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For Those Who Sit All Day, Coffee Reduces Death Risk
Coffee Could Save
Your Sedentary Life

Coffee Could Save Your Sedentary Life

Researchers say it appears to offset mortality risk in those who sit for long periods

(Newser) - Researchers have long warned that sitting for most of the day is bad for your health. But if you're drinking coffee while you're sitting, the picture is better, according to new research. In a study published in the journal BMC Public Health , Chinese researchers who analyzed data on...

Starbucks Is Offering Cheaper Joe to Draw Customers Back

Enjoy the discounted prices, though some say other 'gripes' also need remedying

(Newser) - Grabbed a Starbucks iced latte or Pink Drink lately and noticed the price seemed unusually low? That's because the coffee giant is now trying to lure customers back after a tough year, including via discounts and other promotions, reports the Wall Street Journal . The move is an atypical one...

A Big First for 'World's Most Important Beverage'

Coffee is focus at UC Davis Coffee Center, said to be first coffee research hub on US college campus

(Newser) - A college in Northern California is now home to a center devoted to educating students and closely studying one of the most consumed beverages in the world known for powering people through their day—coffee. UC Davis launched its Coffee Center in May with research focused on providing support for...

FDA Considers a Big Change to Decaf Coffee

Advocacy groups petition to ban a chemical often used in decaffeination

(Newser) - A notable change may be coming to decaf coffee, with health advocacy groups pushing to ban a chemical commonly used in the decaffeination process. The FDA is currently reviewing the request regarding methylene chloride. A look at the details:
  • The process: Many decaf coffees use what's known as the

Your Morning Coffee May Be 600K Years Old
Your Morning Coffee
May Be 600K Years Old

Your Morning Coffee May Be 600K Years Old

Arabica emerged 'prior to any intervention from man'

(Newser) - That coffee you slurped this morning? It's 600,000 years old. Using genes from coffee plants around the world, researchers built a family tree for the world's most popular type of coffee, known to scientists as Coffea arabica and to coffee lovers simply as "arabica," the...

Race Honors Paris' Celebrated Waiters
Race Salutes Paris'
Famed Waiters

Race Salutes Paris' Famed Waiters

Apparently by making them walk a mile and a quarter carrying coffee, water, croissant

(Newser) - Usain Bolt's sprint world records were never in danger. Then again, even the world's fastest human likely wouldn't have been so quick while balancing a tray with a croissant, a coffee cup, and a glass of water through the streets of Paris without spilling it everywhere. France'...

Woman Acquitted of Lacing Coffee With Viagra

Factory cleaner claimed she was 'set up'

(Newser) - A woman accused of spiking her colleagues' coffee with Viagra was found not guilty Thursday after claiming she was "set up." Karen Beale, 62, was arrested in September 2018 after she was secretly recorded using gloves to handle a jar of Nescafé at a factory in Dover, England,...

That Cheap Kona Coffee Wasn't Kona at All: Lawsuit

Hawaii coffee growers win $41M from distributors who falsely labeled their product as Kona

(Newser) - You're likely to see less coffee labeled as authentic Kona, which is a good thing, according to growers, who say much of the stuff on store shelves isn't the real deal. As the New York Times reports, Hawaiian growers of the rare beans who accused coffee distributors of...

Starbucks: You Can Use Your Own Cup at Drive-Thru
Starbucks Has
Gone 'Fully BYOC'

Starbucks Has Gone 'Fully BYOC'

Patrons can now fill up not only at the counter, but also at drive-thru or via mobile app with their own cups

(Newser) - Starbucks has made a big move in the new year—it's gone "fully BYOC." That's "bring your own cup," per the Washington Post , which reports that the coffee giant is now permitting customers to fill up on their favorite beverage using their own reusable...

Scientists Find a Trick to Grinding Better Coffee
A Spritz of Water May
Improve Your Coffee

A Spritz of Water May Improve Your Coffee

Research shows that wetting the beans slightly before grinding really does help

(Newser) - A unique collaboration in science has resulted in a handy tip for coffee enthusiasts—spritz your beans with water. Christopher Hendon, co-author of a new study in the journal Matter , is a chemist who runs a coffee laboratory out of the University of Oregon. He worked with volcanologist Josh Mendez...

Airline Promises Coffee That Doesn't Suck

Alaska Airlines says partnership with Stumptown 'delivers a remarkably smooth' cup at altitude

(Newser) - Alaska Airlines is hoping to attract coffee lovers by touting a brew that tastes better in the air. Travelers may have noticed that airplane coffee doesn't measure up to the stuff served on solid ground. "You're experiencing 8,000 feet of air pressure, which reduces your perception...

McDonald's Sued in Another Hot Coffee Case

85-year-old woman says workers ignored her after she suffered severe burns

(Newser) - An 85-year-old woman in San Francisco has filed the latest hot-coffee lawsuit against McDonald's, saying she suffered "severe burns and emotional distress" after buying coffee at a drive-through in June. Mabel Childress says the lid wasn't properly sealed and the coffee spilled on her when she tried...

In Italy, Starbucks Is Putting Olive Oil in Coffee

CEO Howard Schultz says it adds an 'unexpected, velvety, buttery flavor'

(Newser) - Nearly five years after it opened its first locations in Italy, Starbucks wants Italians to try something new: coffee with olive oil in it. The company says interim CEO Howard Schultz was traveling in Sicily last year when, inspired by the "Mediterranean custom of taking a spoonful of olive...

Coffee Pods May Be Greener Than You Think
Single-Use Coffee Pods
May Be Better Than You Think
new study

Single-Use Coffee Pods May Be Better Than You Think

Making a cup with them has a smaller carbon footprint than using a coffee pot, say researchers

(Newser) - When it comes to coffee-making, single-use pods get a bad rap, at least when it comes to the environment. A new study might change that. Canadian researchers have found that the traditional method of brewing coffee in a pot generally has a larger carbon footprint that using a pod, reports...

Starbucks Closing Up Shop Throughout Russia

Chain follows lead of McDonald's to permanently exit

(Newser) - Russians already lost their Big Macs . Now, Starbucks is going, too. The coffee chain said Monday it's following the lead of McDonald's and other Western businesses and will exit Russia after 15 years to protest the invasion of Ukraine, reports NPR . The coffee chain will close its 130...

A Terrible Year for Coffee Just Got Worse

COVID-related restrictions in 2nd-biggest grower, Vietnam, add to supply problems

(Newser) - This has been a worrisome year for those in the coffee business because of a double whammy—first drought, then frost—in Brazil, the world's biggest grower. That has put more pressure on the world's second-biggest grower, Vietnam, to pick up the slack, but now Bloomberg reports on...

Your Cup of Coffee May Have an Unpleasant Origin Story

'NYT Magazine' explains how small, illegal farms are shrinking a jungle in Indonesia

(Newser) - When you're pouring a cup of coffee, whether humble drip or some more exotic concoction, it's a safe bet you don't spend much time wondering exactly where those beans come from. As Wyatt Williams writes for the New York Times Magazine , coffee behemoths like it that way....

We're in a Perpetual 'Altered State,' Thanks to Caffeine
We're in a Perpetual 'Altered
State,' Thanks to Caffeine
in case you missed it

We're in a Perpetual 'Altered State,' Thanks to Caffeine

Author Michael Pollan explores our history and relationship with this 'invisible addiction'

(Newser) - When author Michael Pollan decided to tackle the subject of psychoactive drugs—specifically, opium, mescaline, and caffeine—for his new book, This Is Your Mind On Plants , he consumed the first two in the name of experimental journalism. But he actually stopped using caffeine, just to see what would happen,...

Scientists 'Reanimate' Killer Fungus to Save Our Coffee
This Fungus Kills Off Coffee.
Scientists Just Woke It Up
in case you missed it

This Fungus Kills Off Coffee. Scientists Just Woke It Up

Researchers wanted to see how Fusarium xylarioides functions to prevent future outbreaks

(Newser) - Enjoy a steaming mug of Arabica or robusta in the morning? Give a high-five, then, to the scientists that have "reanimated" a fungus that kills off those varieties of coffee trees. It may sound counterintuitive, but researchers from Imperial College London have done just that, resurrecting cryogenically frozen samples...

Next Entry in Unconventional Food: Coffee-Less Coffee

Atomo startup in Seattle uses seeds and nuts and a chemical process

(Newser) - You can eat "meat" made from plants and drink "milk" made from nuts, but are you ready for coffee made without coffee? That's the question posed by a story in Bloomberg about a Seattle startup producing just such a brew. The concoction by Atomo Coffee is made...

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