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Evidence of 'New' Whale Behavior Found in Ancient Myth

Dismissed as inaccurate, old texts hold evidence modern scientists have missed: study

(Newser) - In 2011, researchers described what they thought was a new phenomenon. They'd observed humpback and Bryde's whales opening their jaws, then waiting for prey fish to swim into their waiting mouths, in what's been dubbed trap fishing, per Smithsonian . The practice has been observed at least a...

Scientists Reveal New Theory About Loch Ness Monster

It might be a giant eel, they say after large DNA study of the lake

(Newser) - The "Loch Ness eel" just doesn't have the same ring to it. Scientists who conducted a large study of DNA samples from the famous Scottish lake suggested Thursday that giant eels might be the source of "monster" sightings over the years. The researchers found no evidence the...

Indian Army Claims 'Photographic Evidence' of Yeti

Footprints reportedly spotted this month in Nepal

(Newser) - The Indian army claims it has "photographic evidence" of the mythical yeti. Members of the army's mountaineering expedition team snapped photos of what appear to be footprints near the base camp of Nepal's Mount Makalu, the fifth highest mountain in the world, on April 9. The decision...

Researcher: I Found Proof of Bigfoot in Russia

The latest supposed evidence is a piece of bark

(Newser) - People in the US have long been on the hunt for Bigfoot, just like those in Canada are in search of Sasquatch and the Himalayas lay claim to the Yeti. But did you know Russians have their own version of an extra large and hairy primate, the Almas? And now...

Scottish Authorities Believed In, Tried to Protect Nessie

Police chief called existence of monster "beyond doubt" in newly released letter

(Newser) - "That there is some strange creature in Loch Ness seems now beyond doubt, but that the police have any power to protect it is very doubtful," a Scottish police chief wrote back in the 1930s in a newly released letter expressing his concern that a London man might...

'Bigfoot' DNA Actually Human, Opossum

Sasquatch expert blames contamination, will perform autopsy

(Newser) - DNA from an alleged Bigfoot carcass is actually part human, part opossum, a scientist said today. A University of Minnesota expert debunked the DNA at a Palo Alto, Calif. press conference before the two men who allegedly found the corpse—and who sell Bigfoot merchandise. The head of a group...

'Unicorn' Deer Spotted in Italy
 'Unicorn' Deer Spotted in Italy 

'Unicorn' Deer Spotted in Italy

Similar anomalies may have inspired myths, experts say

(Newser) - A deer with a single horn in the center of its head has been spotted in an Italian nature preserve, triggering speculation that such anomalies may have helped give rise to unicorn myths, the AP reports. Experts say the year-old deer, born in captivity and nicknamed “Unicorn,” likely...

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