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Good News for Chipotle Workers: Let Them Eat Chicken Again

Fast-food chain rescinds directive that staff not order chicken in meals due to customer demand

(Newser) - Excellent news if you love chicken and you happen to work at Chipotle: You're allowed to order the pollo version of your meals again. After a strong suggestion was sent last week to staffers in the US and Canada asking them not to add chicken to any of their...

Kellogg's CEO Hit for 'Marketing Spin on Poverty'
Kellogg's CEO Hit for
'Marketing Spin
on Poverty'
the rundown

Kellogg's CEO Hit for 'Marketing Spin on Poverty'

Touting cereal as an affordable dinner option is not going over well

(Newser) - With shoppers spending the highest portion of their income on food than at any point in the last 30 years, Kellogg has been encouraging families to eat cereal for dinner . But that advice has met with quite the backlash after Kellogg CEO Gary Pilnick doubled down and denied that asking...

Home Alone Fan Has Some Fun With Inflation

A TikTok user is going deep into how prices have changed since the movie premiered in 1990

(Newser) - Home Alone is the top movie rewatch during the holiday season, and some viewers this year had a little time on their hands to also make it a lesson in inflation. Per USA Today , TikTok-er Geoffrey Lyons analyzed a scene in the film where 8-year-old Kevin McCallister hits up a...

Jury Finds Egg Producers Conspired to Reduce Supply

Defendants included Rose Acre Farms, the family company of Senate candidate John Rust

(Newser) - An Illinois jury ruled this week that several major egg producers conspired to limit the country's supply of eggs in order to raise prices in a case stemming from a federal lawsuit originally filed 12 years ago, per the AP . Kraft Foods, the Kellogg Company, General Mills, and Nestle...

Israel-Hamas War Could Hit You at the Gas Pump

If the war escalates, oil prices will shoot up, which means food prices will, as well

(Newser) - The World Bank reported on Monday that oil prices could be pushed into "uncharted waters" if the violence between Israel and Hamas widens, which the AP reports could result in increased food prices worldwide. The World Bank's Commodity Markets Outlook found that while the effects on oil prices...

'It Doesn't Make Sense to Me to Spend $100 on Candy'

Ahead of Halloween trick-or-treaters, inflation for gum, other sweet treats reaches double digits

(Newser) - Spooked by the high price of Halloween candy? There's not much relief in sight. For the second year in a row, US shoppers are seeing double-digit inflation in the candy aisle. Candy and gum prices are up an average of 13% this month compared to last October, more than...

Olive Oil Now 10 Times More Expensive Than Crude Oil
Price Shock
in the Kitchen:
Olive Oil

Price Shock in the Kitchen: Olive Oil

Extreme weather across the Mediterranean has jacked up the price of the cooking staple

(Newser) - Cooking with olive oil keeps getting more expensive, and the culprit is the usual suspect in agricultural woes: climate change. Per the New York Times , global olive oil prices across the world have doubled over the past year. Severe drought across Spain's orchards has caused a 48% drop in...

You May Want to Hoard That Olive Oil in Your Pantry

Drought, high temps in Spain are wreaking havoc on crops, driving olive oil prices to 26-year high

(Newser) - If you're on a Mediterranean diet kick, you might want to be judicious with how much olive oil you use in your meals. That's because the monthslong drought and sweltering temps in the Mediterranean, especially Spain, have dried out olive trees, causing prices to spike and a looming...

Your 2022 Grocery Bill Isn't Looking Pretty

Prices of just about everything expected to keep rising

(Newser) - Red-hot inflation has been showing up in tangible form in everyone's grocery bills throughout 2021. Is there relief on the horizon in the new year? Not so much. The Wall Street Journal surveyed several major food manufacturers and finds that prices for just about everything will keep rising....

Food Prices May Spike Again, Thanks to a New Shortage

Nitrogen fertilizer is in short supply

(Newser) - Farmers have no shortages of things to worry about, and Reuters reports that a major new concern has joined the list this year: Nitrogen fertilizer is in short supply, and its cost is skyrocketing as a result. This could not only translate into higher prices in everything from bread to...

Got Milk Controversy? CNN Does
Got Milk Controversy?
CNN Does

Got Milk Controversy? CNN Does

A Texas family's milk consumption was featured in a news segment on inflation; backlash followed

(Newser) - The US economy continues to be a hot topic, especially as we head toward another winter still wrangling with COVID, and a CNN report this week tried to get to the heart of "how badly inflation is hitting the middle class." The five-minute segment intro'd by commentator...

This Might Be the Most Expensive Thanksgiving Ever

Supply issues, labor shortages are driving up prices of many ingredients

(Newser) - The American Farm Bureau says the average cost of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner fell to its lowest level in a decade last year—but 2021 is a very different story. Price hikes on numerous items for a variety of reasons are set to make this year's Thanksgiving feast the...

Better Open Up Your Wallet for That BLT

Bacon prices are the highest they've been in 4 decades

(Newser) - Not since the Reagan years will a side of bacon set you back as much as it does now. CNN reports that the price of the breakfast staple is the highest it's been in four decades when adjusted for inflation, with the average cost rising close to 30% over...

North Korea Giving Its People Rice Reserved for Wartime Use

So says South Korea’s spy agency

(Newser) - North Korea is releasing emergency military rice reserves as its food shortage worsens, South Korea’s spy agency said Tuesday, with a heat wave and drought reducing the country’s supply. North Korea’s reported food problems come as its moribund economy continues to be battered by the protracted COVID-19...

Find Shopping Stressful? Now, a Historic Price Hike

Food-price fluctuations began in March, when the coronavirus really sunk in

(Newser) - As if trips to the grocery store weren’t nerve-wracking enough, US shoppers lately have seen the costs of meat, eggs, and even potatoes soar as the coronavirus has disrupted processing plants and distribution networks, the AP reports. Overall, the cost of food bought to eat at home skyrocketed by...

Sticker Shock at the Supermarket? You're Not Alone

Price of groceries just saw record-setting spike due to coronavirus pandemic

(Newser) - With most Americans sheltering at home as they wait out the coronavirus pandemic, you may have noticed that while your eating-out tab has gone down, your supermarket bill has gone up. It's not in your head: The monthly consumer price index has been released by the Bureau of Labor...

Asparagus Prices Reflect Out-of-Whack Food Chain

Quartz: Veggie is cheap in the US because Mexico must send it here amid virus outbreak

(Newser) - Dairy farmers dumping milk is just one sign of an out-of-sync food chain. Another is the low price of asparagus in the US, writes Chase Purdy at Quartz . The veggie generally sold for $3 a pound in early January, but the price dropped to $2 early this month. A...

Under Amazon, This Item Is 43% Cheaper at Whole Foods

Eating an organic apple a day won't cost so much now

(Newser) - Under Amazon, "Whole Paycheck" may need to be updated as "Most-but-Not-All-of-My Paycheck." Amazon on Monday finalized its $13.7 billion takeover of the grocer, and Bloomberg reports new orange signs marked "Whole Foods + Amazon" now appear throughout the grocery store and herald the new prices...

Why the Price of Ice Cream, Mayonnaise Could Jump

Liquid egg shortage due to bird flu will affect dozens of food items

(Newser) - The worst outbreak of bird flu in US history is leaving farmers with huge piles of dead chickens and turkeys to get rid of—and leaving consumers with less money in their pockets. It's not just cartons of eggs that have gone up in price with the deaths of...

If Sushi Prices Go Up, Blame Calif. Drought

State's specialty rice crop down 25% over lack of water

(Newser) - Extreme drought conditions in California have caused residents to face government fines , paint their lawns , and stress about their beloved giant sequoias . Now the whole country might be joining in the state's water woes: Production of the special rice used in sushi, grown mainly in California, is set to...

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