Dem Puts GOP's Dawdling Over Foreign Aid on Blast

Rep. Rosa DeLauro accuses lawmakers of 'diddling around' while 'people are dying' in fiery speech
By Arden Dier,  Newser Staff
Posted Apr 19, 2024 8:23 AM CDT

"Let's not sugarcoat what is going on here," the top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee said Thursday before launching into a fiery speech in regards to the ongoing foreign aid debate, blasting Republicans for following the whims of former President Trump, whom she blamed in part for the war in Ukraine. Rep. Rosa DeLauro said Trump's "dearest friend" Russian President Vladimir Putin was emboldened to act by the former president's statements and his "illegal" withholding of security assistance from Ukraine, per Raw Story. Then she called out House Republicans for claiming they wouldn't support aid for Ukraine without bipartisan border security.

"You know what? We accomplished bipartisan border security. You can shake your head all you want," she said during the hearing of the House Rules Committee, referring to a bill blocked by Senate Republicans in February. "And you know what? It was Donald Trump who said, 'Don't give Biden a win.'" That Republicans are now complaining about border security feels like "revisionist history," she continued. She said lawmakers had the opportunity "to govern" and "to be a world leader." But "for months and months, we have been diddling around where people are dying in Ukraine," DeLauro said. "Don't talk about what weapons we want to give them. We're not giving them what they need now, and it has been months in the coming."

"We're standing by and [watching] Ukrainians die!" added DeLauro, per Raw Story. "If that's the way we want to be remembered in history, it's certainly not the way I want to be remembered!" As the Daily Beast sees it, she went "nuclear" on the GOP and a House speaker who proposed a new foreign aid package to assist Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan this week only after Iran's attack on Israel. DeLauro has urged lawmakers to pass all three bills, including the proposed $60.8 billion in aid for Ukraine, as has President Biden. (More foreign aid stories.)

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