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Takeaways From the 'Great Red vs. Blue State Debate'

Florida governor was feistier against Democrat than he has been in Republican debates

(Newser) - Two governors clashed Thursday night in what Fox News billed as "The Great Red vs. Blue State Debate." Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and California Gov. Gavin Newsom debated for 90 minutes in an empty studio in Georgia. Both governors hurled insults at each other in the debate, which...

Fox Pits DeSantis vs. Newsom
Newsom, DeSantis
in Fox Showdown

Newsom, DeSantis in Fox Showdown

Democrat, Republican to debate for 90 minutes, then speak to reporters

(Newser) - California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis will debate Thursday night on Fox News Channel in an event featuring two young, high-profile leaders with presidential aspirations who may have to wait a while to realize them. Newsom, 56, has talked about eventually running for president but...

Hannity, Ramaswamy Clash Over Remarks on Israel

Fox News host pushes GOP presidential candidate in 'confrontational' interview

(Newser) - Vivek Ramaswamy is getting into it with everyone these days. Last week, he got combative with CNN's Kaitlan Collins over his comments on Taiwan and 9/11. Then the GOP presidential candidate received a cease-and-desist letter from Eminem's team demanding he stop using the rapper's songs on the...

Trump at Fox Town Hall: 'Everything I Did Was Right'
Trump at Fox Town Hall:
'Everything I Did Was Right'
the rundown

Trump at Fox Town Hall: 'Everything I Did Was Right'

Fox edits out his 'big lie' from pre-taped event

(Newser) - You wouldn't have heard former President Trump rage about a stolen election during Fox News' town hall event in Iowa on Thursday, but be assured that rage he did. Fox pre-taped the hour-long prime-time special, allowing it to edit out any mention of "the big lie" following its...

Trump's Next Town Hall Won't Go Out Live

June 1 event in Iowa will be hosted by Fox's Sean Hannity

(Newser) - Former President Trump is following up his CNN town hall event with one on another network he often maligns—Fox News. The network says the frontrunner for the 2024 GOP nomination will join host Sean Hannity for a town hall in Iowa on Thursday, the Hill reports. The network says...

Drudge: Fox Primetime Is Getting an Overhaul

Report suggests Sean Hannity will replace Tucker Carlson in coveted 8pm slot

(Newser) - A major shake-up at Fox News will see Sean Hannity take over Tucker Carlson's old 8pm ET timeslot and two hosts of The Five slide into prime time, according to the Drudge Report. Jesse Watters, host of Jesse Watters Primetime at 7pm, will move into Hannity's 9pm ET...

Graham to Trump Devotees: 'You Need to Help This Man'

After indictment news, senator makes emotional plea for Trump fans to 'fight this bull----' with cash

(Newser) - On Thursday, there was plenty of reaction circulating on the indictment of former President Trump , including emotional responses from his two oldest sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump . That same evening, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina also gave an impassioned speech in support of the former president,...

Trump: Presidents Can Declassify Info Just by Thinking It

Former president tells Hannity all Mar-a-Lago papers were declassified

(Newser) - As the Justice Department moves ahead with a possible criminal case against Donald Trump over his handling of classified documents, the former president is doubling down on a basic line of defense. Trump told Sean Hannity of Fox News Wednesday that everything at Mar-a-Lago was, in fact, declassified because he...

Tech Bigwig Was on Call on How to Contest Trump's Loss

Sean Hannity, Lindsey Graham also said to be on call with ex-Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

(Newser) - Larry Ellison recently popped up on Forbes' "10 Richest People in the World" list, but that's not why he's making headlines this week. The Washington Post is reporting on a "previously unknown dimension" of the efforts to contest former President Trump's loss in the 2020...

In New Texts Between Hannity and Mark Meadows, a Shift

Fox host went from 'staunch supporter' of election lies to warning against 'fing lunatics,' per CNN

(Newser) - CNN has more texts from Mark Meadows , this time dozens of them between the former White House chief of staff and Fox News host Sean Hannity. The two exchanged more than 80 messages between Election Day 2020 and President Biden's inauguration, which the news outlet says show "...

Greene's Texts to Meadows Show Quick Shift on Riot

As it began, she asked for Trump to calm rioters; soon, she put blame on antifa infiltrators

(Newser) - Texts to and from Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows on the day of the Capitol riot and, more generally, in the aftermath of the 2020 election have been the subject of many stories of late. But CNN is now unveiling a mother lode—a total of 2,319 texts...

Longest-Running Cable Anchor Is No Longer Larry King
25 Years,
6 Months,
15 Days

25 Years, 6 Months, 15 Days

Fox says Sean Hannity now has the record for longest-running cable anchor

(Newser) - Fox News is claiming bragging rights for its top anchor as of Thursday: The network says Sean Hannity has surpassed the late Larry King to become the longest-running cable anchor ever, reports the Hill . For the record, his mark is at 25 years, six months, and 15 days. Forbes notes...

Trump Addresses Alleged Rift Between Him, DeSantis

'Fake news' was former president's response to Sean Hannity about reports on him, Fla. governor

(Newser) - Whispers of a rift between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump have been percolating of late , starting with a "thinly veiled shot" at DeSantis by Trump last week as he slammed "gutless" politicians who wouldn't say whether they'd had a COVID booster shot....

Sean Hannity, the Jan. 6 Committee Would Like a Word

Panel wants to talk to him about his text messages

(Newser) - The House select committee investigating last year's Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol wants Sean Hannity's cooperation. A source first leaked the news to Axios , but the committee has since released a letter to Hannity, dated Tuesday, which says the panel has learned the Fox News host...

Fox Host's Jan. 6 Text to Meadows: 'This Is Hurting All of Us'

Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade all frantically messaged Trump's then-chief of staff

(Newser) - On Monday evening, a House panel probing what happened during the Capitol riot voted unanimously to recommend Mark Meadows, the chief of staff for former President Trump, be held in contempt of Congress. Among the evidence read aloud before the vote were a series of text messages sent to Meadows...

Hannity Endorses 'Science of Vaccination'

He implores Fox viewers to 'take COVID seriously,' and Steve Doocy does the same

(Newser) - Comments made by two Fox News hosts on Monday were generating attention in regard to COVID, but not for reasons critics of the network might expect:
  • Sean Hannity: "Please take COVID seriously, I can't say it enough," said the prime-time show host, per the Hill . "Enough

New Narrative Emerges on Right About Protests

They're blaming antifa for the violence

(Newser) - In the wake of Wednesday's violence in Washington, a new narrative has emerged on the right about what happened. It boils down to this: Don't blame us, blame the far-left activists of antifa. The accusation is that members of the latter group infiltrated pro-Trump protests and turned them...

Hannity Has New Advice for Trump
Hannity Has New
Advice for Trump

Hannity Has New Advice for Trump

Fox host uses radio, TV shows to advise president to pardon himself

(Newser) - Sean Hannity is making his advice to President Trump loud and clear: Pardon yourself. The Fox News host used both his TV show and his radio show Monday to spread the message, reports Business Insider . "The president out the door needs to pardon his whole family and himself,"...

Big Fox Names to Be Deposed in Case of Murdered DNC Staffer

Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs, plus other network staffers and execs

(Newser) - Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and a number of Fox News staffers and execs will answer questions under oath next month about the network's infamous coverage of Seth Rich's death. The Democratic National Committee staffer was murdered in Washington, DC, in 2016; police believe the unsolved slaying was the...

Trump Boasts About Wowing Doctors on Cognitive Test

"They said, 'That’s an unbelievable thing. Rarely does anybody do what you just did'"

(Newser) - The two men expected to face each other in the general election have a combined age of 151, which is one reason why both keep taking digs at each other about mental fitness. In an interview with Sean Hannity Thursday night, President Trump suggested he did not think that Joe...

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