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What to Know About Tonight's GOP Debate
The Biggest Questions
Tonight's Debate Will Answer
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The Biggest Questions Tonight's Debate Will Answer

Like who gets more eyeballs: the 8 on stage or Trump and Carlson?

(Newser) - Eight Republican candidates will take to the stage on Wednesday night in the first debate of the primary season—and former President Trump won't be among them. He's skipping the Fox News-hosted debate in Milwaukee as well as the next, which is slated for Sept. 27. Here's...

Burgum Got to Milwaukee for Debate, Ended Up in ER

It's unclear if the presidential candidate will be able to stand at the debate

(Newser) - North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum's arrival in Wisconsin for Wednesday night's GOP debate hasn't gone as expected. The presidential candidate ended up in a Milwaukee ER last night after injuring himself while playing basketball with staffers, a source tells CNN . Per the source, it's not clear...

Trump: Yep, I'm Skipping First Republican Debate

And possibly all the others, though that's not entirely clear

(Newser) - Former President Trump is officially out: Trump confirmed Sunday in a Truth Social post that he will not be attending the first Republican debate of the 2024 presidential primary season when it is held Wednesday. "New CBS POLL, just out, has me leading the field by 'legendary' numbers,...

Memo Offers Unusual Peek at DeSantis Debate Strategy

He's advised to defend Trump and instead attack Ramaswamy, reports 'New York Times'

(Newser) - The New York Times got its hands on a rare insiders' memo about Ron DeSantis' debate strategy next week. To be clear, the memo isn't from the Florida governor's campaign, but from a company linked to Never Back Down, the main super PAC supporting him. The Times explains...

Renewed Threat From Trump: 'He Knows Fox Hates Him'

Former president doubles down on suggestion he won't take part in GOP debate hosted by network

(Newser) - Last week, during an interview on Fox News, Donald Trump became increasingly agitated at the pushback he was getting from interviewer Bret Baier over his 2020 election loss—to the point where Trump called the network "hostile" and insinuated he might not take part in the first GOP primary...

Fox Cancels Monday's Debate
 Fox Cancels Monday's Debate 

Fox Cancels Monday's Debate

After Trump, Kasich drop out

(Newser) - Fox News, apparently uninterested in hosting a forum in which Ted Cruz debates, alone, on live national TV, has canceled Monday's GOP presidential debate. Donald Trump was the first to drop out of the Utah debate, claiming on Wednesday that there have been "enough" debates already , and John...

The Best Lines From Thursday's GOP Debate

'I guarantee you there's no problem'

(Newser) - Thursday's GOP debate in Detroit opened with Donald Trump boasting about the size of his penis . And it only got wilder from there, with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio taking turns attacking the Republican frontrunner. Here are the best lines from the debate:

Rubio Praises Mich. Governor's Handling of Flint Water Crisis

'I give the governor credit'

(Newser) - Thursday's GOP debate in Detroit took place an hour away from Flint, Michigan, and yet the unfolding water crisis in that city garnered only a brief moment of attention. Marco Rubio was the only candidate to field a question on Flint, which he claims Democrats turned into a partisan...

Cruz a 'Basket Case,' Other Heated Lines From Debate
Cruz a 'Basket Case,' Other Lines From Fiery Debate

Cruz a 'Basket Case,' Other Lines From Fiery Debate

Rubio and Cruz finally came to life, took on Trump

(Newser) - The zingers came fast and furious in Thursday night's heated GOP debate, with most of them flying back and forth between Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. Some notable quotes, via CNN , the New York Times , Mediaite , and the Washington Post :
  • Trump: "You look at our borders,

Carson Talks About 'Fruit Salad,' Twitter Goes Nuts

He was referring to appointing a new Supreme Court justice, naturally

(Newser) - If you happened to log onto Twitter Thursday night and saw "THE FRUIT SALAD OF THEIR LIFE" trending, it would be understandable to think the Food Network or the Cooking Channel was up to something big. But it was Ben Carson who woke the Internet up with this phrase—...

Fireworks Start Early Over Immigration
 Fireworks Start 
 Early Against Trump 

Fireworks Start Early Against Trump

Rubio, Cruz don't waste time tag-teaming Trump on amnesty, hiring foreign workers

(Newser) - For those wondering who was going to go after who in Thursday night's GOP debate in Houston, it was pretty clear early on that both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were focused on front-runner Donald Trump—and he gave what they sent his way right back, specifically on the...

What to Watch in Thursday's GOP Debate

5 candidates left as Super Tuesday approaches

(Newser) - There are just a few days left before Super Tuesday, meaning Thursday night's GOP debate in Houston gives the five remaining candidates a final chance to make their case before voters in more than a dozen states and territories head to the polls. Here's what to look for...

Gloves Off: Debate's 7 Most Brutal Attack Lines

Courtesy of Bush, Rubio, Trump

(Newser) - There were lots of boos, plenty of actual yelling, and no shortage of digs. Some standout lines, which happen to come courtesy of Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump:
  1. Bush: "I'm sick and tired of Barack Obama blaming my brother for all of the problems that he'

Amid 'Ferocious' Boos, Trump Tears Into Bush, His Brother

'Jeb is so wrong, Jeb is absolutely so wrong'

(Newser) - The boos were "ferocious," notes the Week , and occurred more than once. Donald Trump's immediate reaction to Jeb Bush's explanation of his ISIS strategy was to declare, to boos, "Jeb is so wrong, Jeb is absolutely so wrong." Trump's response to the boos...

Debate Launches Right Into Scalia: 'Delay, Delay, Delay'

Each candidate gets a question on the subject

(Newser) - Six Republican candidates for president took to the stage in South Carolina on Saturday and immediately observed a moment of silence for Antonin Scalia. The first questions for each man were about filling the departed Supreme Court justice's seat. They largely sang the same tune: that President Obama shouldn'...

Carly Fiorina Doesn't Get Invite to Next GOP Debate

She's the only major candidate who won't be there

(Newser) - The GOP's only female presidential candidate will also be the only major candidate not on the debate stage Saturday in New Hampshire, the Hill reports. That's because Carly Fiorina failed to meet any of ABC News' criteria for the debate: She wasn't a top-three vote getter in...

So Who Won: Fox or Trump?
 So Who Won: 
 Fox or Trump? 

So Who Won: Fox or Trump?

Well, it's not exactly clear

(Newser) - Who won Thursday night: Donald Trump or Fox News? The early word seems to be that there's "no clear winner," as the Baltimore Sun puts it. Trump, of course, skipped the Fox News GOP debate, and other networks including CNN and MSNBC ran portions of Trump's...

Winners, Losers From GOP Debate

Bush shines while Cruz stumbles

(Newser) - Seven Republican candidates got a chance to debate without Donald Trump present on Thursday night—though the man Megyn Kelly referred to as "the elephant not in the room" still dominated media coverage, causing some to declare him the winner. Here's what the pundits are saying about people...

8 Standout Attack Lines From the Debate

'The days for the Clintons in public housing are over'

(Newser) - Seventh GOP debate, seven candidates, and eight standout attacks at the presidential hopefuls' GOP rivals and at the Democratic contenders:
  1. Ted Cruz: "Now, secondly, let me say I'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. And Ben, you're a terrible surgeon. Now

Ted Cruz Gets Bristly With Fox Moderator

'I may have to leave the stage'

(Newser) - Without Donald Trump on the stage, can Ted Cruz take the heat of being the top target? (Which FiveThirtyEight notes he was, at least in the initial portion of the debate.) He and Fox News debate moderator Chris Wallace had a bit of a verbal tussle early on. Chris...

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