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South Park Creators' Eatery Outlaws Tipping

At Colorado's Casa Bonita, servers and bartenders will instead make $30 an hour

(Newser) - In September 2021, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of the animated sitcom South Park, purchased Casa Bonita, a sprawling 52,000-square-foot Mexican restaurant in Lakewood, Colorado, that was featured in one of the show's episodes. The pair shuttered the eatery, which had declared bankruptcy before they purchased it,...

South Park Is Caught in the Middle of a $200M Suit

Warner Bros. Discovery is suing Paramount, South Park Digital Studios over exclusivity rights

(Newser) - During the peak of the pandemic, homebound Americans continued to receive a bit of comic relief thanks to South Park, which aired a couple of COVID-themed episodes to break the tension. Who's not laughing now: Warner Bros. Discovery, which is suing competitor Paramount for airing new episodes of the...

Matt Damon Takes His Lumps on South Park

Matt Damon
Takes His
Lumps on
South Park
in case you missed it

Matt Damon Takes His Lumps on South Park

Show skewers him for his advocacy of cryptocurrency

(Newser) - The first episode of the 25th season of South Park is not kind to Matt Damon. As the The Hollywood Reporter notes, Cartman and the gang make the actor the butt of a running joke over his advocacy of cryptocurrency. The hook is this commercial that Damon made for Crypto....

South Park Creators Sign Massive $900M Deal

It includes 14 movies for Paramount Plus

(Newser) - Since Season 23 ended in December 2019, the only new South Park episodes have been two pandemic-related specials—but fans are about to get all the Cartman they can handle. In what Bloomberg describes as one of the richest deals in TV history, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have...

At One NFL Game, 1.8K Familiar Faces

Cardboard cutouts from 'South Park' filled stadium for Broncos-Buccaneers game

(Newser) - There were far fewer humans in the stands at Denver's Empower Field at Mile High stadium on Sunday for the Broncos' game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but that doesn't mean there weren't plenty of fans on hand—and most of the faces likely looked familiar to...

South Park Responds to LeBron's Comments

With mockery, of course

(Newser) - South Park was quick to respond to LeBron James' controversial China comments. In an episode Wednesday titled "Let Them Eat Goo," some students at South Park Elementary School complain about the school lunches, so the cafeteria starts serving healthier options. Cartman is not happy, and after one of...

Banned South Park Episode Joins Hong Kong Protests

China won't like next installment, either

(Newser) - "Band in China," the South Park episode that the government disappeared from the internet in China, was given a street showing in Hong Kong this week. Photos on social media showed a crowd watching in the Sham Shui Po district, per the Hollywood Reporter . As with other events...

After a Biting Episode, China Wipes South Park Off Internet

Show mocked US studios catering to government censors

(Newser) - After a South Park episode suggesting that Hollywood studios have to please China or risk being censored, China has registered its displeasure by—of all things—censoring South Park. Nearly every episode, clip and mention of the TV series has been removed from streaming services and social media in China....

South Park Took Over America's Amazon Echos Last Night
South Park Causes Chaos With
Google Homes, Amazon Echos

South Park Causes Chaos With Google Homes, Amazon Echos

'Episode has set my Amazon Alexa off about 15 times so far. Had to unplug it'

(Newser) - The 21st season of South Park debuted Wednesday, and it seems technology has finally advanced enough to pull Cartman and company's foul-mouthed antics out of the TV and into America's living rooms. In Wednesday's episode, "White People Renovating Houses," characters repeatedly yelled commands at Amazon...

South Park Co-Creator Helps Save 3 Sequoias

Matt Stone's donation helping keep the trees from developers

(Newser) - The co-creator of South Park is helping save a trio of sequoias under threat from development in Portland, Oregon, which means "Lorax Dave" the protester might finally be able to come down, KATU reports. According to the Oregonian , the trees were planted in the mid-1800s, but developer Everett Custom...

Fox Host: Where Are Feds in South Park's Holy War?

Nobody's condemning cartoon's attacks on Christianity, says Todd Starnes

(Newser) - A Fox News commentator is getting into the spirit of religious protest. Todd Starnes , host of Fox News & Commentary, wants federal officials to investigate South Park for its attacks on religion, reports Today . "We have seen the administration say, 'We condemn anyone who denigrates religious faith,'...

Man Gets 12 Years Over Threats to South Park Duo

Muslim convert was angered over light treatment of Muhammad

(Newser) - A Muslim convert from Brooklyn was sentenced today to nearly 12 years in prison for posting online threats against the creators of the South Park television show and others he deemed enemies of Islam. The sentence—largely in line with the term sought by prosecutors—came after Jesse Curtis Morton,...

Scientology Probed South Park's Stone, Parker

'Classic' probe in retaliation for infamous episode

(Newser) - South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker may gleefully skewer anyone and everyone with scatological abandon, but apparently the Church of Scientology is one target unwilling to take its licks. The church investigated Stone and Parker in retaliation for their 2005 South Park episode " Trapped in the Closet...

Book of Mormon Sweeps Tonys
 Book of Mormon Sweeps Tonys 

Book of Mormon Sweeps Tonys

War Horse, Normal Heart, Anything Goes also grab honors

(Newser) - Broadway's gaspingly irreverent Book of Mormon took home nine Tony Awards last night, winning everything from Best Musical to Best Score to Best Direction to Best Actress in a musical (Nikki M. James). "You did it, Joseph! You got the Tony!" joked the co-creator of the musical,...

Muslim Busted for South Park Threat

Suspect Younus Mohammad arrested in Morocco

(Newser) - A New York man wanted for threatening the creators of South Park has been arrested in Morocco, according to the website he co-founded. Younus Mohammad is awaiting extradition to the US, the website says. A criminal complaint against Mohammad, a Muslim convert born Jesse Curtis Morton, was filed earlier this...

Muslim Who Threatened South Park Pleads Guilty

Zachary Chesser admits issuing threats, supporting terrorists

(Newser) - A Virginia man who threatened the creators of South Park for their depiction of Mohammed faces up to 30 years in jail after pleading guilty to issuing threats—and providing support for Somali terrorists. Zachary Chesser, 20, also admitted posting the personal contact information of people who joined the Facebook...

Fatwa Sends Seattle Cartoonist Into Hiding

Molly Norris changes name over 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day'

(Newser) - A Seattle cartoonist has been forced to change her name and leave town over the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” cartoon she drew this summer. “You may have noticed that Molly Norris’ comic is not in the paper this week,” the Seattle Weekly's editor wrote. “That’s...

Top Mosque Critic's Motivation? South Park

Pamela Geller explains her reasoning

(Newser) - Pamela Geller, who effectively founded the campaign against the Ground Zero mosque, discusses her reasoning with Talking Points Memo …and South Park has a lot to do with it. Her “most prominent examples” for why she has a problem with the Islamic faith were the death threats leveled...

'Terrorist' Who Threatened South Park Busted

Virginia man nabbed before flight to Uganda

(Newser) - A Virginia man who threatened South Park creators for mocking Mohammad has been busted and charged with supporting a terrorist organization. Zachary Chesser, 20, was nabbed as he was about to board a flight to Africa, where he planned to join the al-Qaeda-linked group al-Shabab, according to law enforcement authorities....

'Everybody Draw Mohammad' Cartoonist Makes Hit List

Yememi-American jihadist Awlaki targets Molly Norris for death

(Newser) - Anwar al-Awlaki, the US-born jihadist linked to the Fort Hood shootings and the Times Square bomb plot, has drawn a target on Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris, for her "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" cartoon. Awlaki added her to the execution list, saying her "proper abode is hellfire." The...

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