Bob Dylan

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'She Was the Female Bob Dylan'
'She Was the Female
Bob Dylan,' Then Vanished

'She Was the Female Bob Dylan,' Then Vanished

Connie Converse was a folk pioneer before she disappeared, as the 'New York Times' explains

(Newser) - If she had recorded her songs just a few years later, Connie Converse might very likely be a household name to this day, writes Howard Fishman in the New York Times . Instead, she's an enigmatic footnote in modern music history, though interest appears to be growing in her legacy....

Bob Dylan Won't Be Dubbed Over Timothee Chalamet in Biopic

Director says film will likely start filming in August

(Newser) - When he stars as Bob Dylan in a biopic about the singer expected to start filming this summer, Timothee Chalamet will be doing the singing himself. Asked whether the actor would be doing so—rather than having Dylan's own voice dubbed in—director James Mangold responded, "Of course!...

Dylan Posts Regrets Over Machine-Signed Autographs
Dylan Regrets Fake Autographs

Dylan Regrets Fake Autographs

Statement blames the pandemic and a case of vertigo

(Newser) - Fans may have thought, or hoped, he wasn't aware that a machine had put his signature on artwork and books promoted and sold as hand-signed, but Bob Dylan now has said he knew about the deception, and he regrets it. In a Facebook statement Friday night, Dylan said an...

Bob Dylan Fans Quickly Spot the Bogus Autograph

Publisher Simon & Schuster issues refund after singer's books were signed with autopen

(Newser) - No fewer than 900 diehard Bob Dylan fans shelled out $600 for hand-signed copies of the legend's new book, The Philosophy of Modern Song. One problem: These same diehard fans quickly realized the autograph didn't look quite right, reports Variety . It was a little too ... inhuman. Fans started...

High School Love Letters Show Bob Dylan Had Plans

Young Bob Zimmerman's correspondence sells at auction

(Newser) - A collection of touching and sometimes prescient personal letters written by a young Bob Dylan to a high school girlfriend has been sold at auction to a renowned Portuguese bookshop for nearly $670,000. The Livraria Lello in Porto, Portugal, which bills itself as "the World's Most Beautiful...

Dylan Kicks Off Tributes to an Original

Musicians say Jerry Lee Lewis left his mark

(Newser) - "Jerry Lee will live forever—we all know that," Bob Dylan told an English audience during his concert Friday night. He then performed a Don Robertson song the Killer recorded in 1970, per Yahoo Entertainment , "I Can't Seem to Say Goodbye." Other musicians and celebrities...

Lawsuit Accuses Bob Dylan of Abusing Girl, 12, in 1965
Woman Drops Lawsuit
Accusing Dylan of Abuse

Woman Drops Lawsuit Accusing Dylan of Abuse

Musician's lawyers said accuser destroyed evidence

(Newser) - Update: A lawsuit accusing Bob Dylan of sexual abuse in the 1960s has been permanently dropped. The musician's lawyers had said in a hearing Thursday that the woman who filed the suit had destroyed evidence and compromised the case, Billboard reports. His accuser then asked the federal judge to...

Dylan Sells 60 Years of Recordings

Sony's Columbia Records, which signed the artist in 1961, will control the catalog

(Newser) - Bob Dylan has sold all of his recordings, though they're not really going anywhere. Sony Music Group's Columbia Records is the new owner, Dylan announced Monday. Columbia "has been nothing but good to me for many, many years and a whole lot of records," his statement...

Man to Library: Here's That Dylan Album I Borrowed in 1973

He donated $175 plus one of his own albums to Cleveland-area library

(Newser) - After nearly five decades of blowin' in the wind, a double Bob Dylan album finally has a direction home: A man living in San Francisco has mailed the vinyl back to an Ohio library 48 years after it was supposed to be returned. Howard Simon recently sent the album along...

Guess Who Just Turned 80?
Guess Who
Just Turned 80?
the rundown

Guess Who Just Turned 80?

Bob Dylan hits a milestone, and the coverage is expansive

(Newser) - Bob Dylan turned 80 years old on Monday. Got a favorite song of his? Mick Jagger picks "Desolation Row." In the Guardian , Jagger notes that the song is ostensibly about "governmental, military control," but he also calls it a "really lovely song" despite the topic....

His Music Is Legendary. But His Art Is 'Rarely Seen'

Largest ever collection of Bob Dylan's artwork to be shown in US

(Newser) - More than 120 "rarely seen" paintings, drawings, and sculptures by Bob Dylan are to be exhibited in the US for the first time. The artworks, completed over six decades, will be displayed at the Frost Art Museum at Florida International University beginning on Nov. 30, to coincide with Miami...

David Crosby Just Sold His Music Catalog

He says the move is a financial necessity, especially amid COVID

(Newser) - Add David Crosby to the list of artists selling their music catalogs. Giants including Bob Dylan , Lindsey Buckingham, the Beach Boys, and Cosby's old collaborator Neil Young have sold all or parts of their catalogs recently, notes the Guardian . Crosby sold his rights to music exec Irving Azoff's...

Bob Dylan Just Sold His Whole Song Catalog

Universal Music Group likely paid hundreds of millions

(Newser) - Bob Dylan just became a very, very rich man. The music legend has sold his entire song catalog to Universal Music Publishing Group, and early reports say the deal is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Terms were not disclosed for the catalog spanning six decades and more than 600...

Anti-Semitism Played Role in Dylan's Name Change

His musings on that and other topics just sold for $495K

(Newser) - A trove of Bob Dylan documents including the singer-songwriter's musings about anti-Semitism and unpublished song lyrics has sold at auction for $495,000, per the AP . Boston-based R.R. Auction said the collection privately held by the late American blues artist Tony Glover, a longtime Dylan friend and confidante,...

In 'Lost' Interview, Bob Dylan Reveals 'Lay Lady Lay' Detail

'Actually, it was written for Barbra Streisand'

(Newser) - In a 1971 interview with his friend and fellow musician Tony Glover, Bob Dylan talked about anti-Semitism and changing his name, among other topics—but the conversations were never used for the Esquire article Glover was planning, and were not made public until now. Glover's widow is putting typed...

Bob Dylan: An Eagles Song May One of the 'Best Ever'
Bob Dylan:
Eagles Have
One of the Best
Songs Ever
in case you missed it

Bob Dylan: Eagles Have One of the Best Songs Ever

He's talking about 'Pretty Maids All in a Row'

(Newser) - Bob Dylan has an album of new music coming out next week, and he sat down with Rice University history professor Douglas Brinkley for a rare interview that appears in the New York Times . It is an eclectic, wide-ranging talk, and at one point Brinkley mentioned he was a bit...

Bob Dylan Makes Big Announcement
Bob Dylan Makes
Big Announcement

Bob Dylan Makes Big Announcement

His first original album in 8 years arrives next month

(Newser) - Bob Dylan dropped his third original song in a little over a month Thursday and left no doubt about when his first original album in eight years would follow. Dylan announced his first album of original songs since 2012's Tempest would be released June 19. The 10-song album Rough ...

Bob Dylan Releases Surprise New Song

The 'dizzying' 'Murder Most Foul' delves into JFK's assassination ... and more

(Newser) - If you're looking for new music to listen to this weekend, as well as a walk down memory lane, Bob Dylan just hooked you up with an "absolutely mind-blowing" 17-minute song about JFK's assassination and ... much more. "This is an unreleased song we recorded a while...

Leon Redbone, Unintentionally Mysterious Musician, Dies

Jazz and blues artist's fans included Dylan

(Newser) - Leon Redbone, the blues and jazz artist whose growly voice, panama hat, and cultivated air of mystery made him seem like a character out of the ragtime era or the Depression-era Mississippi Delta, died Thursday. He was 69, the AP reports. No details about his death were provided. Redbone's...

Dylan Gives Concert Crowd a Choice: Listen or Take Photos

Singer stops mid-song in Vienna

(Newser) - Bob Dylan proved to fans that he means it when he says no photos allowed when he's onstage. In fact, if fans had a pool Tuesday night in Vienna, the answer to "During what song would he stop singing and scold the crowd?" was "Blowin' in the...

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