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Suit: Woman Given Mislabeled Stem Cells Died Horrifically

Wrongful death lawsuit tells of leukemia patient's agonizing final year

(Newser) - Elizabeth Aloisio hoped the stem cell transplant would aid her recovery from leukemia. Instead, it slowly killed her, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed Tuesday in New York State Supreme Court, which claims the Queens resident received stem cells from an "incompatible donor" due to a "labeling...

Discovery May Explain Why Cancer Often Spreads to Spine
Researchers May Have
Cracked a Cancer Enigma

Researchers May Have Cracked a Cancer Enigma

Newly discovered stem cell in spine could explain why so many cancers spread there

(Newser) - Scientists have long known that cancers often spread to the spine, but they haven't known why. A new discovery may provide an answer—and point to ways to keep cancerous cells in check, reports Science News . Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine report in the journal Nature that they've...

Creation of Mice From 2 Males Raises Possibilities: Scientists

Researchers don't know yet whether their technique would work in human stem cells

(Newser) - For the first time, scientists have created baby mice from two males. This raises the distant possibility of using the same technique for people—although experts caution that very few mouse embryos developed into live mouse pups and no one knows whether it would work for humans, the AP reports....

Cultured Meat Industry Just Got a Boost

It's like other meat, only without the dead animal

(Newser) - Marketing departments still haven’t decided what to call it yet, but there is increasing demand for cultivated (aka cultured, cell-grown, or no-kill) meat, at least in Singapore. That’s where US-based Good Meat has teamed up with food-processing behemoth ADM to build “the world’s largest bioreactors to...

Cell-Cultured Beef: It's (Almost) What's for Dinner

Assuming the 'ick factor' goes away

(Newser) - “We are changing the paradigm. We are detaching the meat from the animal.” Of course, that is essentially what butchers have always done, but it carries different meaning coming from Dr. Uma Valeti, cardiologist and cofounder of Upside Foods , a prototype lab/restaurant specializing in cell-cultured chicken. New York ...

In a First, Woman May Have Been Cured of HIV

The process was similar to those the men who went before her underwent

(Newser) - Tuesday brought big news on the HIV front, this time involving a woman who scientists have possibly cured of the disease. NBC News reports she's the first woman in a group that now numbers at most four (two additional women may have been cured, but via their own immune...

Young Cancer Patients Get Awful Letter: 'I Started Crying'

Stem cells for dozens accidentally destroyed at LA medical center after freezer malfunction

(Newser) - "Insufficient" safeguards at a California medical center have led to a devastating loss for dozens of young cancer patients. KABC reports that stem cells for 56 patients were accidentally destroyed after a freezer they were stored in at Children's Hospital Los Angeles stopped working properly. A statement from...

Test Tube Brains Make for Ethical Dilemma

Rapidly evolving tech has some wondering where to draw the line

(Newser) - Rapidly evolving technology now allows scientists to create bits of tissue that are extremely similar to the kind that make up parts of the human brain. Per the Washington Post , these developments are a boon for researchers, but they've forced scientists to ask themselves basic ethical questions about what...

They Couldn't Even See a Book. Then Their Eyes Got a 'Patch'

2 elderly patients with age-related macular degeneration regain vision using stem cells

(Newser) - A new breakthrough on the stem cell front, and this time it affects the eyes. The Guardian reports that two patients with age-related macular degeneration, one of the most common causes of blindness, got back enough of their vision so they could make out individual faces and once again read;...

3 Women Blinded After Stem Cell Therapy

Two papers highlight both the promise and peril of using stem cells to tackle disease

(Newser) - At the cutting edge of medical science, stem cell therapy holds tremendous potential. But it's still relatively new, and it still needs to be studied vigorously for safety and efficacy as it pertains to a wide range of health issues. Two dramatically different new reports further highlight the need...

New Fillings Can Repair Teeth From the Inside

They stimulate stem cells to regrow dentin: scientists

(Newser) - Imagine a world without root canals. It's possible with what the UK's Royal Society of Chemistry calls "a new paradigm for dental treatments." Scientists at Nottingham and Harvard universities say they've developed dental fillings that stimulate stem cells to regrow and heal damaged teeth. Researcher...

Lab-Grown Bones Were Just Successfully Implanted

It's a scientific first

(Newser) - For the first time, scientists have successfully implanted living bone grown in a laboratory, Live Science reports. And while those implants were in miniature pigs, not humans, it's pretty impressive nonetheless. Scientists removed part of the jaw bones of 14 pigs, carved cow thighbones into the right shape, removed...

Strong Chemo Plus Stem Cell Transplant May Halt MS

Study used extremely small sample size, but results are encouraging

(Newser) - The sample size was quite small, but research on patients with multiple sclerosis shows promising results on stopping the progression of the incurable disease that causes the immune system to attack the coating around nerve fibers (and the fibers themselves) in the brain and spinal cord, the BBC reports. Per...

Goal of Clinical Trial: Reverse Human Death

Researchers hope to revive brains of the clinically dead

(Newser) - Scientists are predicting "the eventual reversal of death in our lifetime," and a new clinical trial could take us one step closer to that goal. The National Institutes of Health has approved "the first trial of its kind" by US biotech company Bioquark to attempt to revive...

Working Mouse Sperm Created From Stem Cells

Step could someday lead to treatment for infertile men

(Newser) - Scientists have produced rudimentary mouse sperm from stem cells in the laboratory, a step that may lead to a treatment for infertile men. If the technique pans out in people, doctors might someday be able to turn skin cells from a man into sperm that can pass along his DNA...

Researchers Grow Human Ear on a Rat

Technology could someday be used for those born without ears

(Newser) - Cool—and/or creepy—news out of Japan, where researchers at the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University have created a human ear ... on the back of a rat. The researchers used stem cells that grew into ear cartilage, shaping the cells into an ear by putting them in "biological...

Most Cancer Types Boil Down to Bad Luck
 Most Cancer Types 
 Boil Down to Bad Luck 

Most Cancer Types Boil Down to Bad Luck

Study: Heredity and lifestyle play a role in only 1 in 3 cancer types

(Newser) - Roughly two-thirds of cancer types researchers recently studied largely appear to be the result of random mutations and not inherited genes or environmental and lifestyle factors. Reporting in the journal Science , researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine investigated 31 common cancer types and found that 22 of...

Huge Breakthrough in Quest for Type 1 Diabetes Cure

Scientists have coaxed stem cells into ones that produce insulin in mice

(Newser) - There's no known cure for Type 1 diabetes, so for 3 million Americans, an insulin pump or regular insulin injections form an imperfect and temporary solution. And it's one that doesn't always keep some of the disease's worst outcomes, including blindness and limb amputation, at bay....

Billionaire: I've Reversed the Aging Process

Nygard claims stem cells are making him younger

(Newser) - A Finnish-Canadian billionaire says scientists have found a way to make him younger. Fashion designer Peter Nygard claims he is getting more stem cell treatment than anyone else is currently receiving, and scientists have found "my markers have shown exactly that I have been actually reversing my aging and...

Eyes of the Dead Could Help Living See

Cell transplants restore brain, eye connection

(Newser) - A new technique could dramatically improve the ways in which the eyes of the dead can help restore sight to the blind, according to research published in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine . Researchers extracted a type of adult stem cell from the back of donated eyes and found that...

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