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5 Guilty in Russian Journo's 2006 Murder

Anna Politkovskaya's work angered the Kremlin

(Newser) - Five men have been found guilty in the 2006 slaying of 48-year-old Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya , whose investigative reporting criticized President Vladimir Putin, the war in Chechnya, and Chechen leadership. Three of the men are brothers from Chechnya, one of whom has been found guilty of the shooting itself, which...

Ex-Cop Charged in Anti-Putin Journo's Murder

Politkovskaya murder ordered by 'person upset with publications'

(Newser) - A fresh arrest has been made in the murder of an outspoken Russian journalist who was gunned down in Moscow nearly six years ago. A former policeman has been charged with helping to organize the murder of 58-year-old Anna Politkovskaya and supplying the gun that was used. When she was...

Russian High Court Reopens Case of Murdered Journalist

Suspicion of Anna Politkovskaya's killers leads to Chechnya

(Newser) - Russia's supreme court ordered a new investigation into the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, the crusading journalist whose killers have not yet been found, reports the Guardian. The move received a cautious welcome from Politkovskaya's lawyer, who welcomed a new manhunt but said, "Whether the general prosecutor will use this...

Chechen Activist Murdered; Prez Eyed

(Newser) - A human rights activist whose probes into abuse by authorities were a constant irritation to authorities has been kidnapped and murdered in Chechnya, the Wall Street Journal reports. Natalya Estemirova was found shot dead along a roadside hours after witnesses saw her being bundled into a car. Chechnya's president, pro-Russia...

Russia Orders Retrial in Journalist's Murder

Supreme Court throws out acquittals in Politkovskaya case

(Newser) - Russia's Supreme Court has overturned the acquittals of three men in the murder of crusading journalist Anna Politkovskaya, and ordered a retrial, reports the BBC. Prosecutors claimed that judicial irregularities and misinformation led to an improper verdict, and Politkovskaya's newspaper colleagues have accused the police of shoddy work. Despite international...

4 Acquitted in Russian Journalist's Murder

Politkovskaya's killer remains at large after shambolic trial

(Newser) - Four men were acquitted today on charges related to the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, a prominent Russian journalist shot dead in 2006. Two Chechen brothers and a former Moscow policeman were found not guilty of offering operational support to her killer, and a Russian spy was cleared in a related...

In Case Pen Is No Mightier, Russian Journos Want Guns

Novaya Gazeta 's work has earned it a grim legacy of dead reporters

(Newser) - The murders of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and reporter Anastasia Baburova last week are only the latest to strike the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, and show just how costly freedom of the press still is in Russia, Der Spiegel reports. Investigative reporters are likely to make so many enemies—from members of...

Want to Own a Newspaper? Got $1.50?
Want to Own a Newspaper?
Got $1.50?

Want to Own a Newspaper? Got $1.50?

Russian oligarch buying iconic London paper for token sum

(Newser) - A Russian oligarch with a past in the KGB is set to buy one of London's most visible newspapers, at the knockdown price of just a buck and a half. Alexander Lebedev will acquire the Evening Standard for the token price—the cost of two copies—from a media conglomerate...

Russian Activist Lawyer Poisoned by Mercury

Ill, she misses hearing on journo's murder

(Newser) - French police are probing the mercury poisoning of Russia's leading human rights lawyer, the New York Times reports. Toxic pellets were found in the car of Karinna Moskalenko in Strasbourg. She had been due to attend the Moscow trial of men accused of involvement in the murder of her late...

4 Men Charged in Murder of Politkovskaya

Indictments for killing of journalist, but hit man still at large

(Newser) - Four men have been charged in Moscow in connection with the killing of Anna Politkovskaya, the investigative journalist shot dead outside her apartment in 2006. Authorities believe that her murder was linked to her exposés on human rights abuses in Chechnya. Two of the accused are Chechens, the Guardian ...

Paper Hunts Journalist's Killers
Paper Hunts Journalist's Killers

Paper Hunts Journalist's Killers

Nine in custody, gunman still on the run

(Newser) - Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and Russian prosecutors know the identity of the assassin who gunned down journalist and outspoken Kremlin critic Anna Politkovskaya, whose murder caused international outrage a year ago. Since her death nine people have been arrested, but the gunman and the person who ordered the killing remain...

2 Politkovskaya Suspects Freed
2 Politkovskaya Suspects Freed

2 Politkovskaya Suspects Freed

Cracks showing in case of murdered Russian journalist

(Newser) - Two of the 10 suspects arrested Monday in the death of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya were released today, the AP reports, a move that could indicate the prosecution's case is tenuous. A third person taken into custody in the October murder of Politkovskaya—a sharp critic of the government of...

Russia Arrests 10 for Murder of Journalist

Chechen crime group, government officers implicated

(Newser) - Ten men were arrested today in the murder of Russian investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya last October, the Guardian reports. A Chechen organized-crime boss led the group responsible for the slaying, Russian authorities say. Those arrested are said to include current and former officials in the interior ministry and the security...

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