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This Ozempic Study Went So Well That It Was Stopped Early

Research finds semaglutide can cut risk of serious illness, death in those with diabetes, kidney disease

(Newser) - Semaglutide , the medication found in such brands as Ozempic and Wegovy, has become the drug of choice lately for weight loss. A new study, however, suggests it can also bring other significant benefits to users, including slashing the risk of serious kidney complications, heart problems, and even death in...

Investigating the 'Awful' Science Behind Diabetes Management
Expert: We're
Managing Diabetes
Completely Wrong

Expert: We're Managing Diabetes Completely Wrong

According to Gary Taubes, low-carb diets should be the norm for patients with diabetes

(Newser) - Insulin was a game-changer when doctors started giving it to patients with Type 1 diabetes in the 1920s. At the time, science journalist Gary Taubes explains to the Guardian , most people with the disease died. Insulin not only saved lives, but offered patients the ability to eat basically as they...

Diabetes Drug Helped Dieters Lose Quarter of Body Weight
This Drug Is Like a 'Medical
Gastric Bypass' for Weight Loss

This Drug Is Like a 'Medical Gastric Bypass' for Weight Loss

Experts say Eli Lilly diabetes drug Mounjaro, aka tirzepatide, holds potential for treating obesity

(Newser) - The medicine in the diabetes drug Mounjaro helped people with obesity or who are overweight lose at least a quarter of their body weight, or about 60 pounds on average, when combined with intensive diet and exercise, a new study shows. By comparison, a group of people who also dieted...

70% of New Type 2 Diabetes Cases Are Linked to This
70% of New Type 2 Diabetes
Cases Are Linked to This
in case you missed it

70% of New Type 2 Diabetes Cases Are Linked to This

Poor diet, including those made up of refined carbs and red meat, largely to blame

(Newser) - The CDC expects to see a 700% increase in the number of young Americans diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes by 2060. It's both a national and global problem and, according to new research, poor diet is largely to blame. Researchers from Tufts University created a model based on dietary...

Health Studies on Ice Cream Are 'Pretty Bonkers'
Health Studies on Ice Cream
Are 'Pretty Bonkers'

Health Studies on Ice Cream Are 'Pretty Bonkers'

'Atlantic' explores how researchers keep finding health benefits but don't believe it

(Newser) - The headline of David Merritt Johns' story in the Atlantic refers to it as "nutrition science's most preposterous result." And in the story itself, Merritt Johns calls it "pretty bonkers." It seems that nutritional studies over the years keep suggesting an unexpected result: Eating ice...

In California, an 'Extraordinary Move' on Insulin

Gov. Gavin Newsom announces $50M partnership with Civica Rx to make $30 vials of diabetic drug

(Newser) - Last summer, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that his state planned to manufacture its own, more affordable, insulin for diabetics there. Now, California has moved a step closer to making that a reality. Newsom, who's on a statewide road trip to talk about his administration's policies, made a...

Another Drugmaker Joins Insulin Price Cuts

Novo Nordisk joins Eli Lilly, with new pricing set to go into effect Jan. 1

(Newser) - Novo Nordisk will start slashing some US insulin prices up to 75% next year, reports the AP , following a path set earlier this month by rival Eli Lilly . The Danish drugmaker said Tuesday that prefilled pens and vials of long- and short-acting insulins will see list price reductions. They include...

Having a Partner May Help Your Blood Sugar

One Quirk in
Couples Health
Study Is a Surprise
new study

One Quirk in Couples Health Study Is a Surprise

Cohabitating pairs have lower blood sugar levels, whether they get along or not

(Newser) - Living with a partner might help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, a new study suggests. But the more surprising part of the research is that it doesn't seem to matter if you and your partner get along, reports the Guardian . The study in BMJ Open Diabetes Research &...

Chelsea Handler Has Been Saying Some Weird Stuff Lately

Comedian says she was taking diabetes med without knowing it, once had sun-moon confusion

(Newser) - Considering all the warnings that come with most prescription medications, you'd think most people would be at least peripherally aware of those caveats before taking them. To do that, though, you'd first have to be aware of what medication you're actually taking. That's something Chelsea Handler...

Bill to Cap Insulin Prices Hinges on 10 GOP Votes
GOP Senators Block
$35 Limit on Insulin Prices

GOP Senators Block $35 Limit on Insulin Prices

Cap for Medicare patients remains in bill

(Newser) - Update: Senate Republicans knocked a $35 monthly limit on insulin costs for diabetics out of the Democratic economic bill on Sunday. "The reality is the cost of insulin is not just out of control, it is devastating people," Democratic Sen. Patty Murray said on the floor before the...

California Will Start Making Its Own Insulin

Governor says costs will significantly drop, plus jobs will be created

(Newser) - For diabetics in California, economic relief may soon be on the way. On Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a groundbreaking initiative that will allow the state to manufacture its own insulin, reports KION-TV . Half of the earmarked $100 million will go toward developing affordable insulin products, and the other $50...

He Left SpaceX, Raised $50M for His Diabetes Start-Up

Levels pairs a continuous glucose monitor with an app

(Newser) - That diabetes is a big problem for America comes as no surprise. As Ruth Reader writes in a lengthy piece for Fast Company , one out of every four dollars we spend on health care is spent treating patients with it—which makes effectively preventing it something of a medical white...

Light at Night Harms Health, Even While You're Fast Sleep

For your brain, the lights don't go out just because you close your eyes

(Newser) - If you tend to fall asleep with the TV or a bedside light on, add it to the list of ways you are probably harming your health without even trying. In fact, per CNN —citing a recent study led by Dr. Phyllis Zee, chief of sleep medicine at Northwestern—...

For This Popular Diabetes Drug, a 'Surprisingly High' Risk

Study: Offspring of men who filled metformin Rx during sperm development see risk of rare genital defects

(Newser) - One of the most widely prescribed diabetes drugs has been linked to an increased risk of birth defects in the offspring of men who filled a prescription for it shortly before conception, according to new research. "When I saw the paper ... I thought: 'Yup, this is gonna go...

Diabetics' Quest for This 7% Target 'Could Kill Them'

Reuters dives deep into the A1c target and drugmakers' role in pushing it

(Newser) - "He really tried hard to be at" an A1c below 7%, said Lucy Carlson. "That is what actually killed him." If that doesn't make sense to you, there's a good chance you don't have diabetes. Carlson's husband Ron did—type 2, since 2001—...

For Man in Diabetic Shock, McDonald's Worker Knew What to Do

Michigan restaurant manager comes to the rescue of elderly customer with a sugar-loaded OJ

(Newser) - A scary bout with low blood sugar ended in relief for an elderly Michigan man thanks to a quick-thinking McDonald's worker last month. On Sept. 20, Sue Causey went to pick up her husband, 84-year-old Ron Causey, at a senior center in Southgate, where he'd been playing cards—...

Walmart Touts a Revolution in Diabetes Care

Retailer to offer low-cost analog insulin starting this week

(Newser) - Walmart says diabetes patients can save up to 75% on rapid-acting insulin by purchasing its own brand of the drug, launching this week. What it calls the "first-ever private brand analog insulin"—to be sold at Walmart pharmacies this week and at Sam's Club pharmacies in mid-July—...

After 10 Months, 400 Lawyers, Drugmaker Found Guilty

Servier Laboratories was accused of letting diabetes drug Mediator be sold as diet drug

(Newser) - A $3.2 million fine has been issued in a "judicial marathon" of a case centered around a French pharmaceutical company, but that $3.2 million is just the start, reports the AP . Servier Laboratories was accused of allowing the diabetes drug Mediator to be sold as a diet...

He Switched to Low-Cost Insulin to Save for Wedding, Died

Fiancee found Virginia man at the dog kennel where he worked for $16.50 per hour

(Newser) - A diabetic man's death in Virginia shortly after he aged out of a family health insurance plan is highlighting the deadly consequences of the skyrocketing costs of insulin. Josh Wilkerson, who had Type 1 diabetes, couldn't afford to buy the prescription brand of insulin he needed—at a...

This Is the First State to Cap the Price of Insulin

'The days of insulin price gouging are over in Colorado'

(Newser) - With the soaring price of insulin forcing some diabetics to ration the drug , Colorado has become the first state to introduce a price cap. The state has introduced a law that caps the price of co-pays for insured patients to $100 a month, USA Today reports. "The days of...

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