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Winner of US' Biggest Jackpot Scoops Up Quite a Home
Winner of US' Biggest Jackpot
Scoops Up Quite a Home
in case you missed it

Winner of US' Biggest Jackpot Scoops Up Quite a Home

Edwin Castro plunks down $25.5M on jaw-dropping mansion in the Hollywood Hills section of LA

(Newser) - A "bonkers" mansion boasting a panoramic view of Los Angeles and a list price of almost $30 million popped up in the Robb Report last summer, with the magazine noting it seemed like the type of abode "you'd rarely need to leave." That coveted 13,578-square-foot...

$1.35B Mega Millions Winner to Collect a Lot Less Than That

The person, remaining anonymous, will receive roughly $500M after taxes

(Newser) - The winner of the $1.35 billion Mega Millions jackpot has come forward to collect the prize, but their identity remains a mystery. The Maine State Lottery said Wednesday that the winner chose a lump-sum payment of $723.5 million before taxes through a limited liability company, LaKoma Island Investments...

Why the $2.04B Powerball Winner Gets a $123M 'Bonus'
Winner of $2.04B Powerball
Jackpot Revealed

Winner of $2.04B Powerball Jackpot Revealed

Edwin Castro was 'shocked, ecstatic'

(Newser) - The winner of November's record-breaking $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot has been revealed as Edwin Castro. He has opted to take the $997.6 million lump sum payment—and because he lives in California, he won't pay state income tax on it. Castro declined to appear at an...

One Ticket Hits $754M Prize
Powerball Has a $754M Winner

Powerball Has a $754M Winner

Ticket was sold in Seattle suburb

(Newser) - A single winning ticket for a $754.6 million Powerball jackpot was sold at a department store in a Seattle suburb, Washington state lottery officials said Tuesday. The winning numbers drawn Monday night were 5,11, 22, 23, 69, and the Powerball 7. The winning ticket was bought Sunday at...

He Asks Cousin for a Favor, She Steals His Lottery Payout

Amador Argueta of Houston collected more than $500K, told cousin it was worth only $20K

(Newser) - It's a strange tale of family thievery and the lottery. A 34-year-old Houston woman will go to prison after she admitted trying to dupe her cousin and steal his lottery jackpot, reports Fox News . Back in 2020, an unnamed man in New York's Nassau County won a $1...

6th Largest Jackpot in US History Up for Grabs
It's Now 23
Straight Misses
for Mega Millions

It's Now 23 Straight Misses for Mega Millions

$785M prize was not claimed on Tuesday

(Newser) - And the pot keeps growing. The first Mega Millions drawing of 2023 returned no winner, as has been the case for the 22 drawings before it. CNN reports that means the next drawing, on Friday, will be for a jackpot that's estimated at $940 million. Should someone win and...

Woman Wins $175K at Office Gift Exchange

Kentucky woman's first choice at the white elephant gift exchange was a $25 gift card

(Newser) - A Kentucky woman was disappointed when somebody "stole" a $25 TJ Maxx gift card from her during a holiday party gift exchange game, but she ended up with a gift worth 7,000 times more. Lori Janes, an office manager at a dental center in Louisville, chose $25 in...

A Single Winning Powerball Ticket Was Sold

Record $2.04B jackpot goes to someone who picked up a ticket in California

(Newser) - Someone who bought a Powerball ticket in California has won a record $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot after more than three months without anyone hitting the top prize. California Lottery officials tweeted that the winning ticket was sold at Joe’s Service Center on West Woodbury Road in Altadena, which...

Powerball Hit $2.04B by the Time Numbers Were Drawn

It's not yet clear if there was a winner

(Newser) - After an overnight delay, Powerball numbers were drawn Tuesday morning after 9am Eastern time, CNN reports. The already record-high jackpot had reached $2.04 billion by the time the drawing took place. Winning numbers: 10-33-41-47-56, with a Powerball of 10. It's not yet clear if there was a winner.

She Won $100K Lottery, Hit Even Bigger on Way Home

Delaware woman won another $300K prize same day she claimed first prize

(Newser) - It's not Powerball money , but it's a pretty remarkable lottery story nonetheless. A 70-year-old Delaware woman won a $100,000 prize from a scratch-off ticket, then won another $300,000 on the way home from claiming that prize, reports CNN . The unidentified woman struck first with an "...

After Powerball Drawing, You're Still Not a Billionaire

Nobody had a winning ticket, pushing the record jackpot on Monday to $1.9B and counting

(Newser) - In another universe, you might have played the Powerball Saturday and picked the numbers 28, 45, 53, 56, 69 with a Powerball of 20. However, that bit of luck did not happen for you or anyone else who played the record $1.6 billion lottery, reports Fox Business . For the...

Powerball Jackpot Approaching a Record
Powerball Jackpot
Is Now a Record

Powerball Jackpot Is Now a Record

Drawing Saturday night will be for $1.6B

(Newser) - The Powerball jackpot is now a mind-boggling $1.6 billion, which the AP notes is the biggest lottery prize ever. The next drawing is Saturday night. For the record, a lucky winner who opts for the cash payout would get about $782 million. Also for the record, your odds of...

Powerball Jackpot Just Keeps Swelling

No, you didn't win Monday night; next drawing is Wednesday night

(Newser) - There were no big treats from the Halloween night Powerball drawing, as none of the tickets sold matched all six numbers, the AP reports. The lack of a winner means the next drawing Wednesday night will be for a massive $1.2 billion jackpot. The winning numbers drawn Monday were:...

How Does a $1B Powerball Prize Sound?
How Does a
$1B Powerball
Prize Sound?

How Does a $1B Powerball Prize Sound?

Because that's the updated estimate for Monday's drawing after no one won on Saturday

(Newser) - If you thought you'd be hurling virtual daggers at some lucky stranger who won the $825 million Powerball drawing held over the weekend, put them away until at least Tuesday morning. That's because no one won the Saturday jackpot, meaning the kitty for Monday night's drawing has...

Mind Taking the Middle Seat? Will a Big Prize Convince You?
Airline Gets Creative in Getting
Travelers to Take Middle Seat

Airline Gets Creative in Getting Travelers to Take Middle Seat

Virgin Australia launches $147K lottery, with prizes each week for those who sit in least desirable spots

(Newser) - Is there ever anyone who actually wants the middle seat during a flight? If there is, we haven't met them, but that may soon change thanks to some coaxing on the matter by Virgin Australia. Per a recent social media poll offered by the airline, a paltry 0.6%...

You Might Want to Grab a Ticket for Saturday's Powerball

Prize is set for $825M, which will be 2nd-largest ever for the game if someone wins

(Newser) - If you're feeling particularly lucky this weekend, you may want to pick up a Powerball ticket. CNN reports that officials from the Multi-State Lottery Association have bumped up the prize for Saturday night's drawing in Tallahassee, Fla., from a paltry $800 million to $825 million (cash value: $410....

He Won the Lottery Over and Over, Swears by His System
His $30M in Lottery Wins
Came With a Big Catch

His $30M in Lottery Wins Came With a Big Catch

'Atlantic' tells the troubled tale of Michigan's Viktor Gjonaj, now broke and in jail

(Newser) - Talk to Viktor Gjonaj, and he'll swear he cracked the lottery system. Starting in 2017, the Michigan real estate broker began collecting pot after pot from daily drawings in the state lottery—nearly $30 million in all, recounts Jeff Maysh in the Atlantic . His "system" is a complicated...

The Odds of This Lottery Outcome Are Just Insane

433 to share jackpot in Philippines after Saturday's unusual draw

(Newser) - Individuals who purchased winning tickets for a $4 million lottery jackpot in the Philippines will have to settle for less than $10,000 each following Saturday's controversial draw. A total of 433 people selected the winning combination in the Grand Lotto lottery, which was highly unusual. The six numbers—...

Winners of $1.34B Mega Millions Jackpot 'Over the Moon'

Illinois pair finally steps forward to claim prize, is choosing to stay anonymous

(Newser) - Update: Mystery solved—kind of. Until this week, it wasn't clear if the person(s) who'd won the second-biggest Mega Millions lottery ever, a staggering $1.34 billion jackpot, knew they'd purchased the winning ticket in Illinois, let alone who that was. Now, at least the first half...

Guy's Joke About Lottery Win Proves a Prescient One

Charles Smith of Newport News, Va., joked with wife he'd hit it big, then won nearly $230K

(Newser) - Charles Smith is probably joking about a lot more these days. That's because a wisecrack he made to his wife earlier this summer turned out to be prescient, and he's now nearly $230,000 richer, per WAVY . The man from Newport News, Va., was saying goodbye one day...

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