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Fed-Up Barcelona Locals Turn Squirt Guns on Tourists
Fed Up Barcelonians Turn
Squirt Guns on Tourists

Fed Up Barcelonians Turn Squirt Guns on Tourists

Spain city is the latest flashpoint in a backlash against tourism

(Newser) - It's another high-profile move against tourists, this time in one of the most popular destinations in the world—Barcelona, Spain. There, fed-up locals blasted tourists dining outdoors with squirt guns as they shouted "Tourists go home!" and the like over the weekend, reports the Washington Post . Watch...

Copenhagen to Incentivize Tourists to Pick Up Trash

4-week test will reward those who do so with free wine, kayak rentals

(Newser) - Picking up trash is rarely on one's vacation to-do list, but travelers to Copenhagen will soon be incentivized to do so. The BBC reports the Danish capital plans to up its green reputation by rewarding tourists who do things like collect litter or travel around the city using bikes...

A Popular Travel Destination Is Outlawing Tourist Rentals

All 10K tourist apartments in Barcelona to shut down by 2028, mayor says

(Newser) - There are 10,101 legal short-term rental accommodations in Barcelona, Spain, one of the most visited cities in the world. But in just four short years, there will be zero. That's according to Barcelona Mayor Jaume Collboni, who announced the "unexpectedly drastic move" to combat the city's...

Popular Italian Hot Spot Bars Tourists Amid Water Issue

Glitch in water delivery system on Capri has sent island into a water emergency

(Newser) - A water emergency prompted the mayor of Capri—one of Italy's most popular islands—to order a halt to the arrival of tourists on Saturday, in a crisis that has deprived some areas of any water supply. Without a water supply, it's impossible to guarantee essential services to...

Mount Fuji Is Really Having a Problem With Tourists

Crowd-control gate is installed on famous mountain

(Newser) - A crowd-control gate was installed halfway up Japan's Mount Fuji on Monday ahead of the July 1 start of this year's climbing season, but the governor of Yamanashi, one of the two prefectures that are home to the mountain, said additional measures are needed to control overcrowding on...

Greece to Make Big Move to Combat Overtourism

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis announces plans for 2025 to restrict cruise ships entering its ports

(Newser) - Tourism is responsible for about 25% of Greece's economic output, and since the pandemic has eased, people have been flocking to the Mediterranean nation in droves. It may be too much of a good thing, according to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who tells Bloomberg he now wants to...

Good Luck Gazing at Mount Fuji Through This Big Black Screen
People Really, Really
Want to See Mount Fuji

People Really, Really Want to See Mount Fuji

Holes have been poked in screen meant to prevent gawkers in Japanese town of Fujikawaguchiko

(Newser) - If Japanese authorities thought a huge barrier erected outside a Lawson convenience store would stop gawkers from gawking at Mount Fuji, that other thing coming has just arrived. Officials in the town of Fujikawaguchiko said Tuesday that holes have been poked in the 8-foot-plus-high black mesh meant to discourage tourists,...

Shakespeare Tourism Hinges on an Iffy Claim

Elizabeth Winkler of 'NYT' pokes some fun at Stratford-upon-Avon's $315M industry

(Newser) - Stratford-upon-Avon's lucrative tourist industry hinges on a claim that William Shakespeare's 1564 place of birth is open for visitors. New York Times writer Elizabeth Winkler goes on an entertaining journey through the doors of the Bard's alleged birth home in the small West Midlands town, where she...

Town Makes 'Regrettable' Move on Mount Fuji

Japan's Fujikawaguchiko is erecting a giant mesh barrier to discourage picture-taking

(Newser) - "Let's go see Mt. Fuji." That's the excited declaration that flashes briefly across the screen on the tourism website for the Japanese town of Fujikawaguchiko, nestled in the foothills of the famous landmark. That call to action may prove harder for visitors to fulfill soon, as...

These 3 Nations Get an Asterisk for Spring Break

US issues travel advisories for popular destinations Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas over safety threats

(Newser) - For those prepping for spring break, Uncle Sam is waving the caution flag. The United States has issued travel advisories for multiple destinations popular with spring breakers, along with advice on how to stay safe if you do make the trip:
  • Mexico: reports that the US Embassy and

In a Place Famous for Winter, 'What If Winter Never Comes?'

Life is currently 'unrecognizable' in Wisconsin's Northwoods, where snow and ice have been sparse

(Newser) - Maple sugaring season has kicked off early in Wisconsin's Northwoods—great news for pancake lovers, but not-so-great news for this area and other parts of the Upper Midwest that are experiencing what the Washington Post calls a "lost winter."
  • What's going on: Warmer-than-usual temps in Wisconsin

Older Women Are the New Face of Wanderlust

The adventure travel industry is getting a boost from mature female tourists

(Newser) - Adventure travel's allure lies in its promise of helping you break out of your comfort zone as you explore new places and meet new people. For women especially, that sector of the travel industry has exploded: Citing stats from the Adventure Travel Trade Association , the Washington Post reports that...

This City Wants Space Aliens to Come Visit

Coded message sent to TRAPPIST-1 solar system welcoming ETs to Lexington, Kentucky

(Newser) - If you've never visited Lexington, the Kentucky city wants your business—especially if you're from out of this world. That's why the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau (aka VisitLEX) beamed a message in October to the TRAPPIST-1 solar system, described by VisitLEX as "home to the...

One of the Hottest Landmarks Offers Private, Pricey Tours

Come April, pay up to $5.5K at Athens' Acropolis and have it all to yourself (along with a few others)

(Newser) - Fancy seeing the ancient Acropolis uncluttered by thousands of selfie-snappers? A solution is in the works, but it will set you back up to $5,500. Starting April 1, Greece plans to offer exclusive guided tours of its most powerful tourist magnet to handfuls of well-heeled visitors outside normal opening...

Cheeky Ad Helps World Separate Sweden, Switzerland

No, they are not the same, as Visit Sweden so artfully explains

(Newser) - President Biden made headlines when he mixed up Sweden and Switzerland last year. But he's not the only one. Apparently the countries' "vaguely similar names and flags with crosses on them" have created quite the confusion, per Politico . In the last year, 85,000 US Google searches asked,...

Lahaina to Hawaii Governor: We're Not Ready to Reopen

Residents deliver petition asking to delay new tourism, but it's a tricky economic situation

(Newser) - Residents from fire-stricken Lahaina on Tuesday delivered a petition asking Hawaii Gov. Josh Green to delay plans to reopen a portion of West Maui to tourism starting this weekend, saying the grieving community is not ready to welcome back visitors. The petition signed by 3,517 people from West Maui...

Heading North for Leaf Peeping? Forget About Here

Roads near Vermont's popular Sleepy Hollow Farm will be open only to locals due to congestion

(Newser) - Leaf peepers traveling to the Northeast for the annual fall foliage display will have to forget about one destination on this year's list: The Vermont town of Pomfret has opted to shut down roads to tourists surrounding Sleepy Hollow Farm, one of its most popular tourist destinations in autumn....

After 50 Years, a Roman 'Power Palace' Reopens

2K-year-old Domus Tiberiana, overlooking the Forum, has been undergoing restoration in Italy

(Newser) - An ancient Roman imperial palazzo atop the city's Palatine Hill was reopened to tourists on Thursday, almost 50 years after its closure for restoration. The nearly 2,000-year-old Domus Tiberiana, a sprawling palace that was home to rulers in the ancient city's imperial period, allows for sweeping views...

Overrun With Tourists, Venice to Start Charging
This City Will Be the First
to Charge Day-Trippers
in case you missed it

This City Will Be the First to Charge Day-Trippers

Tourists in Venice, Italy, will be hit with proposed fee of $5.40 on certain days starting next spring

(Newser) - Venice, Italy, will be the first city in the world to charge its day-trippers, CNN reports. Starting next spring, the island city's authorities plan to charge visitors who aren't staying overnight as part of a 30-day experiment meant "to discourage daily tourism in certain periods, in line...

Residents of Frozen Town Protest Mass Tourism
Residents of Frozen Town
Protest Mass Tourism

Residents of Frozen Town Protest Mass Tourism

Hallstatt wants to cap visitor numbers

(Newser) - Hallstatt is a gorgeous village located amid beautiful Alpine scenery in Upper Austria, and many of its residents would like you to stay away. The town, which sits next to a pristine lake, has fewer than 800 residents, who are far outnumbered by up to 10,000 visitors on busy...

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