Mark Wahlberg's Bizarre Daily Schedule Raises Many, Many Questions

We round up the reactions to the star's Instagram post
By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff
Posted Sep 12, 2018 3:51 PM CDT
Updated Sep 13, 2018 12:15 AM CDT
Mark Wahlberg's Bizarre Daily Schedule Raises Many, Many Questions
Actor Mark Wahlberg speaks to the media to talk about his family's restaurants Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018, in Springfield, Mass.   (Don Treeger/The Republican via AP)

Asked by a fan about his daily routine, Mark Wahlberg offered up a detailed rundown on Instagram ... and, well, it's quite interesting. It starts with a wakeup time of 2:30am, includes three meals, three snacks, two showers, two workouts, and a round of golf, and ends with a 7:30pm bedtime. See a screenshot here, then check out the reactions that are pouring in:

  • "Yep, that’s a 2:30am wake up. Followed by thirty minutes of prayers, some breakfast, a strenuous work-out and, most importantly, 90 full minutes in the shower (which we assume is freezing cold)," writes Nick Pope at Esquire, pointing out that Wahlberg's first shower is pegged at 6am, and the next activity isn't until 7:30am. Speaking of those prayers, they aren't scheduled to start until 2:45am; "between 2:30 and 2:45 there's just 15 minutes where he's just staring into the darkness," writes R. Eric Thomas at Elle.
  • And what is that next activity after the 90-minute shower? This tweet sums it up: "Mark Wahlberg’s daily schedule is absolutely mad. After an hour-and-a-half in the shower: golf."

  • Speaking of that golf game, the schedule makes it appear to be quite a short one. "Who can possibly play a round of golf in a half hour?" writes Kenzie Bryant at Vanity Fair. This Twitter user wonders, "Just 30 mins of golf? Is it crazy golf?" Pope notes, "That only leaves 30 minutes to play golf (crazy golf? One of those office toys CEOs use?) because he needs to fit in another hour and a half to eat a 'snack.'" But Thomas is impressed: "Golf. Every day?! Make this man the president."
  • After that, the schedule appears to say he spends an hour doing cryotherapy, which means "subjecting himself to blasts of ridiculously cold air—three minutes is the recommended limit or you get frostbite," writes Stephen Moss at the Guardian. From Bryant: "Is he in there for the whole hour or does that incorporate driving to and from the cryo chamber. Is the cryo chamber in his home??? Because that would be very fancy! Less of a question and more of a suggestion: try prayer time in the cryo chamber and get an extra 30 minutes of shut eye in the morning."
  • Moss also points out that Wahlberg has "family time" listed at 11am, but his four children are apparently in school at that time, as 3pm is listed as the time to "pick up kids @ school." And Pope notes that the aforementioned "family time" also "includes meetings and phone calls." But again, Thomas likes it: "I ... love that Mark Wahlberg's office day goes for two hours, includes family time, and then breaks for lunch. I support this."
  • Wahlberg's second "family time" of the day also shares space, in this case with dinner, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm (at which point he goes to bed). "Considering Wahlberg devotes 150 minutes of his day entirely to snacks, it seems like Wahlberg’s family gets a really rough shake," writes Miles Surrey at the Ringer.
What does it all mean? Generally speaking, words like "insane," "intense," and "baffling" are being used, but one person goes with "terrifying." Moss says the schedule "suggests someone with a short attention span who doesn’t have enough to do," while Pope wonders, "Is this all an elaborate troll by Marky Mark? An arch piss-take of the smug, disingenuous daily schedules peddled by wellness bloggers and start-up CEOs? Probably not." (More Mark Wahlberg stories.)

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