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Big-Time Hitmaker Accused of Raping His Protege

Lawsuit accuses 'Single Ladies' songwriter The-Dream of physical, psychological abuse

(Newser) - A music producer responsible for some of the biggest pop hits of the last two decades, including Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)," has been hit with rape allegations. The-Dream, an eight-time Grammy winner who also worked on Justin Bieber'...

Courtney Love Has Thoughts on Taylor Swift, Beyonce

'Taylor is not important,' and she doesn't like Beyonce's music

(Newser) - Courtney Love, never known for holding back her controversial opinions, is opining again, this time in a lengthy interview in the Standard . She's got a new eight-part series out on BBC Radio, Courtney Love's Women, and boy, does she get into the girls. While the former Hole frontwoman...

Levi's Is Getting a Beyonce Boost
Levi's Is Getting
a Beyonce Boost

Levi's Is Getting a Beyonce Boost

Her 'Levii's Jeans' song couldn't have come at a better time, analysts say

(Newser) - Levi Strauss & Co. reported a year-on-year drop in first-quarter sales this week but its share price still surged more than 12% Thursday—and analysts say it was partly due to the power of Beyonce. The star has made a pivot to country music and her new song "Levii'...

The Original Backs Tweaks to 'Jolene' by Beyonce

'Cowboy Carter' includes a recasting of Dolly Parton's 1973 classic

(Newser) - The latest review of Beyonce's new crossover album comes from a member of the country music and rock and roll halls of fame. The album includes Dolly Parton's 1973 classic "Jolene," but with a different structure and some different lyrics, Variety reports. On Friday, the day...

It's a 'Masterpiece' by Beyoncé, Though Nashville May Disagree

New album 'Cowboy Carter' has twang but is not strictly country, say critics

(Newser) - Enter the era of Cowboy Carter. Released Friday at midnight, Beyoncé's eighth album, and the second in a trilogy , provides country music—and much, much more. "This ain't a country album. This is a 'Beyoncé' album," the artist said last week on Instagram,...

Beyonce Goes Country, Swiftly Makes History
After Going Country,
Beyonce Keeps Conquering

After Going Country, Beyonce Keeps Conquering

'Texas Hold 'Em' reaches top of the Billboard Hot 100 after doing so on the country charts

(Newser) - First, Beyonce conquered the country charts in historic fashion with her single "Texas Hold 'Em." Now, she's reached No. 1 on the broader Billboard Hot 100 , reports Billboard . Beyonce earlier became the first Black woman atop the Hot Country Songs chart; now she's the first...

Fan Backlash Puts Beyonce on Country Station

New songs crack playlist after complaints

(Newser) - "We do not play Beyonce on KYLC as we are a country music station." That explanation for why the new song "Texas Hold 'Em" wasn't airing on the Oklahoma radio station did not go over well when a fan who had requested the song posted...

First a Surprise Swift Album, Now One for Bey

Beyonce drops 2 new country tracks during Super Bowl, announces release of 'Act II' on March 29

(Newser) - Beyonce was at the Super Bowl on Sunday in Las Vegas, but it was her Verizon commercial airing for viewers at home that generated the most excitement as she teased what turned out to be a surprise new album and the release of two singles. In the clip, which the...

Grammys Show Jay-Z Isn't Wrong
Grammys Show
Jay-Z Isn't Wrong

Grammys Show Jay-Z Isn't Wrong

Best new artist nominees were shut out of performances, reviewers point out

(Newser) - Jay-Z included a caveat in his criticism of the Grammy Awards for overlooking Black musical artists—including his wife, Beyonce—in his acceptance speech Sunday night. "Obviously, it's subjective because it's music," he said, per the Hollywood Reporter . "And it's opinion-based." But there...

Jay-Z Calls Out Grammys While Onstage at the Grammys

'We want y'all to get it right—or at least get it close to right'

(Newser) - Jay-Z was awarded the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award at the Grammys on Sunday night, and the rapper took the opportunity to call out the awards show itself while onstage accepting the award. He mentioned Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff boycotting the ceremony in 1988 and himself boycotting it...

This Beyonce Song Is (Literally) a Lifesaver

'Virgo's Groove' has the correct beats per minute ratio

(Newser) - The American Heart Association is out with two more songs that could quite literally save a life. Beyonce's "Virgo's Groove" and Taylor Swift's "You're Losing Me" both have between 100 and 120 beats per minute, which is the speed at which you need to...

Taylor Swift and Beyonce: 'An Actual Fairytale'

Beyonce shows up at Taylor's movie premiere, and it's seen as a 'powerful statement'

(Newser) - You might not know it from their respective fan bases, but Beyonce and Taylor Swift are big public supporters of each other. On Wednesday night, Beyonce caused a stir by showing up at the Los Angeles premiere of Swift's concert film, reports People . "She's been a guiding...

Actor: 'Beyonce Induced My Baby'
Actor: 'Beyonce
Induced My Baby'

Actor: 'Beyonce Induced My Baby'

Sarah Francis Jones of 'Hairspray' went into labor at Monday concert in California

(Newser) - Sarah Francis Jones was a week from her due date, but she figured that was no reason to skip seeing Beyonce live in concert, and on Beyonce's birthday no less. Jones, an actor who's appeared in films including Hairspray and Honey, took her husband, fellow actor Marcel Spears,...

Ticketmaster Sells 'No View' Beyoncé Seats

But some fans are happy with the view from 'listening seats'

(Newser) - After wowing legions of fans in Europe and Canada, Beyoncé is now on the US leg of her Renaissance World Tour—and some fans are so desperate to see her that they're buying "listening only" seats. Axios reports that Ticketmaster has been "quietly" selling tickets for "...

Beyonce's Show Ran Late, So She Paid $100K to Run the Trains

Singer's tour ponied up cash to keep DC Metro running an extra hour after heavy rain, lightning

(Newser) - Taylor Swift isn't the only superstar on tour who's plunking down big bucks to treat her people well: And while Swift's was a gift to the people who work on her tour, Beyonce's was a gift for fans just trying to home from her concert. As...

Swedish Economist Blames Inflation on Beyonce

Stockholm concerts created a small but noticeable uptick, he says

(Newser) - The start of Beyonce's world tour was an event so big in Sweden that it produced a bump in the inflation rate, according to Danske Bank's chief economist in the country. Michael Grahn says the star's two concerts in Stockholm last month added around 0.2 percentage...

Beyonce Makes Grammy Awards History

She wins her 32nd award, becoming the Grammys' most decorated artist

(Newser) - Harry Styles won album of the year at Sunday's Grammy Awards, taking home the top honor on a night that Beyoncé dominated and became the ceremony’s most decorated artist, the AP reports. Beyoncé won her 32nd award, breaking a 26-year-old record. But as in years past, the album...

Beyonce, Jay-Z Tied for Grammy Nominations Record

Their total is now 88 apiece

(Newser) - Beyoncé has been crowned the most Grammy-nominated person in history—tying her husband, rapper Jay-Z, with 88 nominations apiece. She received nine nominations while Kendrick Lamar received eight and Adele received seven, the CBC reports. Jay-Z got five nods. Here are the reactions to Tuesday's Grammy nominations, per the...

Another Beyonce Song Takes a Hit, This Time From Lewinsky

Anti-bullying advocate wants her name removed from 2013's 'Partition'

(Newser) - Since Beyonce will follow Lizzo in removing the word "spaz" from a song on her new record, Monica Lewinsky figures it's a good time to push for the removal of her name from another of the artist's tracks. In response to Monday's news that the singer...

Beyonce Is Removing Lyric Considered Ableist

Song from 'Renaissance' will be re-recorded

(Newser) - Beyonce's new album Renaissance is getting a lot of love—but disability campaigners were dismayed by one song's lyrics. In "Heated," co-written with Drake, Beyonce sings "Spazzin’ on that a--, spazz on that a--," which drew a backlash from critics who called the reference...

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