughter, called out what she saw as some of the article's flaws in an interview with the Boston Globe. ("My daughter is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.")
  • Finally, the Mary Sue offers its own list of reasons not to date hot women, including that hot women have scary strong arms from taking selfies all the time; may actually be statues brought to life rather than merely statuesque; and, of course, cooties.
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