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Science May Have a Remedy for Your Fogged-Up Glasses

Researchers say an invisible, super-thin coating of gold could keep lenses heated, fogginess at bay

(Newser) - If you wear eyeglasses, you're unwillingly part of a select club that experiences a particular annoyance whenever the weather gets cold or you have to don a face mask: glasses that fog up. Scientists out of Switzerland, however, are excited about what they say could be the solution to...

Pedestrian's Glasses Found in State AG's Car After Fatal Crash

Jason Ravnsborg now facing possible impeachment in South Dakota

(Newser) - "His face was in your windshield, Jason." That was among the commentary that South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg had to contend with during two interviews with law enforcement days after the Sept. 12 crash in which he struck and killed a pedestrian. Gov. Kristi Noem released videos...

State Tells Charity to Stop Matching the Poor With Glasses

Licensed optometrist needs to be involved, Kentucky says

(Newser) - A state board in Kentucky has told Kendall Optometry Ministry that it has to stop giving used prescription glasses to the poor that aren't precise prescriptions. Holland Kendall has been matching poor people with eyeglasses for 16 years, per Fox News , and says his program has helped thousands of...

Snap's Futuristic Sunglasses Apparently a Massive Fail

Hundreds of thousands of camera-fitted Spectacles said to be gathering dust in warehouses

(Newser) - A misstep for Snap? Citing "two people close to the company," the Information reports hundreds of thousands of its camera-equipped Spectacles released last fall are sitting unused in warehouses because of low demand, despite CEO Evan Spiegel's recent claim that some 150,000 sales had surpassed company...

Baby's Amazement at Getting Glasses Goes Viral

Piper Verdusco's grins are too cute

(Newser) - Piper Verdusco can finally see clearly, and a "melt-your-heart" video that captures the first moments of her experiencing clear vision has itself been seen—nearly 25 million times. Mom Jessica Sinclair tells ABC News that she and her partner told the now-11-month-old's pediatrician that Piper's crawling seemed...

How Smartphones Could Someday Correct Your Vision

MIT researchers develop 'vision correcting display'

(Newser) - If you're blind as a bat with Coke-bottle glasses, there may be hope for you—new research out of MIT could make it easier to read your tablet, smartphone, or eReader, LiveScience reports. Scientists there have developed a transparent "vision-correcting display" that goes on the screen of an...

Google Glass Gets a New Look
 Google Glass Gets a New Look 

Google Glass Gets a New Look

Four titanium frames now available

(Newser) - The Verge sums it up thusly: "Google Glass just got a lot less geeky." That's due to today's announcement of the Titanium Collection for Google Glass, a fashion-forward collection of four extra-light titanium frames that will offer an option to those with bad vision—or those...

Glasses May Have Saved Girl From Bullet

Alonza Bryant was hit on the spectacles' bridge

(Newser) - Thank goodness for poor eyesight. A drive-by shooting unleashed a wave of bullets on a Seattle home Saturday night, police say, and one managed to hit the bridge of Alonza Bryant's glasses—breaking them but leaving her, amazingly, with just minor injuries. "I fell asleep with my glasses...

Court Trend: Defendants in Fake Glasses

Non-prescription eyewear makes clients look 'studious': lawyer

(Newser) - A guy in glasses wouldn't hurt a fly, right? That's what some defense lawyers hope people believe when they tell their clients to wear specs to trial. These days, thick-framed non-prescription "hipster" glasses are all the rage in court, the Washington Post reports. "If you’re...

Google Glasses Will Push Info to Your Eyes

Forget reaching for your smartphone

(Newser) - By the end of this year, you won't have to pull out your smartphone for directions while walking down the street: The information will be displayed directly in front of your very eyes, if you buy a pair of the glasses Google is developing. The Android-based glasses, which will...

For Gamers Too Tired to Blink: 'Wink Glasses'
 For Gamers Too Tired 
 to Blink: 'Wink Glasses' 

For Gamers Too Tired to Blink: 'Wink Glasses'

They come from the maker of Palin's stylish eyewear

(Newser) - Maybe Sarah Palin—world-class winker that she is—inspired them: The maker of her stylish glasses has a new product for gamers too busy to blink. (Really.) Masunaga Optical's Wink Glasses have a sensor to keep track of blinks, and if they don't come quickly enough, the lenses fog...

Heirs Decry 'Immoral' Sale of Gandhi's Stuff

'Insult' to India 'must be stopped,' says great-grandson

(Newser) - Mahatma Gandhi’s heirs have slammed a New York auction of his few belongings, calling it “immoral,” the Daily Telegraph reports. “It must be stopped," said Gandhi’s great-grandson. "It would be a grave insult to the nation if these items”—including sandals, pocket...

Palin's Glasses Are a Fashion Spectacle

But is the focus on her look just sexist?

(Newser) - Sarah Palin: Hockey mom, moose-hunter … trend setter? Marie Claire says Palin's $375 designer glasses are “a style hit,” and opticians have been flooded with inquiries about the Kazuo Kawasaki 704s, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  “It’s always been, ‘Men don’t make passes...

Fashionistas Sporting Specs, Even With 20/20 Vision

The four-eyed look is in, experts say, but view is murky for Lasik surgery

(Newser) - Eyeglasses are no longer just for the optically challenged: Fashionistas everywhere see them as the latest must-have (eye)piece and are stocking up on non-prescription glasses to match every outfit, the Wall Street Journal says. Seeing wasn’t believing for one man who underwent Lasik surgery but continues to sport his...

It's as Plain as the Glasses on Your Face

Company puts a phone number—and a reward —on your lost specs

(Newser) - Americans spent $445 million replacing lost eyeglasses last year; one small company aims to come to the rescue by selling tiny tubes of plastic that shrink unobtrusively onto the eyepiece of spectacles, carrying a code and a phone number. Finders of registered glasses get a small reward, while their owners...

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