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Runaway Orbs Cause Chaos in London
Runaway Orbs Cause
Chaos in London

Runaway Orbs Cause Chaos in London

Giant balls that broke away from art installation in high winds made for a surreal scene

(Newser) - When Morrissey sang about "panic on the streets of London," we imagine he likely wasn't envisioning giant orbs bouncing down the thoroughfares, wreaking havoc on traffic. But that's exactly what happened earlier this week, when a pair of enormous balls broke free of an art installation...

Harry Potter Character's 'Nuisance' Memorial Is Saved

Dobby's admirers are asked not to leave trinkets that threaten wildlife on Wales beach

(Newser) - A stone memorial for a house-elf doesn't just exist in the final Harry Potter book. Fans of the series have created a real-life memorial for the fictional Dobby—a former servant/slave freed by Harry, whom he pays back with his life—on the beach in Wales where his death...

These 2 Photos Were Taken Only 7 Weeks Apart

A lot has happened in Britain in the interim

(Newser) - They're two photos taken exactly seven weeks apart, capturing the traditional and ceremonial rites of the monarch meeting the British prime minister-in-waiting to ask them to form a new government. They're also bookends, per the AP . Between the taking of the first and of the second, much elapsed,...

Truss Is Unapologetic as She Says Goodbye

BBC describes her as 'defiant' about her policies as she hands over reins to Rishi Sunak in Britain

(Newser) - She may have lasted in office for only six tumultuous weeks, but Liz Truss did not exactly offer a mea culpa as she formally stepped down as Britain's prime minister on Tuesday. The BBC describes her short farewell address as "unapologetic" and "defiant" as she stood by...

Victory for UK's Likely PM May Come on a Fitting Day
UK's Next Leader
Is a Historic One

UK's Next Leader Is a Historic One

Former finance minister Rishi Sunak will be first minister of color in the UK

(Newser) - (This file has been updated throughout with new details.) Britain's next prime minister will be 42-year-old Rishi Sunak. The former finance minister's path to victory improved dramatically on Sunday when Boris Johnson dropped out , then became a lock on Monday when his last challenger—fellow Conservative Penny...

Like Truss, These World Leaders Lost Their Jobs in Record Time
Believe It or
Not, Some World
Leaders Lasted
Just Minutes
in case you missed it

Believe It or Not, Some World Leaders Lasted Just Minutes

Liz Truss made it only 45 days as UK prime minister, but others have her beat

(Newser) - Liz Truss didn't even make it two months into her stint as British prime minister, announcing her resignation Thursday amid economic turmoil in the United Kingdom. That makes her the shortest-serving PM in the nation's history. While most world leaders usually stick it out for far longer than...

Lettuce That 'Beat' Truss Gets Its Star Turn in London

It got beamed onto Houses of Parliament Thursday night

(Newser) - Update: The story of how a head of lettuce has shown up soon-to-be ex-UK Prime Minister Liz Truss romaines top news. The Independent reports that hours after Truss announced her resignation on Thursday, an image of the now-infamous piece of produce was beamed onto London's Houses of Parliament at...

UK Health Chief Slammed for 'Monumental Stupidity'

Therese Coffey admitted to sharing antibiotics with pal, a move BMA blasts as dangerous, unlawful

(Newser) - Rule No. 1 of taking antibiotics: Finish the entire bottle you're prescribed, even after you start to feel better. Rule No. 2: Don't share those antibiotics with friends. Rule No. 3: Be especially careful not to break the first and second rules if you're the UK's...

Van Gogh Painting Gets a Soup Bath by Climate Activists

'Sunflowers' wasn't harmed after 'Just Stop Oil' protesters vandalized it in London's National Gallery

(Newser) - Let's start off with the good news: The 1888 version of Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers is just fine, even after it just got tomato soup dumped all over it. The bad news, at least for the pair of climate activists that carried out the vandalism, is that they'...

Truss Fires Treasury Chief, Does 180 on Tax Cuts

Kwasi Kwarteng is out after just over 5 weeks on the job, as PM tries to keep her own

(Newser) - Embattled British Prime Minister Liz Truss sacked her Treasury chief and reversed course on sweeping tax cuts Friday as she tried to hang on to her job after weeks of financial-market turmoil. At a hastily arranged news conference, she said she was acting to "reassure the markets of our...

King Charles' Words to Truss Have People Buzzing

Were his comments 'political,' or maybe 'empathetic'?

(Newser) - An awkward greeting from King Charles on Wednesday is one indication of just how bad Liz Truss' four weeks in office have been. In her first weekly audience with the monarch at Buckingham Palace, the prime minister curtseyed, saying, "Lovely to see you again." At the same time,...

'A Spoil of War': Egyptologists Demand Return of Rosetta Stone

British Museum, which refused its return in the past, says there's no official request now

(Newser) - Egyptian archaeologists and thousands of supporters are demanding the return of one of the British Museum's most prized artifacts, along with other Egyptian treasures, saying their continued presence in the heart of the British Empire "supports past colonial endeavors of cultural violence." An online petition launched last...

A 'Dramatic' 180 on UK's Plan to Give the Wealthy a Tax Cut

Plan has been scrapped

(Newser) - The British government has dropped plans to cut income tax for top earners, part of a package of unfunded cuts that sparked turmoil on financial markets and sent the pound to record lows , the AP reports. In a dramatic about-face, Treasury chief Kwasi Kwarteng said Monday that he would abandon...

UK Pound Falls to Record Low, as a 'Perfect Storm' Looms

Economists warn nation's newly pledged tax cuts could help drive it straight into recession

(Newser) - The British pound fell to an all-time low against the US dollar early Monday after Treasury chief Kwasi Kwarteng pledged a sweeping package of tax cuts, fueling concerns about the government's economic policy as the United Kingdom teeters toward recession. The pound fell as low as $1.0373, its...

UK Channel Showed Terrible Film Instead of Queen's Funeral

Channel 5 decided abysmally rated 'Emoji Movie' would be a good substitute for royal coverage

(Newser) - Although it was expected that almost every channel in the UK would air some kind of coverage about Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, offering a look at her funeral or her life in general, notes it also "makes sense" that Channel 5 decided to opt out of...

Arrests Made After 'Upsetting' Incidents in Queen's Queue

One man accused of rushing her coffin, another for sexual assault against 2 women also waiting in line

(Newser) - People have been emotional enough as they queue up to catch a glimpse of the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who's lying in state at London's Westminster Hall until her funeral on Monday. Two incidents this week made things even more stressful, according to authorities. In...

Beckham: Guess How Long I've Been Waiting to See Queen

Soccer legend got in line at 2am, was still there 12 hours later

(Newser) - David Beckham long ago proved his endurance on the pitch. Now he's showing he can make it for the long haul while queuing up for the late Queen Elizabeth II, whom the soccer legend came to see lying in state in London on Friday. USA Today reports that the...

UK's New Health Secretary Bans a Punctuation Mark

Memo to Therese Coffey's staff asks them to avoid use of Oxford commas

(Newser) - If Therese Coffey, the UK's new health secretary, saw the Twitter comment "Therese Coffey can take a running jump, give her head a wobble, and get in the bin," would she be most upset at a) the casual insult, b) the lack of substantive criticism related to...

Palace Releases New Details of Queen's Funeral

Representatives from Russia will not be among 2K guests at Westminster Abbey

(Newser) - In London, Queen Elizabeth II is lying in state at Westminster Hall, and the queue of people waiting to pay their respects is currently more than 4 miles long. More than a million people are expected to file past her coffin in the coming days—but her state funeral will...

The Queen Now Lies in State, and the Line Grows and Grows

Her coffin has been moved to Westminster, where it will remain until Monday

(Newser) - The queen has left Buckingham Palace for the last time. Queen Elizabeth II's coffin was on Wednesday taken from the palace to Westminster Hall, where she will lie in state until 6:30am local time Monday, the day of her funeral. King Charles III led the procession behind the...

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