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Orban Builds Far-Right Bloc in EU Parliament

Group includes Austrian, Czech parties, invites others

(Newser) - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Sunday presented a new alliance with Austria's far-right Freedom Party and the main Czech opposition party, attempting to attract other partners to make it the biggest right-wing group in the European Parliament. Orban traveled to Vienna to present the Patriots for Europe alliance...

European Parliament Shifts Further Right
Europe Shifts to the Right

Europe Shifts to the Right

Elections across the continent show a clear trend

(Newser) - Far-right parties rattled the traditional powers in the European Union and made major gains in parliamentary elections Sunday , dealing an especially humiliating defeat to French President Emmanuel Macron, the AP reports. On a night where the 27-member bloc palpably shifted to the right, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni more than...

Marchers Answer Orban's Call on EU Election, Ukraine War

Hungary's prime minister tells thousands he and Trump could end the fighting

(Newser) - A crowd of tens of thousands gathered in Hungary's capital on Saturday in a show of strength behind Prime Minister Viktor Orban a week before the European Parliament election, a contest he has cast as an existential turning point between peace in Europe and a world war. The demonstration,...

Georgia's President Blocks Protested Media Legislation
Georgia's 'Russian Law' Blocked

Georgia's 'Russian Law' Blocked

President vetoes legislation, but ruling party could override

(Newser) - Georgia's president on Saturday vetoed the so-called "Russian law" targeting media that has sparked weeks of mass protests. The law would require media and nongovernmental organizations to register as "pursuing the interests of a foreign power" if they receive more than 20% of their funding from abroad....

46K Planes Got 'Jammed,' and Officials Have a Suspect

Report says Russia may be behind GPS interference over Baltic Sea since last August

(Newser) - Planes flying in and out of Europe, especially the eastern part of the continent near Russia, have seen their GPS signals jammed over the past year or so, and now there's a suspect: Russia. Citing an analysis by the Sun, which looked at flight logs from, the...

Biden Issues Warning Over Iran Attack on Israel

The US and UK have now hit Iran with sanctions

(Newser) - The US and UK on Thursday imposed a new round of sanctions on Iran as concern grows that Tehran's unprecedented attack on Israel could fuel a wider war in the Middle East, per the AP . The US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control targeted 16...

Poland PM: 'We Haven't Seen a Situation Like This Since 1945'

Donald Tusk warns we're in 'prewar' era, Europe needs to up defense spending and prepare

(Newser) - Poland's prime minister is out with a new warning for the rest of his neighbors in Europe, cautioning that the continent is now in a "prewar" era that requires an increase in defense spending all around to keep everyone safe. "I don't want to scare anyone,...

EU Fines Apple $2B for Move That Impacted 'Millions'

Tech giant is hit with antitrust penalty for favoring its own music streaming service over rivals'

(Newser) - The European Union leveled its first antitrust penalty against Apple on Monday, fining the US tech giant nearly $2 billion for breaking the bloc's competition laws by unfairly favoring its own music streaming service over rivals. Apple banned app developers from "fully informing iOS users about alternative and...

Angry Farmers Organize Very Smelly Protest

Cops in Belgium get sprayed with liquid manure amid protests over EU policies

(Newser) - Farmers clashed with Belgium police on Monday, spraying officers with liquid manure and setting fire to tire piles in a fresh show of force as European Union agriculture ministers met in search of ways to address their concerns. Brussels police said 900 tractors entered the city, many bearing down on...

These Men in Yellow Are Angry Farmers
These Men in Yellow
Are Angry Farmers

These Men in Yellow Are Angry Farmers

They're turning out in Spain, other countries to protest EU policies

(Newser) - Hundreds of farmers drove their tractors into central Madrid on Wednesday as part of ongoing protests against EU and local farming policies and to demand measures to alleviate production cost hikes. The protest, the biggest to take place in the Spanish capital after more than two weeks of daily protests...

Unusual Sight in European Cities: Throngs of Tractors

Farmers protest EU environmental regulations, claiming the rules put food production at risk

(Newser) - The rice used in Spanish paella, the country's national dish, is at risk of disappearing, growers warn, amid widespread protests against European Union environmental regulations, including the banning of a fungicide. Tricyclazole was used to fight fungus appearing on bomba rice grown in Spain's wetlands for 40 years,...

A 'Good Day for Europe' After $55B Ukraine Aid Deal

Hungarian leader Orban had been blocking EU package

(Newser) - "A good day for Europe," European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a post on X Thursday after all 27 European Union leaders agreed on a $55 billion aid package for Ukraine. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban blocked the aid at a summit in December and...

Jacques Delors Helped Mold EU
Europe Mourns EU Architect

Europe Mourns EU Architect

Jacques Delors provided a vision for the organization and the euro

(Newser) - Jacques Delors, a Paris bank messenger's son who became the visionary and builder of a more unified Europe in his momentous decade as chief executive of the European Union, has died in Paris, the Delors Institute think tank told the AP on Wednesday. He was 98. "The whole...

Ukraine Just Moved a Step Closer to Joining the EU

Hungary's Viktor Orban slammed 'bad decision' but did not block it

(Newser) - The European Union decided Thursday to open accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova. European Council President Charles Michel called it "a clear signal of hope for their people and our continent." The decision was announced at a summit gathering of leaders of the 27 EU countries. Ukrainian President...

'Russia Started This': Finland Closes Border Crossings

Country of 5.6M accuses Russia of sending migrants without visas to its borders

(Newser) - Finland says Russia is sending hundreds of migrants from African and Middle Eastern countries across its border illegally and has closed all but one border crossing in response. Finland closed four of eight land border crossings last week, but reported "organized" crossings had continued and expanded north. It now...

Pope to Europe: There's No Migrant 'Emergency' Here

Francis implores Macron, other leaders to open their doors to people fleeing hardships

(Newser) - Pope Francis challenged French President Emmanuel Macron and other European leaders to open their ports to people fleeing hardship and poverty, insisting Saturday that the continent isn't facing a migration "emergency," but rather a long-term reality that governments must deal with humanely. For a second straight day...

Turkey's 24-Year Quest to Join EU May Be Ending

Erdogan suggests nation may split with European Union after accusations of 'democratic backsliding'

(Newser) - President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday that Turkey may part ways with the European Union, implying that the country is thinking about ending its bid to join the 27-nation bloc. "The EU is making efforts to sever ties with Turkey," he told reporters before departing for the 78th...

It's Hot in Europe, and We're Traveling Differently

The summer tourism trade is heating up in Scandinavia

(Newser) - As summers in Europe grow hotter, tourists are rethinking their travel plans, reports Forbes . Spain reportedly already broke records for heat and dry weather in April, and Southern Europe in general is dealing with the same dilemma. According to Travel Weekly , climate change data predicts temperatures in the region will...

EU: Twitter Dropped Out of Disinformation Agreement

When new law takes effect, the company will face enforcement, official says

(Newser) - Twitter has quit the European Union's code of practice designed to reduce the spread of disinformation, an official said, adding that laws will be used to force Elon Musk's company to comply. "But obligations remain," Thierry Breton of the EU tweeted late Friday. "You can...

EU's Fine Against Amazon Was Huge. Meta's Is Even Bigger

Facebook parent hit with record $1.3B penalty in longtime privacy case over US cybersnooping fears

(Newser) - The European Union slapped Meta with a record $1.3 billion privacy fine Monday and ordered it to stop transferring user data across the Atlantic by October, the latest salvo in a decade-long case sparked by US cybersnooping fears. The penalty fine of 1.2 billion euros from Ireland's...

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