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Senate Passes Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Act

12 Republicans voted with Democrats

(Newser) - A bill that makes protection for same-sex and interracial marriages federal law passed the Senate in a 61-36 vote Tuesday and will now head to the House for a final vote. A dozen Republicans voted in favor, the same number that joined Democrats for a filibuster-proof majority in vote to...

Fate of the Senate Is 'on a Knife's Edge'

Control of the
Senate Rests
on These
3 States
election 2022

Control of the Senate Rests on These 3 States

Dems have 48 seats so far, the GOP has 49

(Newser) - Most of the final forecasts heading into Election Day gave Republicans a good chance of reclaiming control of the Senate, if only by a slim margin . As of mid-day Wednesday, the final tally remains up in the air. The Democrats have secured 48 seats to the GOP's 49, with...

Susan Collins: 'I Wouldn't Be Surprised' if a Lawmaker Is Killed

'New York Times' looks at the rise in violent threats against House, Senate members

(Newser) - Amid an increasingly tense political atmosphere and as the midterm elections loom, lawmakers are concerned about what the New York Times describes as a "surge" of violent threats and in-person confrontations. "I wouldn’t be surprised if a senator or House member were killed," Sen. Susan Collins...

McConnell Worried About 'Candidate Quality' in Senate Races

Minority leader thinks the race for control of the chamber is too close to call

(Newser) - Historically speaking, the party of the sitting US president loses ground in the midterms , ceding seats in the House or Senate, or both if it's a particularly brutal bloodbath. But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is holding off on proclaiming any kind of premature victory in his own chamber...

Democrats' Bill Clears Hurdle, Faces Vote-a-Rama 'Hell'

Kamala Harris breaks tie, advances Biden's signature legislation

(Newser) - A divided Senate voted Saturday to start debating Democrats’ election-year economic bill, boosting the sprawling collection of President Biden’s priorities on climate, energy, health, and taxes past its initial test as it starts moving through Congress, per the AP . In a preview of votes expected on a mountain of...

Daylight Saving Change Stalls
Daylight Saving Bill Fades

Daylight Saving Bill Fades

House divisions on permanent switch remain, but members mostly cite more urgent priorities

(Newser) - After winning Senate approval in March, legislation to make daylight saving time permanent has just been sitting in the House. Its supporters—or at least those open to the idea—said the main reason is there's a lot going on, the Hill reports. "We have so many other...

Senate Passes Biggest Gun Safety Package in 29 Years

House is expected to approve the bill Friday

(Newser) - The Senate on Thursday easily approved a bipartisan gun violence bill that seemed unthinkable just a month ago, clearing the way for final congressional approval of what will be lawmakers' most far-reaching response in decades to the nation's run of brutal mass shootings. The AP reports the $13 billion...

Senate Has Reached Compromise on Gun Violence Bill

Schumer predicts approval later this week

(Newser) - Senate bargainers reached agreement Tuesday on a bipartisan gun violence bill, potentially teeing up final passage by week's end on an incremental but landmark package that would stand as Congress’ response to mass shootings in Texas and New York that shook the nation. Lawmakers released the 80-page bill nine...

Group of Senators Reaches Broad Deal to Address Gun Violence

10 Republicans agree to measures on 'red flag' laws, background checks

(Newser) - A bipartisan group of senators announced Sunday that they'd agreed to an outline of a gun legislation package that could reverse years of congressional inaction on proposals to reduce mass shootings. The deal includes "red flag" laws and enhanced background checks on prospective gun buyers, NBC News reports....

House Makes a First Move on Gun Laws

Chamber passes legislation, but it stands no chance in the Senate

(Newser) - The House passed a wide-ranging gun control bill Wednesday in response to recent mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, that would raise the age limit for purchasing a semi-automatic rifle and prohibit the sale of ammunition magazines with a capacity of more than 15 rounds. The legislation...

Domestic Terrorism Bill Fails in the Senate

Bipartisan group begins work on new guns measure

(Newser) - Democrats’ first attempt at responding to the back-to-back mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas, failed in the Senate Thursday as Republicans blocked a domestic terrorism bill that would have opened debate on questions surrounding hate crimes and gun safety, per the AP . Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer tried to...

Senate Clears Ukraine Aid After Rand Paul's Block

$40B package on its way to president's desk

(Newser) - The Senate overwhelmingly approved a $40 billion infusion of military and economic aid for Ukraine and its allies on Thursday as both parties rallied behind America’s latest, and quite possibly not last, financial salvo against Russia’s invasion, per the AP . The 86-11 vote gave final congressional approval to...

Abortion Rights Bill Fails in 51-49 Senate Vote

Joe Manchin votes with all 50 Republicans

(Newser) - In what Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said was a decision that "will live in infamy," legislation to protect abortion rights in federal law was rejected in a 51-49 Senate vote Wednesday. Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin joined all 50 Republicans in the chamber to vote against proceeding, but...

It's Looking More Likely That Finland, Sweden Will Join NATO

Finland's decision is expected 'within weeks'

(Newser) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Finland and Sweden not to join NATO , but both countries are edging closer to the military alliance even so. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said a decision on whether to apply is expected "within weeks," the BBC reports, and if Finland decides...

2 More Republicans Back Jackson, Giving Her 51 Votes

Murkowski, Romney say they'll support confirmation

(Newser) - Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney announced Monday that they'll cast yes votes on Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination for Supreme Court justice, giving her enough for confirmation. Another Republican, Sen. Susan Collins, already had committed to voting to confirm. Those three votes give Jackson at least 51, the...

House Passes Bill to Legalize Marijuana

Backers say measure corrects a racial injustice

(Newser) - The House approved legislation Friday to end all federal criminal penalties over the manufacture, distribution, or possession of marijuana. Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the House the measure rights injustices and is "one of the most important criminal justice reform bills in recent history." The legislation cleared 220-204 and...

House to Slow, if Not Stop, Daylight Saving Time Bill

Lawmakers say they aren't in the rush the Senate was

(Newser) - Time might stand still for the legislation to make daylight saving time permanent. The bill sailed through the Senate last week, but House members are less sure about it, the Hill reports. Several lawmakers of both parties said that they'd like to see more research on the issue or...

Senate Approves Short-Term Funding
Senate Votes
to Avert Shutdown

Senate Votes to Avert Shutdown

Measure to fund government for 3 weeks goes to Biden

(Newser) - Down, again, to hours before money to run the federal government would run out, the Senate passed a bill to keep the machinery humming for another three weeks. The 65-27 vote sent the measure, which the House endorsed last week, to President Biden for his signature, CNBC reports. In the...

Obama: Nix the Filibuster, Pass Voting Rights Legislation

In first op-ed since leaving office, former president calls on Senate to 'do the right thing'

(Newser) - President Biden recently called for altering Senate rules if necessary to remove the obstacle of the filibuster so that voting rights legislation can be passed. Now, a big voice is joining in that same chorus. In what USA Today says is his first op-ed since leaving office in 2017, former...

Congress Hit by 'Unprecedented' Surge in Cases

Lawmakers urged to meet virtually amid wave of COVID-19 cases

(Newser) - The Capitol physician is warning lawmakers of an "unprecedented" number of cases hitting members of Congress and their staffers. At the on-site testing center, the 7-day positivity rate is higher than 13%, compared to less than 1% before the rise of the omicron variant, Politico reports. Omicron accounts for...

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