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Red Lobster Misjudged Diners' Hunger for Endless Shrimp
Red Lobster Misjudged Diners'
Hunger for Endless Shrimp
in case you missed it

Red Lobster Misjudged Diners' Hunger for Endless Shrimp

Unexpectedly popular promotion was main reason for $11M 3Q loss, company says

(Newser) - Visitors to Red Lobster this summer and fall might have wondered how the chain was able to sell all-you-can eat shrimp for $20 every day and still turn a profit. It turns out that they couldn't. Red Lobster made "Ultimate Endless Shrimp," which used to be a...

Utah's New State Crustacean Is 600K Years Old

Gov. Spencer Cox bestowed the honor on tiny brine shrimp earlier this month

(Newser) - Utah's "state crustacean designation" has been officially signed into law. What Gov. Spencer Cox's March 17 signature on HB 137 put into effect: The brine shrimp, a teensy aquatic creature that has called the Great Salt Lake home for 600,000 years, is now the Beehive State'...

Every Shrimp Tested Had Traces of Cocaine
Study of Shrimp Has
an Unwelcome Surprise

Study of Shrimp Has an Unwelcome Surprise

Every one tested in UK study had traces of cocaine

(Newser) - How's this for an unwelcome surprise in a study of freshwater shrimp: Every one tested in a study of 15 different sites in Britain's rural Suffolk County had traces of cocaine, reports the Guardian . Oh, and traces of the drug ketamine were widespread. Also showing up: a long-banned...

'It’s Everywhere': Plastic Found in Deepest Oceans
'We're Piling Our Crap'
in the Ocean's Depths

'We're Piling Our Crap' in the Ocean's Depths

Shrimp in the deepest ocean trenches found to be contaminated by plastic

(Newser) - With more than 300 million tons of plastics produced each year, it's perhaps no surprise that some has made its way to the bottom of the world’s oceans. New deep-sea research published in the Royal Society Open Science journal has pulled up fragments of plastics in the deepest...

Noisy Shrimp Named After Pink Floyd
Noisy Shrimp Named
After Pink Floyd

Noisy Shrimp Named After Pink Floyd

Pistol shrimp's bright-pink claw makes such a loud sound it'll blow your mind

(Newser) - If you've ever been blown away by Pink Floyd, you'll get why scientists just named a similarly thunderous crustacean in its honor. Per a post in the Zootaxa journal , a species of pistol shrimp with an intensely colored red-pink claw, found in the Pacific Ocean near Panama, has...

Lab-Grown Shrimp Are Here to Save the World

They apparently taste and feel like the real thing

(Newser) - A San Francisco biotech company is about eight months away from unleashing lab-grown popcorn shrimp into the marketplace with the modest goal of ending slavery and saving the planet, the Atlantic reports. According to Popular Science , Americans eat 4 billion pounds of seafood annually; a full quarter of that is...

Shrimp You're Eating Might Be an Impostor
 Shrimp You're Eating 
 Might Be an Impostor 
in case you missed it

Shrimp You're Eating Might Be an Impostor

30% is mislabeled across US, group finds

(Newser) - Before biting into that pricey "wild" shrimp caught in the ocean, know that there's a pretty good chance it might taste like rubber because it came from a farm instead. A new study by the advocacy group Oceana suggests that 30% of shrimp sold across the US is...

Scientists Find World's Oldest Sperm

Shrimp-like creatures were preserved nearly in mid-act 17M years ago

(Newser) - About 17 million years ago, a shrimp-like creature had sex in a cave in Australia, but instead of an afterglow, she got hit almost immediately with what one scientist thinks was a "torrential rain of bat droppings," reports Australia's ABC News . Her misfortune then is scientists' delight...

Eyeless Shrimp? Report Raises Concerns in Gulf

Mutant creatures showing up after BP spill, says Al Jazeera English

(Newser) - Shrimp missing their eyeballs (and even eye sockets), fish covered in lesions, deformed crabs, and other mutated sea creatures are showing up in unsettling numbers in the Gulf of Mexico two years after the giant BP oil spill, according to an investigation by Al Jazeera English . "The fishermen have...

New Shrimp-y Species Found in NM Cave

Carlsbad Caverns yields tiny translucent critters

(Newser) - Shrimp kebabs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo ... now add "blind, tiny, and almost translucent" shrimp to the list: Scientists have discovered a new shrimp-like species in a cave near Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. "You never know what you're going to find down there," says a...

Shrimp on Treadmill Study Not So Wacky: Irritated Researcher

Lawmakers mocking research are playing politics, scientists say

(Newser) - "Shrimp on a treadmill" has become a byphrase for wasteful government spending. But the scientist behind the study says lawmakers are distorting the facts. The treadmill test—singled out by Sen. Tom Coburn in an attack on National Science Foundation funding —was designed to study shrimp's reaction...

Gulf Seafood Tested, Results 'Immaculate'

But industry still battered by low demand

(Newser) - In a rare spot of good news, an analysis of seafood from the Gulf of Mexico came black clean of oil or chemical dispersants—in one word, "immaculate." The Daily Beast commissioned a lab to test shrimp, lump crabmeat, and red grouper and found that all three, like...

Gulf Shrimpers, Out of a Job, Work for BP

Oil giant pays victims competitive wages to clean up its mess

(Newser) - For shrimpers on the Gulf of Mexico unable to practice their trade because of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, one employment option remains: working for BP, the company that destroyed their livelihood. The oil giant's "Vessels of Opportunity" program covers costs and pays trawlers close to what they would...

Feds: Rushed Shrimpers May Be Killing Turtles
May Be Killing Turtles: Feds
not oil spill

Shrimpers May Be Killing Turtles: Feds

Shortcuts ahead of oil slick could have caused 3 dozen deaths

(Newser) - About 3 dozen endangered sea turtles have washed up on Gulf Coast beaches in recent days—with no trace of oil—and the mysterious deaths have triggered a spat between federal authorities and shrimp fishermen. Marine officials suspect that fishermen, desperate to maximize their catch before the oil slick moves...

7-Foot NBA Star Names Shrimp Species

The retired Luc Longley pays $2,900 on eBay

(Newser) - The newest shrimp species in the world is Lebbeus clarehanna, courtesy of a man who knows nothing about being small—retired NBA star Luc Longley. The 7-foot Australian bought the rights to name the newly discovered species on eBay for $2,900 and named it after his daughter Clare Hanna,...

Climate Change Can Even Muck Up Deepest Sea Creatures

Ocean life in the dark still relies on sunlight

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered that even the bizarre creatures that live on chemical ooze in the blackest, deepest parts of the ocean aren't safe from environmental disasters. It turns out that larvae of tiny deep-sea shrimp live on microscopic plants that rely on sunlight and filter down from the surface.

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