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Hacker Posts 6.5M LinkedIn Passwords

Experts: Change yours now

(Newser) - A hacker claims to have stolen 6.46 million LinkedIn passwords, and the list is posted online. The list—announced on a Russian forum—appears to be real, an expert says; users tell ZDNet that they have indeed found their passwords on the list. LinkedIn's encryption system is "...

Google Offers Hackers $1M to Find Chrome Bugs

Challenge issued ahead of security conference

(Newser) - Google is challenging hackers to find holes in its Chrome browser—with a sweetener. The company is offering a total of $1 million in prizes to people who can find bugs or vulnerabilities in Chrome at next week's CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, reports Wired . Hackers stand to win...

Iran Disrupts Internet as Elections Loom

Authorities take early steps to prevent protests, say experts

(Newser) - With parliamentary elections looming in Iran next month, authorities are ramping up censorship of the opposition, disrupting much of the country's Internet in the process, reports Reuters . Millions are having trouble accessing their email and social networking sites, which played an important role in the protests that followed the...

Hackers Hit Internet Giant VeriSign

Firm is responsible for delivering people to more than half of all websites

(Newser) - Hackers managed to break into the servers of a crucial web company responsible for delivering users to more than half the websites in the world. VeriSign doesn't believe the attackers infiltrated its Domain Name System network—which is responsible for directing traffic to .com, .net, and .gov addresses on...

Google, Yahoo, 13 Others Declare War on Phishing

New set of standards could make email more trustworthy

(Newser) - A new anti-phishing effort, backed by the big email service providers as well as banks, PayPal, social networks, and other companies, could dramatically reduce the number of scam emails you get in your inbox. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL are backing the new plan; 15 companies in total have come...

Huge Cell, Internet Spy Biz Operates in Secret

Libya, Syria used tools during Arab Spring

(Newser) - Internet and cell phone surveillance has ballooned into a $5-billion-a-year business that operates far from the public eye, the Wall Street Journal reports. Confidential buyers can use the tools to steal information directly from your phone, monitor tens of thousands of cell calls, or use "massive intercept" gear that...

Facebook: 600K Logins 'Compromised' Every Day

Data revealed in new security announcement

(Newser) - Facebook was hoping to impress with new security procedures unveiled this week, but a lot of people were more impressed with a stat buried in the announcement. In rolling out its "Trusted Friends" password restoration program, Facebook boasted in an infographic that "only 0.06 percent of 1...

FBI Partner Hacked, 180 Passwords Leaked

Attack was response to Pentagon stance on cyberattacks: hackers

(Newser) - Hackers have accessed and leaked the passwords of some 180 workers at FBI-partner InfraGard, says the Atlanta-based organization. "Someone did compromise the website," said the local head of the group, a volunteer public-private partnership that shares info about threats to US physical and Internet infrastructure. Victims include members...

Hackers Breach Security of US Defense Contractors
Hackers Hit US
Defense Contractors

Hackers Hit US Defense Contractors

It's not clear what they got

(Newser) - This can't be good: Hackers breached the security networks of top US defense contractors, reports Reuters . The story has no details on what, if anything, the hackers got, and points out that any highly classified work would likely be out of reach on a closed government network. But it'...

Fix This Facebook Setting as Fast as You Can

Gawker: HTTPS encryption can keep you from getting hacked

(Newser) - Facebook has begun rolling out an important new protection, and Gawker's Ryan Tate says users should "jump on this" as soon they can. It's an encryption tool called Facebook HTTPS that will "keep any random jerk in the café from hijacking your account." Unfortunately, users have to...

'Here You Have' Virus Slams Major Firms

Spam worm halts work at NASA, Comcast

(Newser) - An email spam virus swept through corporate America's inboxes yesterday, causing servers to be shut down at major operations including Comcast, AIG, Disney, and NASA. The virus spread through emails with the subject line "Here you have," which contained a link that downloads a virus that sends the...

Apple Products Most Vulnerable To Security Threats

Oracle and Microsoft fare better in new survey

(Newser) - In a report covering the first half of 2010, security firm Secunia found Apple products are the most vulnerable to potential threats, more so than Oracle and Microsoft, which came in second and third, respectively. While vulnerability doesn't necessarily translate directly into being any more or less secure, the report...

Wikileaks Site Is on the Fritz
 Wikileaks Site Is on the Fritz 

Wikileaks Site Is on the Fritz

Would-be leakers stopped by broken forms, compromised security

(Newser) - Wikileaks website has all but broken down, despite gaining worldwide recognition after the arrest of one of its alleged sources, Wired reports. The submission form for uploading documents to has been offline for 2 weeks, and the site has stopped supporting secure downloads using HTTPS, meaning those who...

Feds Force Twitter to Beef Up Security

Online service settles charges over past lapses

(Newser) - Twitter has agreed to settle charges by federal regulators that it put the privacy of its users at risk by failing to protect them from data security lapses last year that let hackers access their accounts. The FTC said today the settlement bars Twitter from misleading consumers about its security...

Don't Sweat the iPad Security Breach*

*Unless you're worried about AT&T's basic ability to protect your data

(Newser) - Fear not, iPad users. The AT&T security screw-up that gave hackers free and easy access to your email address probably isn’t anything to lose sleep over in and of itself, writes John Herrman of Gizmodo . The leak, which could have affected anyone with a 3G-capable iPad, wouldn’t...

Security Breach Exposes iPad Owners

At least 114,000 user accounts may have been compromised

(Newser) - A security glitch may have left more than 100,000 iPad owners exposed to hackers, reports Ryan Tate of Gawker . The breach has been closed in recent days and looks to be the fault of AT&T, but it's nonetheless a "rattling development" for Apple because it "exposed...

Spammers Will Pay You $1 to Crack This Code*

*Provided you do it 1,000 times

(Newser) - Captchas—those squiggly words you occasionally have to decipher on websites—can prove that you're not a spambot, but they can't prove you're not a teenager from India who's working for a spambot. Enterprising spammers are getting past the squiggly code the way any enterprising corporation would: They're outsourcing, the...

For Sale: 1.5M Facebook Accounts
For Sale: 1.5M Facebook Accounts

For Sale: 1.5M Facebook Accounts

Hacker 'Kirllos' may have stolen personal info of 1 in 300 users

(Newser) - An industrious hacker may have stolen the login and password of 1 out of every 300 Facebook users. Posts made under the name "Kirllos" on a hacker forum advertise a store of 1.5 million Facebook accounts for sale. The logins and passwords may be bogus, or they may...

Cyber Crooks Hiring Online
 Cyber Crooks Hiring Online 

Cyber Crooks Hiring Online

Sites openly advertise for help spreading malware

(Newser) - Exciting work-from-home opportunities are being offered to tech geeks happy to break the law serving the scum of the Internet. Cyber crooks seeking to steal bank and credit card details are openly advertising for people to help spread malicious code by linking it to something people will click on, according...

Germany Urges Ditching Internet Explorer

Security flaw in browser allowed attack on Google

(Newser) - The German government is urging Internet Explorer users to switch browsers, after Microsoft admitted that IE security failures allowed the recent attacks on Google’s systems. Microsoft has protested, saying that the security hole can be shut by setting the browser’s security zone to “high,” though doing...

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