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Girl's Chicken McNugget Was Too Hot. Now, a Verdict

South Florida jury finds McDonald's, franchisee liable for burns suffered by young girl

(Newser) - A little girl's Happy Meal was anything but after a Chicken McNugget fell onto her leg and burned her, and now McDonald's is being held accountable for it. The AP reports that a South Florida jury on Thursday determined that the fast-food giant and franchisee Upchurch Foods are...

Investigators Find 10-Year-Olds Working, Unpaid, at McDonald's

Labor Department fines three franchisees

(Newser) - Federal investigators say they found three McDonald's franchisees to be violating child labor laws, infractions that included working two 10-year-olds without pay until 2am. The franchisees, who operate a total of 62 locations in Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, and Ohio, were employing 305 children working hours beyond the legal limits...

McDonald's Is Making Some Big McChanges

Burgers are getting upgrades, and the Hamburglar is back

(Newser) - McDonald's hamburgers will soon taste a bit different. The fast food giant is making a number of changes including new buns, "meltier" cheese, more sauce on the Big Mac, and onions added to the patties while they're still on the griddle. The Big Mac, the McDouble, and...

Report: With Layoffs Planned, McDonald's Shuts Offices

Company says it wants to ensure 'comfort' during 'notification period'

(Newser) - McDonald's is believed to be planning a round of corporate layoffs this week, but you won't see dejected former employees leaving the company's offices with their belongings in cardboard boxes. According to the Wall Street Journal , the company has temporary closed its US offices during what it...

McDonald’s 'McCrispy' Ad Lands in Unfortunate Location

Anywhere near a crematorium is probably not a brilliant idea, guys

(Newser) - When placing advertisements near funeral homes, mortuaries, zombie meeting halls, or anything to do with the dead or undead, really, one might want to give the message that one is aware of those surroundings. That apparently failed to happen when McDonald's wanted to tout its new McCrispy chicken sandwich...

Uber Eats Delivery Guy Interrupts College Game
Uber Eats Delivery Guy
Interrupts College Game

Uber Eats Delivery Guy Interrupts College Game

Somebody ordered McDonald's at Duquesne's game

(Newser) - The refs had to briefly stop the Duquesne-Loyola college basketball game Wednesday night for the weirdest of reasons: A wayward Uber Eats delivery person started wandering onto the court, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette . Watch the moment here . The unidentified man looked a little lost while carrying a bag of food...

Ex-McDonald's CEO Hit With Another Big Fine

SEC finds Steve Easterbrook misled investors over his 2019 firing

(Newser) - Steve Easterbrook is continuing to pay for his relationships with underlings while serving as CEO of McDonald's. Already forced to return a $105 million severance package so as to settle a lawsuit from his former employer, he's now been fined $400,000 by the Securities and Exchange Commission...

McDonald's Franchise Owners Violated Child Labor Laws

14- and 15-year-olds were working too many hours, and too late at night

(Newser) - That 14- and 15-year-olds were working at McDonald's locations in and around Pittsburgh was fine; the hours they were working weren't. McDonald's franchisee Santonastasso Enterprises, owned by John and Kathleen Santonastasso, has been hit with a $57,332 civil penalty in connection with child labor violations involving...

Teen Being Robbed Calls 911, Talks to Her Mom

Teri Clark, a New Orleans dispatcher, handles most harrowing call of her career

(Newser) - In the annals of memorable 911 calls, this one stands out. When 16-year-old Tenia Hill called police in New Orleans to report a robbery in progress, her own mother answered, reports WDSU . Tenia had been working her part-time job at a McDonald's when an armed robber forced her and...

Her McDonald's Fries Were Cold. It Allegedly Sparked a Shooting

23-year-old New York man is in critical condition

(Newser) - A 23-year-old McDonald's employee is in critical condition after he was shot in what witnesses say was a dispute stemming from an order of fries. Sources tell CBS2 a female customer approached the victim, Matthew Webb, to complain about the fries being cold, and that the dispute somehow moved...

Is This Goodbye to the $1 McDonald's Soda?

Prices are going up at some locations

(Newser) - Sad news for fans of the seemingly ubiquitous $1 any-size McDonald's beverage: Inflation may be putting an end to it, or at least to its ubiquity. Franchisees tell the Wall Street Journal some owners have decided to get rid of the dollar deal even though the fast food company...

Russian McDonald's Are No More, but Now There's This

Rebranded restaurants opened to great demand, says new CEO

(Newser) - Update: You can't get a Big Mac in Russia anymore, but you can get a burger at Vkusno & tochka—and plenty of people apparently did on opening day. About 50 of the successor restaurant to McDonald's opened in the Moscow area over June 12 and 13 under...

Starbucks Closing Up Shop Throughout Russia

Chain follows lead of McDonald's to permanently exit

(Newser) - Russians already lost their Big Macs . Now, Starbucks is going, too. The coffee chain said Monday it's following the lead of McDonald's and other Western businesses and will exit Russia after 15 years to protest the invasion of Ukraine, reports NPR . The coffee chain will close its 130...

Man Marks 50 Years of Eating Big Macs Daily
Man Marks 50 Years
of Eating Big Macs Daily
in case you missed it

Man Marks 50 Years of Eating Big Macs Daily

Wisconsin man Don Gorske has only had 8 Macless days since 1972

(Newser) - Wisconsin man Don Gorske has marked a milestone in unadventurous eating that may never be equaled. He visited his local McDonald's in Fond du Lac on Tuesday to mark 50 years of eating Big Macs almost every day. "All through life here, a lot of people said, '...

McDonald's: Our Restaurants in Russia 'No Longer Tenable'
McDonald's Finds Buyer
for Russian Restaurants

McDonald's Finds Buyer for Russian Restaurants

One of its licensees will acquire them, keep them open under a different name

(Newser) - Update: McDonald's has a buyer for all its restaurants in Russia. An existing McDonald's licensee, Alexander Govor, who operates 25 restaurants in Siberia, has agreed to buy the chain's 850 Russian restaurants and operate them under a new name, per the AP . McDonald’s did not disclose...

Lawsuit to McDonald's: Where Are the Burgers in Your Ads?

Chain, along with Wendy's, is accused of false advertising

(Newser) - Earlier this year, three law firms accused Burger King of making its burgers look way better in advertisements than they are in reality. Now the trio is going after McDonald's and Wendy's with the same accusation, reports the Wall Street Journal . The new lawsuit alleges that Wendy's...

Couple Finds Preserved McDonald's Fries From 1959
While Replacing TP Holder,
Couple Makes Surprising Find
in case you missed it

While Replacing TP Holder, Couple Makes Surprising Find

'Very well preserved' bag of McDonald's fries was hidden in the wall of their Illinois home

(Newser) - Opening up a small hole in their bathroom wall to replace a built-in toilet paper holder, Rob and Grace Jones of Crystal Lake, Ill., looked inside and spotted a towel hiding something inside. "We were expecting the worst. We were both like, 'Oh, my gosh, we're going...

One Result of McDonald's Russian Closures: Tossed Food

Chain also continues to pay employees in Ukraine and Russia

(Newser) - McDonald's is losing a lot of money as a result of the war in Ukraine—$127 million in the last quarter, to be exact. The fast-food giant opted to close restaurants in Russia last month while continuing to pay its 62,000 employees there. In a Thursday call with...

That Drive-Thru Order May Contain More Than You Bargained For

Consumer Reports finds excessive amounts of 'forever chemicals' in some fast-food wrappers

(Newser) - You might want to dump those Mickey D's fries onto a plate as soon as you get home. Consumer Reports released an analysis Thursday on packaging at fast-food restaurants and supermarket chains, with a concerning find: Many of the wrappers that hold the fare we pick up at the...

Rapper Settles Beef With McDonald's Via Harsh New Arby's Ad

Pusha T says he didn't get paid enough for 'I'm Lovin' It' jingle; hence, the 'Spicy Fish Diss Track'

(Newser) - Not since Paul Marcarelli defected from Verizon to shill for Sprint has there been such a brand betrayal. In the early aughts, a one Terrence LeVarr Thornton (better known as rapper Pusha T) claims he penned McDonald's famous "I'm Lovin' It" jingle, and he apparently isn't...

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