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As Gaza Families Flee, They Cling to One Thing: House Keys

They're tangible symbol of the life Palestinians have been forced to flee as Israel continues its assault

(Newser) - On his key chain, Hassan Nofal keeps the keys to two homes. One is the house of his grandparents in what's now southern Israel, which his family was driven out of by Israeli forces in 1948 and to which they've never been able to return.The other is...

Permanent End to Gaza Pier May Be Earlier Than Expected

Rough seas threaten plan for a temporary reattachment of US-built span

(Newser) - Battling rough seas around Gaza, the US now is considering abandoning efforts to reinstall the pier that has been used to get badly needed humanitarian aid to Palestinians, per the AP . The plan earlier this week had been to reinstall the pier for a week or so to move the...

Hamas Drops Key Demand, Opening Door to Ceasefire

Militant group gives up on Israel offering an upfront commitment for a complete end to the war

(Newser) - Hamas has given initial approval for a US-backed proposal for a phased ceasefire deal in Gaza, dropping a key demand that Israel give an upfront commitment for a complete end to the war, a Hamas and an Egyptian official said Saturday. The apparent compromise by the militant group—which controlled...

Lawlessness Is Preventing Delivery of Gaza Aid

Crime groups have stepped into vacuum caused by collapse of Hamas authority

(Newser) - Israel has brought in a daily pause in fighting along a major supply route in Gaza, but relief groups say it is still too dangerous to deliver aid amid widespread lawlessness. The New York Times , which describes the situation as "extreme anarchy," reports that organized crime groups have...

After 10 Days in Service, Doom for Gaza's $230M Pier?

Aid groups say it's been a bust, officials are talking of dismantling it, per 'NYT'

(Newser) - The $230 million pier built to support the delivery of aid to Gaza has been largely ineffective and may now be dismantled some two months earlier than expected, aid groups tell the New York Times . The temporary pier was built on short notice beginning in March amid warnings of famine...

'Stop the Genocide' Banner Unfurled on El Capitan

Climbers With Palestine group says of Yosemite protest: 'We need to stop killing people, today'

(Newser) - Pro-Palestinian protests over the Israel-Hamas war that have proliferated on college campuses have now made their way into the national parks. SFGate reports that four climbers stopped partway up Yosemite's El Capitan on Monday—not to rest, but to unfurl a 25-by-15-foot banner in the colors of the Palestinian...

Entire Palestinian Families Are Being 'Decimated'
Entire Palestinian Bloodlines
Are Being 'Decimated'

Entire Palestinian Bloodlines Are Being 'Decimated'

The AP investigates the effect the Israel-Hamas war is having on large family groups

(Newser) - To a degree never seen before, Israel's air and ground campaign in Gaza is killing entire Palestinian families. Entire bloodlines, sometimes four generations from the same family, have perished in single airstrikes or a series of airstrikes on members of the same family sheltering together from the bombs. Often...

Israel Holds Fire on Stretch of Road Used for Aid Deliveries

Daytime pause will be daily for now

(Newser) - Israel's military announced on Sunday that it would pause fighting during daytime hours along a route in southern Gaza to free up a backlog of humanitarian aid deliveries for desperate Palestinians enduring a humanitarian crisis sparked by the war, now in its ninth month. The "tactical pause,"...

UN Officials Claim Possible 'War Crimes' in Hostage Raid

Israeli soldiers were disguised as refugees looking for a place to live: ABC

(Newser) - The special operation that freed four Israeli hostages from a neighborhood in Gaza on Saturday began with Israeli forces disguised as Palestinian refugees, ABC News reports. The soldiers claimed to be looking for a place to live when they entered the buildings where hostages were being held in Nuseirat, sources...

4 Hostages Rescued in a 'Miraculous Triumph'

Israel says they're in good condition after 'complex' operation in Nuseirat

(Newser) - Israel said Saturday it rescued four hostages who were kidnapped in a Hamas-led attack on Oct. 7. The army said it rescued Noa Argamani, 25; Almog Meir, 21; Andrey Kozlov, 27; and Shlomi Ziv, 40, in a complex special daytime operation, per the AP . The hostages, who were said to...

Report: Israel Targets 128 US Lawmakers With Trolls

'NYT' exposes alleged covert campaign to influence US government on Gaza war

(Newser) - Israel has spent millions on a covert and still-active influence campaign targeting the US public and lawmakers in an effort to boost support for its war in Gaza, according to reporting by the New York Times . Commissioned by Israel's Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, the $2 million campaign allegedly involved...

Spain to ICJ: We Want in on Genocide Case Against Israel

South Africa case before UN court accuses Israel of genocide in Gaza

(Newser) - Spain will ask a United Nations court for permission to join South Africa's case accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza, its foreign minister announced Thursday. Spain is the first European country to take the step after South Africa filed its case with the International Court of Justice late last...

Stanford President's Office Overtaken by Protesters

13 people are arrested; university says any students among them will be suspended

(Newser) - Wednesday marked the final day of classes in Stanford's spring term—and it proved to be a tumultuous morning. Pro-Palestinian protestors entered the university's Building 10 around 5:30am and proceeded to barricade themselves in the president's office within. The situation ended three hours later with 13...

Maldives Just Banned Israelis From Entering

The Maldives says it won't be letting in Israel passport holders amid war against Hamas in Gaza

(Newser) - As some countries are increasingly expressing support for the Palestinian people in Gaza amid the Israel-Hamas war , one nation has taken things in a new direction. Per the AP , the Maldives has now banned individuals holding Israeli passports from entering the archipelago in the Indian Ocean, with the office of...

Israel: We Found Hamas Stockpile in Central Rafah

Military confirms it's expanding its incursion into the central part of southern Gaza city

(Newser) - The Israeli military has confirmed that its forces are operating in central parts of Rafah in its expanding offensive in the southern Gaza city. The military said in a statement Friday that its troops in central Rafah had uncovered Hamas rocket launchers and tunnels and dismantled a weapons storage facility...

Gaza Aid Deliveries Suspended After Pier Damaged

Pentagon says US-built pier will be out of action for more than a week

(Newser) - A pier taking humanitarian aid to starving Palestinians will be removed from the coast of Gaza to be repaired after getting damaged in rough seas and weather, the Pentagon said Tuesday. Over the next two days, the pier will be pulled out and sent to the southern Israeli city of...

Palestine Medics: Israeli Strikes Kill Dozens in Rafah
Netanyahu Admits
'Tragic Mistake' in Rafah

Netanyahu Admits 'Tragic Mistake' in Rafah

US says images from strike that killed dozens of Palestinians are 'heartbreaking'

(Newser) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged Monday that a "tragic mistake" had been made after an Israeli strike in the southern Gaza city of Rafah set fire to a tent camp housing displaced Palestinians and, according to local officials, killed at least 45 people. Netanyahu did not elaborate on...

Hamas Rockets Trigger Sirens in Tel Aviv Before Rafah Strike

Palestinian medics say 22 people in tents for displaced people were killed

(Newser) - Palestinian medics said 22 people were killed in an Israeli airstrike Sunday on the southern Gaza city of Rafah that hit tents for displaced people. Numerous people reportedly were trapped in the debris, and video footage showed heavy destruction and flames. The strike was reported hours after Hamas fired a...

ICJ to Israel: Cease Your Incursion in Rafah

However, Israel isn't likely to comply with mandate from UN's top court on Gaza

(Newser) - The top United Nations court has ordered Israel to halt its military operations in the southern Gaza city of Rafah. Israel insists it has the right to defend itself from Hamas militants and is unlikely to comply with the ruling. The order by the International Court of Justice further ratchets...

Israel Recovers Bodies of 3 More Hostages

Military says men were killed on Oct. 7

(Newser) - The bodies of three more hostages killed on Oct 7. were recovered overnight from Gaza, Israel's military said Friday. The Israel Defense Forces said the bodies of Hanan Yablonka, Michel Nisenbaum, and Orion Hernandez Radoux were found and their families were notified, the AP reports. The military said they...

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