Cops Warn of Drake-Induced Dance Challenge

People have already gotten hurt, arrested for dancing outside moving cars
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Jul 30, 2018 9:30 AM CDT

Drake's "In My Feelings" is catchy enough to make people want to get up out of their seats and dance. But some should be staying in their seats, specifically those who are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. The Guardian reports many aren't heeding that sage piece of advice, instead taking part in what's now known as the "Kiki Challenge," which involves cranking up the Drake tune, jumping out of a car (while it's slowly moving alongside the dancer), and taping oneself doing so to share on social media. Comedian Shiggy jump-started the craze by posting a video on Instagram of himself, and now others have followed suit—and tripped, crashed, and even gotten hit. More on this odd (and illegal) sensation:

  • Mashable already has at least one story of someone who's come face-to-face with a vehicle. Jaylen Norwood appears to have only suffered a few scratches from his ordeal, but the video showing his close encounter is frightening.
  • Law enforcement officials around the world—including in the US, India, Spain, and the UAE—are warning folks not to partake in this stunt on their watch. In Florida, violators could be hit with a $1,000 fine, per the Guardian; Cairo police have arrested a university student who decided it would be fun to try, Egypt Independent reports.

  • Jalopnik notes that even the National Transportation Safety Board is jumping into the fray, making at least two recent Facebook posts about the dance craze and penning a piece dedicated to driver distraction on its blog. "Here's a reminder we thought we'd never have to give: Don't jump out of a moving vehicle to dance in the street," is the summary of that write-up.
  • A mental health expert tells the Times of India why teens are especially prone to participate in this potentially dangerous activity. It comes down to "raging hormones" that they channel into thrill-seeking antics, as well as egocentrism that makes them think they're all-knowing and invulnerable.
  • So what's Drake's take on all this? He doesn't appear to have made a public statement, but per the Evening Standard, he did post a picture of himself and Shiggy to Instagram on the day "In My Feelings" took the top spot on the charts in mid-July.
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