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Guess Who Just Showed Up on the Late Show
Guess Who Just Showed
Up on the Late Show

Guess Who Just Showed Up on the Late Show

David Letterman visits Stephen Colbert at Ed Sullivan Theater, his first time since leaving in 2015

(Newser) - For the first time in more than eight years, David Letterman took to the stage at New York City's Ed Sullivan Theater, but this time, he was on the other side of the desk. The former Late Show host popped in for a visit on Monday with current Late ...

Letterman's Next Guest Definitely Needs No Introduction

Netflix talk show host talks with Ukrainian president Zelensky deep underground in Kyiv's metro

(Newser) - Volodymyr Zelensky doesn't have much time on his hands these days as he continues to lead Ukraine through its fight against Russian forces. But he made time to sit down with David Letterman in late October, "300 feet underground on an active subway platform in Kyiv," for...

Maya Rudolph Reveals What Soured Her First Letterman Show

Ex-'SNL' comic says host mispronounced her name: 'I did not have a good time'

(Newser) - Making a guest appearance on a popular late-night TV show is usually a young comedian or actor's dream. For Saturday Night Live alum Maya Rudolph, however, her first turn on David Letterman's program in the late aughts was anything but. "I did not have a good time,...

Before 'The Slap,' Will Smith Envisioned His 'Life Destroyed'

He tells David Letterman of hallucinogenic vision

(Newser) - Well before his infamous Oscars slap , Will Smith recorded an interview with David Letterman for the latter's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction series. Now that it's airing on Netflix, some of the actor's comments are getting a little extra attention.
  • Career: Smith told Letterman he had

Billie Eilish: Tourette's Is 'Exhausting'

Pop star talks to David Letterman about her diagnosis

(Newser) - At one point during her interview with David Letterman for his Netflix series, Billie Eilish turned her head and opened her mouth, and Letterman jokingly asked if she'd seen a fly, per TheNews.com . "No, I'm ticcing," replied Eilish, referring to the tics she has because...

Alan Kalter Introduced Letterman, and More
'Always Had
the Best


Letterman 'Always Had the Best Announcer'

Alan Kalter introduced the host and fake-stomped offstage for nearly 20 years

(Newser) - David Letterman had several taped auditions to listen to when he was looking for a new announcer for his nightly CBS show. But he stopped after the first. "We knew he would be our choice," Letterman said in a statement. His pick was Alan Kalter, who would go...

Paris Hilton Slams 'Disgusting' Sarah Silverman Joke at MTV Awards

As well as 'very cruel and very mean' David Letterman interview from the same year

(Newser) - Framing Britney Spears has brought attention to old interviews in which young female celebrities were made to feel uncomfortable—and on her podcast Monday, Paris Hilton weighed in on one of her own experiences. "It was just very cruel and very mean," Hilton said on "This Is...

Connie Chung Gets Super Candid About Time at ABC

Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer tried to 'put me down back in my little hole'

(Newser) - Retired news anchor Connie Chung is opening up about her years at ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN—not all of which were apparently enjoyable. Competition was fierce, Chung recalled on Thursday's episode of Los Angeles Magazine's "The Originals" podcast. Chung said she had to be on guard...

At the Top Were Carson and Philbin, Letterman Says

Tribute calls fellow host 'always the best guest we ever had'

(Newser) - David Letterman has always idolized Johnny Carson. And Regis Philbin was in that exclusive club of TV hosts, Letterman said Saturday. "In the same category as Carson. Superlative," his statement said. "He was on our show a million times, always the best guest we ever had, charming,...

Coming to Pence's Defense on Mask Decision: His Wife

Karen Pence says VP didn't learn of Mayo policy until after he left, wasn't at risk of infecting anyone

(Newser) - Mike Pence is taking all kinds of flak for not wearing a mask during a visit to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota this week, but his wife came to his defense on Thursday morning. "As our medical experts have told us, wearing a mask prevents you from spreading disease,...

10 Years Later, Letterman Apologizes to Writer Who Called Him Out
10 Years Later,
to Writer Who
Called Him Out

10 Years Later, Letterman Apologizes to Writer Who Called Him Out

Nell Scovell again writes for 'Vanity Fair,' this time with Letterman directly involved

(Newser) - In 2009, as a sex scandal swirled around David Letterman, Nell Scovell authored a piece for Vanity Fair in which the onetime Late Show writer recalled leaving the show in the 1990s thanks to problems including, among other things, a "hostile work environment" in which most writers were white...

Ellen DeGeneres Details Sexual Abuse at Hands of Stepfather

She tells story to David Letterman on Season 2 of his talk show

(Newser) - Speaking with David Letterman on an upcoming episode of his talk show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, fellow talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres got emotional when discussing the sexual assault she endured as a teen. After her mother, Betty, got remarried to "a very bad man," Betty was...

David Letterman: I Should Have Left Late Show '10 Years Ago'

'Nobody had the guts to fire me,' he says

(Newser) - If it seems like David Letterman hosted a talk show for a long, long time, he agrees. "I stayed on television way too long," he told Ellen DeGeneres on her show Thursday, USA Today reports. His Late Show ran from 1993 to 2015. "Nobody had the guts...

Man With Alleged $5M Plot Against Letterman Is Freed

Kelly Allen Frank was arrested in 2005

(Newser) - A man once accused of plotting to kidnap retired talk show host David Letterman's son and nanny has been released from a Montana prison for a second time after serving additional years for violating parole. Kelly Allen Frank was released in mid-November and is under the supervision of parole...

Letterman Makes Return With a Big First Guest

For his show debuting on Netflix, ex-'Late Night' host dished with former President Obama

(Newser) - Former President Obama and David Letterman have both been reclusive since leaving their respective jobs, but a casually dressed ex-president and hirsute ex-talk show host re-entered the public eye together in the debut of Letterman's new Netflix show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. Letterman compared his post-work life...

Letterman Is Returning to TV and Bringing Obama With Him

Obama will be guest on 1st episode of Netflix's 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction'

(Newser) - Handsome Santa Claus and one-time Late Show host David Letterman has a new talk show on Netflix, and his first guest truly needs no introduction. The Hollywood Reporter reveals the first guest on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman will be none other than Barack Obama. The...

Letterman Needled Over His Beard at Mark Twain Awards

Kimmel: After 9/11, he 'let us know it was OK to move on and OK to laugh again'

(Newser) - David Letterman was celebrated at the Kennedy Center on Sunday night in Washington, DC, for his record run on late-night TV, innovative comedy routines, and for helping the nation start to heal by reassuring that it was OK to laugh again after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Fellow...

David Letterman Is Returning to TV
David Letterman
Is Returning
to TV

David Letterman Is Returning to TV

Netflix plans a series in which he'll do in-depth interviews

(Newser) - David Letterman is coming back to your TV. He has signed a deal with Netflix for at least six shows in which he'll conduct in-depth interviews along with "in-the-field segments expressing his curiosity and humor," per a Netflix release picked up by the New York Times . The...

David Letterman's Mom Dies at 95
Letterman's Unlikely
Star Mom Dies at 95

Letterman's Unlikely Star Mom Dies at 95

Dorothy Mengering charmed America with her pies, Midwest attitude

(Newser) - David Letterman's mother, Dorothy Mengering, a Midwest homemaker who became an unlikely celebrity in her 70s as she baked mystery pies and covered the Olympics for her son's show, has died at age 95, per the AP . Letterman had made ironic celebrities out of dozens of regular folks...

Letterman on 'Trumpy': 'I Would Have Gone to Work' on Him

Former late-night host chats with 'Vulture' about president, life after retirement

(Newser) - In October, before Donald Trump was elected president, David Letterman chatted with the New York Times and noted that if he still had a late-night TV show, "I would have gone right after him." The 69-year-old's stance hasn't changed much since, per his latest interview with...

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