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Apple Releases Fix for 'Zombie' Photos on iPhones

Users have complained that pictures deleted years ago are reemerging after update

(Newser) - Apple has had a "pretty bad" issue going on with its iPhones, though it hopes a fix it just released will remedy the situation. The problem, according to 9to5Mac : Users say that photos they deleted, some even years ago, have been popping up again unexpectedly. The users say the...

Apple Reports Steep Drop in iPhone Sales

10% year-on-year drop in Q1 is biggest decline since pandemic hit production in 2020

(Newser) - Apple on Thursday disclosed its steepest quarterly decline in iPhone sales since the pandemic's outset, deepening a slump that's increasing the pressure on the trendsetting company to spruce up its products with more artificial intelligence. The 10% drop in year-over-year iPhone sales for the January-March period is the...

Apple: We're Working on Fix for Glitchy iPhone Alarms

For some, the alarms have stopped working

(Newser) - Some people who rely on their iPhones to wake them up in the morning have gotten unwanted extra sleep of late, reports Today . It seems that for some, the alarms have inexplicably stopped working. It's not clear what's going on, or even how many phones are affected, but...

Apple Makes a Big Move on iPhone Repairs

'Parts pairing' won't apply to iPhone 15 fixes starting this fall, company says

(Newser) - Apple is making a big change that could make it cheaper, and easier, for people to get iPhones repaired. The company said in an update Thursday that in a new process beginning this fall with "select iPhone models," customers and independent repair shops will be able to replace...

Apple Agrees to Pay $490M in iPhone Suit by Investors

Tim Cook said demand in China was strong just before cutting revenue forecast

(Newser) - Apple has agreed to pay $490 million to end a class-action lawsuit accusing its CEO of misleading investors with a false assurance about demand for iPhones in China. The suit was sparked by Apple's unexpected announcement on Jan. 2, 2019, that the company planned to cut its quarterly revenue...

You Can Stop Putting Your iPhone in Rice Now

Also, don't bother closing background apps to save battery life

(Newser) - Everybody knows what to do when their smartphone gets wet, right? Stick it in some dry rice to draw the moisture out. Turns out, it's bad advice. As is the conventional wisdom to close your background apps to save battery life. The details:
  • Rice: Apple is officially warning people

The Top Smartphone Seller Has Been Dethroned

Apple overtakes Samsung for the first time in 12 years as Android market splinters

(Newser) - Just as Samsung gets ready on Wednesday to release its newest iteration of Galaxy smartphones comes the news that those phones are no longer the best-selling phones in the world—for the first time in 12 years. As the Guardian reports, the longtime Android king has been usurped in terms...

Chinese Experts Reportedly Breach AirDrop Encryption

Apple feature has been widely used by anti-government protesters

(Newser) - Chinese experts have reportedly found a way to identify users of Apple's encrypted AirDrop file-sharing service, a favorite form of communication for protesters critical of China's strict control of its citizens. AirDrop allows iPhone users to share files with other iPhone users nearby via Bluetooth, without an internet...

Cops Warn About New iPhone Feature, Experts Say to Chill
Cops Warn About New iPhone
Feature, Experts Say to Chill
in case you missed it

Cops Warn About New iPhone Feature, Experts Say to Chill

Red flag on NameDrop says user contact info could be inadvertently shared, but tech geeks say no

(Newser) - A sharing feature built into Apple's latest iOS update has police departments nationwide issuing a warning to iPhone users, but security experts say the hubbub may be a bit hyped up. The new NameDrop feature allows consumers who have phones using iOS 17.1, or watchOS 10.1 on...

Help Is On the Way for Your Overheated iPhone 15

Apple releases patch to remedy Pro models running 'warmer than expected'

(Newser) - Complaints about Apple's new iPhone 15 Pro models running too hot have been heeded. The company released a patch on Wednesday, noting that the included updates and bug fixes included in iOS 17.0.3 should take care of the overheating issue. "We have identified a few conditions...

iPhone 15 Pro Might Be a Little Too Hot—Literally

In some tests, Pro Max hits 122 degrees

(Newser) - The iPhone 15 Pro just launched Friday, and already there are widespread reports that overheating is a problem. The Wall Street Journal reports that in its testing, the iPhone 15 Pro Max reached 106 degrees Fahrenheit while charging, and 112 degrees while charging and simultaneously running a "processor-intensive" task...

Apple Unveils Next Generation of iPhones

New phones will have USB-C chargers

(Newser) - Apple on Tuesday unveiled its next generation of iPhones—a line-up that will boast better cameras, faster processors, a new charging system, and a price hike for the fanciest model. As has been case with Apple and other smartphone makers, the four types of iPhone 15 models aren't making...

Beta Test Photos Cause a Fuss Over 'End Call' Button

iPhone's familiar icon may be moving a bit, but apparently not as much as first feared

(Newser) - Almost a week after the Apple faithful collectively gasped at the first evidence that the iPhone's red "end call" button might be vacating its familiar position, it looks like it might have been (mostly) a false alarm. The initial shock followed the release of last week's test,...

Apple's 4GB Phone Flopped. One Just Sold for $190K

Phone from 2007 fetches a record price at auction

(Newser) - Earlier this year, an original iPhone—still sealed— sold for a world-record $63,000 . Consider the record broken and then some. Another original iPhone just sold for more than $190,000 at the US auction house LCG Auctions , reports the BBC . This one had a little extra cache: It was...

Apple Has Ducking Great News for iPhone Pottymouths

Company's iOS 17 features enhanced autocorrect that makes it easier for you to type out curses

(Newser) - Technically, "improved autocorrect functionality" is what MacRumors is calling one of the upgrades that comes with Apple's iOS 17 for the iPhone. CNET puts into perspective what that actually means: "Your iPhone keyboard can learn curse words now." Apple unveiled its newest operating system Monday at...

Now Available for iPhones: ChatGPT App

Clones have surfaced in the five months since release by OpenAI

(Newser) - ChatGPT is now a smartphone app, which could be good news for people who like to use the artificial intelligence chatbot and bad news for all the clone apps that have tried to profit off the technology. The free app became available on iPhones in the US on Thursday and...

Original iPhone Still in Plastic Now Worth a Pretty Penny

One hitting the auction block Thursday is valued at up to $60K

(Newser) - It sold for $599 in 2007. A decade and a half later, a first-generation iPhone with 8 gigabytes of storage, still wrapped in plastic, is thought to be worth up to $60,000. Its among the lots offered by Chicago's Wright Auctions in a Thursday sale, beginning at 12pm...

First-Generation iPhone Brings 100 Times Its 2007 Price

Owner had never opened the gift received in 2007

(Newser) - When Karen Green got a new job in 2007, her friends gave her a congratulatory iPhone. She had just gotten a new phone, so she never opened the gift. "I didn't want to get rid of my phone, and I figured, 'It's an iPhone, so it...

There's a Big Problem With Apple's Automatic 911 Calls

Call centers are overwhelmed with calls triggered when there is no emergency

(Newser) - Emergency call centers in various states that have been inundated with false calls and officials are pointing the finger at a single culprit: Apple. Since 2018, Apple devices have been able to detect when a user suffers a hard fall . If a fall is detected, the device buzzes and sends...

Reporter vs. Mugger: 'Wrong Blind Person, Wrong Day'

BBC correspondent Sean Dilley didn't let his lack of sight keep him from defeating a phone thief

(Newser) - A thief may have surprised BBC journalist Sean Dilley by lifting his phone on the streets of London, but it was Dilley who had an even bigger surprise for the thief. The BBC reports that its correspondent, who was working the night shift at New Broadcasting House, BBC's headquarters...

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