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Rules Committee Backs Move to End Tuberville Blockade

GOP senator has been blocking military promotions for months

(Newser) - Senate Democrats pushed ahead Tuesday with a resolution that would allow for the quick confirmation of hundreds of military nominees, an attempt to maneuver around a blockade from Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville over a Pentagon abortion policy. The Senate Rules Committee voted 9-7 to approve a resolution that would allow...

During Hearing, Senator Challenges Union Chief to Fight

'You're a United States senator, sit down,' Bernie Sanders told Markwayne Mullin

(Newser) - "God knows the American people have enough contempt for Congress. Let's not make it worse," Sen. Bernie Sanders said as a Republican senator challenged the president of the Teamsters union to a fight during a hearing Tuesday. When it was his turn to ask questions during the...

Senate Confirms First Woman for Joint Chiefs of Staff

Nominations of Adm. Lisa Franchetti, two others are approved despite Tuberville's hold

(Newser) - The Senate easily confirmed three senior military officers for new jobs on Thursday, one of whom will become the first female member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Adm. Lisa Franchetti was approved to lead the Navy, the Washington Post reports. The Air Force also got a new boss: Gen....

Republicans Turn on Tuberville Over Risky Blockade

It's a 'national security suicide mission,' says Sen. Dan Sullivan of delayed vote on military nominees

(Newser) - Numerous members of his own party confronted Sen. Tommy Tuberville on Wednesday, demanding the Alabama Republican lift his legislative blockade used to delay votes on 375 military nominees since February, which is increasingly seen as a national security issue. "Months of simmering Republican frustration" burst into the open during...

She's Expected to Be a Senator in 2 Days
Laphonza Butler Is
America's Newest Senator

Laphonza Butler Is America's Newest Senator

Third Black woman to serve in Senate was sworn in by the second

(Newser) - America's newest senator, Democratic Sen. Laphonza Butler, was sworn in to replace the late Sen. Barbara Feinstein on Tuesday, making history in more ways than one. Butler, president of the Emily's List fundraising group, is the third Black woman to serve in the Senate and she was sworn...

Manchin Wants His Senate Dress Code Back
Manchin Gets His
Senate Dress Code Back

Manchin Gets His Senate Dress Code Back

Bipartisan bill formalizing dress code passes unanimously

(Newser) - The Senate dress code has now come full circle, from an unwritten expectation to completely nonexistent to a formal rule. Following Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's controversial decision to tell the Senate's Sergeant at Arms to stop enforcing the then-informal dress code, Sens. Joe Manchin and Mitt Romney...

Menendez: That Was My Own Cash I Stashed in My Home

Senator predicts he will be exonerated on bribery charges

(Newser) - Sen. Bob Menendez says he's not stepping down from the Senate after being indicted on bribery charges —and he's got an explanation for the cash investigators say they found stashed around his home. The New Jersey Democrat said Monday that the money found in clothes and closets...

Senate Briefly Pierces Tuberville's Blockade

Army chief of staff and Marine commandant are confirmed, but other nominees wait

(Newser) - The Senate confirmed two new service chiefs on Thursday, despite the blockade put in place by Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville, but there were indications Democrats didn't feel good about it. Gen. Randy George can now take over as Army chief of staff, and Gen. Eric Smith can officially become...

Fetterman Says He'd Wear a Suit to 'Save Democracy'

Democrat promises to dress up if Republicans avoid government shutdown

(Newser) - Now that Sen. John Fetterman officially is free to dress down for appearances in the US Senate, he's offering to put on something more formal—if congressional Republicans meet his conditions. "If those jagoffs in the House stop trying to shut our government down, and fully support Ukraine,...

Fetterman Takes On Senate Dress-Code Fury With Boebert Jab

Republicans are pushing back at relaxing what senators wear on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - While some are celebrating the Senate's decision to no longer enforce its unwritten dress code —previously, shirts and ties for the guys, covered arms for the ladies—Republicans aren't as thrilled. "Terrible," Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia commented on the change, per NBC...

Schumer Scraps Senate Dress Code
Senate Dress Code Scrapped

Senate Dress Code Scrapped

Although it's not clear it was ever actually a formal rule

(Newser) - Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has done away with the chamber's informal dress code, in changes that take effect Monday. Axios first reported the news after Schumer directed the Senate's Sergeant at Arms to no longer enforce the dress code, and Schumer confirmed the news, telling the site,...

Nikki Haley: Senate Is Just a 'Privileged Nursing Home'

After McConnell freeze-up, presidential contender says aging politicians need to know when to retire

(Newser) - As whispers continue to circulate over the future of Mitch McConnell's leadership following his second public freeze-up , Nikki Haley is saying out loud what she thinks about aging lawmakers, and when they should realize it might be time to pack it up on Capitol Hill. Appearing on Fox News'...

Senator Says She Was Hospitalized With Facial Numbness

Katie Britt says recovery could take weeks

(Newser) - Days after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, one of the oldest senators, caused concern by freezing up during a press conference , one of the youngest senators has disclosed that she is dealing with a health issue. Republican Sen. Katie Britt of Alabama said Monday that she was hospitalized over the...

McConnell Freezes at Microphone
McConnell Freezes
at Microphone

McConnell Freezes at Microphone

Minority leader is helped back to his office, then returns to finish press conference

(Newser) - Sen. Mitch McConnell appeared to shut down during a press conference in the Capitol on Wednesday, falling into silence for about 20 seconds in the middle of a sentence until he was helped away. The minority leader was escorted back to his office by a colleague and finished the press...

The Picture Being Painted by Key Debt-Ceiling Players

Words 'confident' and 'optimistic' are getting used, but there's a ways to go

(Newser) - As the clock ticks down to June 1, the president and congressional leaders continue to sound off about the likelihood of striking a deal on raising the debt ceiling. President Biden held a second Oval Office meeting with House and Senate leaders Kevin McCarthy, Hakeem Jeffries, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch...

NYT Editorial Board Has 'Painful' Words for Feinstein

Board suggests she resign, urges Schumer to act if she doesn't

(Newser) - Sen. Dianne Feinstein says she will return to the Senate. The editorial board of the New York Times suggests she reconsider. And if the 89-year-old doesn't reconsider, the editorial board urges Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to increase pressure on her to step down. The editors laud Feinstein's legacy...

'You Shut Your Mouth,' Senator Tells Teamsters Boss

There was an angry clash during Senate hearing on unions

(Newser) - The head of the Teamsters union had a fiery exchange with Sen. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., at a Senate hearing Thursday, with Mullin telling Sean O'Brien to "shut your mouth" as they clashed over unions. O'Brien was a witness at the Senate Health, Labor, Education, and Pensions Committee...

She's Second in Line to the Presidency, for Now

Senate pro tem Patty Murray moves up temporarily because no House speaker exists

(Newser) - Sen. Patty Murray made history earlier this week when she became the first woman to be sworn in as president pro tempore of the Senate. Now comes an odd footnote, thanks to the political logjam in the House. While the pro tem is usually third in line to the presidency,...

McConnell Celebrates Senate Milestone

Republican is now the longest-serving Senate leader in history

(Newser) - While the House was mired in multiple rounds of voting to select a new speaker Tuesday, things moved ahead smoothly in the Senate, where Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was celebrating a milestone. The 80-year-old became the longest-serving Senate leader in history, with 16 years as the top Senate Republican,...

Ahead of Deadline (and Storm), the Senate Strikes a Deal

$1.7T spending package to avoid shutdown sent to House for final approval

(Newser) - The Senate passed a massive $1.7 trillion spending bill Thursday that finances federal agencies through September and provides another large round of aid to Ukraine one day after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's dramatic address to a joint meeting of Congress . The bill, which runs for 4,155 pages,...

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