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Trump Fundraising Figures Are 'Jaw Dropping'

Former president's campaign received a big boost in May, including after his fraud conviction

(Newser) - Recall President Biden's big fundraising lead over former President Trump? It's nowhere near as big owing to a surge of donations following Trump's May 30 fraud conviction in New York, the Washington Post reports. Trump and the Republican National Committee say they raised $141 million in May,...

Secret Service Agent Has Scary Night After Biden Gala

Agent robbed at gunpoint in LA suburb of Tustin, fired gun, police say

(Newser) - In Los Angeles on Friday, President Biden appeared at a reelection fundraiser for himself alongside such notables as former President Obama, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts. Meanwhile, just miles away in a nearby suburb, one of his Secret Service agents got caught up in a robbery. Police say they were...

Trump's Fundraiser Is a Smashing Success

Nearly doubles Biden's star-studded $26M event with his own $50.5M haul in Florida

(Newser) - Former President Trump's campaign said it raised $50.5 million on Saturday, reports the AP , a staggering reported haul as his campaign works to catch up to the fundraising juggernaut of President Biden and the Democratic Party. The reported haul from the event with major donors at the home...

Biden Campaign Has Huge Month
Biden Campaign
Has Huge Month

Biden Campaign Has Huge Month

A $90M haul in March extends cash lead over Trump, who projects a big haul at Florida event

(Newser) - President Biden's campaign reported Saturday that it raised $90 million in March, widening his financial lead over Donald Trump. For the quarter, that lifted Biden to a total of $187 million, per the Hill . His campaign now has $192 million in cash on hand, which it said is a...

RFK Jr. Campaign Backs Away From Email on 'J6 Activists'

Team now disavows fundraising email that deems inmates 'stripped of their Constitutional liberties'

(Newser) - Donald Trump has made no bones about publicly supporting individuals incarcerated for the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol . Now, the campaign of another 2024 presidential contender is walking back its own assessment of the jailed rioters in a fundraising email.
  • The email: The campaign of independent candidate Robert

Trump's New RNC Deal Is Paying His Legal Bills

Agreement reportedly directs money to campaign, PAC that pays his legal fees before RNC gets a cut

(Newser) - Donald Trump's new joint fundraising agreement with the Republican National Committee directs donations to his campaign and a political action committee that pays the former president's legal bills before the RNC gets a cut, per a fundraising invitation obtained by the AP . The unorthodox diversion of funds to...

Hollywood Is Going After Lauren Boebert

Likes of Ryan Reynolds, Barbra Streisand are donating to her opponent Adam Frisch

(Newser) - Lauren Boebert is busily defending her seat in Colorado's 3rd District, and more than a few Hollywood A-listers are busily funding her opponent. As Newsweek reports, the Colorado Republican is in something of a reelection dogfight with Democrat Adam Frisch, whom she beat by only 546 votes in 2022....

Trump Parlayed Indictments Into Campaign Cash Cow

Fundraising committee's haul almost doubled in second quarter

(Newser) - Former President Trump's legal troubles appear to have been a big boost for his campaign finances, according to the Republican frontrunner's joint fundraising committee. A campaign official tells Politico that the committee raised more than $35 million during the second quarter of this year, almost double what it...

DeSantis Raises Huge Sum in 24 Hours
Huge Sum
in 24 Hours

DeSantis Raises Huge Sum in 24 Hours

Campaign pulls in $8.2M even with the glitches on Twitter

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis took a lot of grief over his glitchy campaign launch on Twitter. But the Florida governor now has $8.2 million worth of comebacks for his critics. That's how much his campaign raised in the first 24 hours after the launch, an amount described variously as "...

Donors Respond to Trump Indictment
Donors Respond
to Trump Indictment

Donors Respond to Trump Indictment

Campaign says $4M arrived in first 24 hours after former president was charged

(Newser) - New figures released by former President Donald Trump's 2024 campaign show his indictment was good for fundraising. Trump's total take was running about $168,000 per day during the first quarter of the year, Politico reports. But in the 24 hours after he was indicted in New York...

Herschel Walker Tries to Flip Badge Brouhaha in His Favor

Campaign of GOP Senate candidate from Ga. has ordered 1K plastic badges to use as fundraising tool

(Newser) - By now, many of us have seen the moment when Herschel Walker whipped out an honorary deputy sheriff's badge during his debate Friday with Raphael Warnock as they both vie for a seat in the US Senate out of Georgia. Walker took heat from one of the moderators for...

Cheney's Anti-Trump Vote Isn't Hurting Her Fundraising

She and other GOP lawmakers who voted for impeachment did well in first quarter

(Newser) - Republicans who voted to impeach former President Trump seem to be having no trouble raising campaign funds. Second-quarter donations to the 10 House members who bucked their party after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot have them all outpacing their challengers and "flush with cash," per the Hill reports....

The Way Trump Called for Donations Raised Eyebrows

That's because on Sunday he encouraged loyalists to give directly to him

(Newser) - "Trump needs you," one fundraising email implored. "President Trump's Legacy is in your hands," another pleaded. While some Republicans grapple with how fiercely to embrace the former president, the organizations charged with raising money for the party are going all in. The Republican National Committee...

Lindsey Graham's Been Pleading for Cash. It's Paid Off

GOP senator from SC raised $1M or so a day for first 2 weeks in October

(Newser) - Lindsey Graham has continued to rake in campaign cash in the closing days of his bid for a fourth term, raising about $1 million a day for the first two weeks of October. Early Friday, Graham's campaign said it had raised nearly $15 million in the first half of...

Biden Breaks Fundraising Record, Again
For Biden,
Another Huge
Cash Haul

For Biden, Another Huge Cash Haul

With $383M fundraising draw, that means campaign, DNC raised $750M in 2 months

(Newser) - Fox News calls it an "eye-popping." CNN calls it "colossal." Whatever you call it, Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee have smashed their fundraising record, with $383 million raised in September. That's the highest monthly fundraising total yet, besting the $364.5 million...

Biden Outraised Trump by $154M Last Month

Trump, GOP raised $210M in August

(Newser) - President Trump and his Republican Party jointly raised $210 million in August, a robust sum but one dwarfed by the record $364.5 million raised by Democrats and their nominee, Joe Biden. Trump's campaign released its figure Wednesday, several days later than usual and nearly a week after the...

For Trump Campaign, a Surprising 'Cash Crunch'
For Trump Campaign,
a Surprising 'Cash Crunch'
the rundown

For Trump Campaign, a Surprising 'Cash Crunch'

President weighs putting $100M of his own money into the race, per Bloomberg

(Newser) - Candidate Trump spent $66 million of his own money on the 2016 campaign. President Trump might make the unusual move of pouring even more of his own money into the 2020 race, reports Bloomberg . Trump is considering a personal outlay of up to $100 million, an unprecedented expense for an...

DeJoy Employees Say They Felt Pressured to Give

Former CEO accused of campaign finance violations

(Newser) - More controversy for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy: Former employees at New Breed Logistics say they were pressured to attend his Republican Party fundraisers and make donations—which they were reimbursed for with generous bonuses. "Louis was a national fundraiser for the Republican Party. He asked employees for money. We...

Biden, DNC Shatter Fundraising Records

'We literally couldn’t count the money fast enough'

(Newser) - Unless President Trump's campaign releases even more impressive numbers, Joe Biden's August will go down in history. Biden and the Democratic National Committee raked in a total of $364.5 million last month, by far the best fundraising month in American political history, the Hill reports. The previous...

Biden Campaign: This Was Our Best Fundraising Hour

It came after Democratic candidate named Kamala Harris as VP pick

(Newser) - Joe Biden's campaign says the hour after he announced his choice of Kamala Harris for vice president was his best fundraising hour yet. At a virtual fundraising event Wednesday night, Biden said the campaign took in a total of $26 million in the 24 hours after the announcement, including...

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