Pop-Tarts Sushi: Like Gum Mixed With Graham Crackers

Turns out Pop-Tarts Sushi is as bad as it sounds
By Kate Seamons,  Newser Staff
Posted Aug 11, 2010 10:10 AM CDT

The Pop-Tarts Cafe has opened its doors in Times Square, unleashing its version of sushi—that's crunched up Pop-Tarts rolled in a Fruit Roll-Up—on the unsuspecting masses. Is it a dining experience worth seeking? Eater rounds up some reactions; Newser adds a few more:

  • "The store looks like Lisa Frank threw up everywhere, but in a good way," remarks The Awl.
  • Shep Smith isn't wowed. "You know, we used to have porn in Times Square. Could we have that again please?"

  • "Like Proust's madeleine, the taste of the Pop-Tarts sushi instantly took me back to my childhood," reports Gothamist. "Specifically, memories of attempting to eat bubblegum and graham crackers at the same time."
  • The "too sweet" sushi is worth trying, but skip the Lemon Razzy, notes Slashfood. "The fake lemon flavor and warmer-than-room-temperature tart made for a cloying and messy snack."
  • There's been some grousing about the prices, notes Portfolio: "People waiting in line don’t have any problem paying $2.99 for a four-piece sushi roll, but $2.50 for milk—now that’s too high. Even in New York."
  • Of course, "the Pop-Tarts poo-bahs probably couldn't give a blueberry-filled damn what critics think anyway," notes WalletPop, which reported that 250 orders of sushi were sold by 4pm.
  • Capping things off, Geekosystem writes, "It might be a good time now to note that Pop-Tarts are perhaps one of the unhealthiest snack foods to exist."
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