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New Jersey's Pasta Mystery Remains Unsolved
New Jersey's Pasta Mystery
Has Been Solved

New Jersey's Pasta Mystery Has Been Solved

Neighbors say a man dumped dry pasta in the woods while cleaning out his late mother's house

(Newser) - It appears the mysterious New Jersey pasta dump has been solved. Neighbors tell that a Ring security camera captured a man cleaning out piles and piles of uncooked pasta from his mother's home in Old Bridge after she died. “There was so much of it, he...

Judge OKs False-Advertising Suit Against Barilla Pasta

Class-action plaintiffs have beef with Barilla's 'Italy's No. 1 brand of pasta'; product is made in NY, Iowa

(Newser) - "Italy's No. 1 brand of pasta" isn't as Italian as it sounds. That's the crux of a class-action lawsuit against Barilla that a federal judge this week ruled could proceed, meaning the company will have to face the plaintiffs' allegations that it engaged in false or...

Scientists Make Spaghetti Do What It Rarely Does
Scientists Make Spaghetti
Do What It Rarely Does

Scientists Make Spaghetti Do What It Rarely Does

Snap neatly in two

(Newser) - Scientists at MIT have just completed an excellent pasta parlor trick: They figured out how to snap pieces of spaghetti in two. The uninitiated can test the original problem for themselves: Go to the kitchen, pull out a piece of dry spaghetti, and try to break it into two pieces....

What Women Eat May Play Role in Age of Menopause
What Women Eat May Play
Role in Age of Menopause
study says

What Women Eat May Play Role in Age of Menopause

Study suggests those who eat more pasta may see earlier onset

(Newser) - A new study suggests that a woman's diet plays a role in when menopause begins. UK researchers emphasize that their research doesn't show cause and effect—meaning they're not advocating that anyone change their diet—but the bottom-line findings are drawing attention. The average age of menopause...

Americans' Pasta Gaffe Does Not Please Italy

American exchange students start fire by cooking it without water

(Newser) - A trio of American exchange students made the unlikely mistake of trying to cook a pot full of pasta without actually adding any water. In fact, the mistake was so bad that the resulting flames forced the three panicked 20-year-olds to call the fire department, reports UPI . The reason this...

5 Food Trends to Watch for in 2017
5 Food Trends to
Watch for in 2017

5 Food Trends to Watch for in 2017

Veggie pasta, purple cauliflower, and more

(Newser) - Perhaps you've never considered a meal of kelp pasta with purple asparagus and seaweed, but it could be your new favorite dish by this time next year, based on Whole Foods' predictions for the top food trends of 2017, per Consumer Affairs . Here's what to expect:
  • You'll

World's Rarest Pasta Is Made by Only 3 Women

You're going to have to travel to taste su filindeu

(Newser) - There's a kind of pasta in the world that is so hard to find and so difficult to make that you're going to have to travel to the tiny hamlet of Nuoro on the Italian island of Sardinia to get a taste. That's because su filindeu, which...

Scientists Say They've Found a Sixth Taste

Call it 'starchy'

(Newser) - Wondering why a bread bowl full of pasta with fries on the side sounds like it would really hit the spot right now? It could be a heretofore unknown sixth taste that a group of scientists claims to have discovered, Science Alert reports. Up until now, the five tastes humans...

Italians Researchers: Pasta Doesn't Make You Fat
Italian Researchers: Pasta
Doesn't Make You Fat

Italian Researchers: Pasta Doesn't Make You Fat

Pasta intake linked to lower obesity rates

(Newser) - People who blame pasta for weight gain have missed the message about the Mediterranean diet , according to Italian researchers. The team from IRCCS Neuromed Institute in Italy crunched the numbers from earlier studies involving more than 20,000 Italians and discovered that pasta intake was associated both with lower obesity...

Physicists Invent New Pasta Shape

Anelloni could help them understand physics mystery

(Newser) - It's food for thought—quite literally. A pair of scientists in the UK have turned a physics problem into an Italian-style dish. They invented anelloni, whose name is based on the Italian word for ring, as a way of studying ring-shaped polymers, reports. Polymers, the site notes,...

Man Feeds Homeless With 'Random Acts of Pasta'

He bought a $100 all-you-can-eat Olive Garden pass, gave meals away

(Newser) - A man in Ogden, Utah, was among 1,000 people who bought Olive Garden's 7-Week $100 Never Ending Pasta cards this fall, and he managed to use it 125 times—but hardly any pasta went to himself, reports the Deseret News . Matt Tribe confirmed with the restaurant chain that...

Some Kraft Mac and Cheese to Get Less Artificial

Brand cutting artificial dyes from 3 of its kid-friendly pastas

(Newser) - Kraft mac and cheese is about to get a little less artificial—in cases where the "mac" part is made in a kid-friendly shape. The company will remove artificial dyes from its SpongeBob Squarepants, Halloween, and winter shapes varieties; the "original flavor" version will see no such change,...

Women's Depression Linked to ... Pasta

Harvard study finds those with carb-rich diets at 29% to 41% greater risk

(Newser) - A Harvard study that followed 43,000 women over 12 years has found that some of your favorite foods may not just be hurting your physical health, but your mental health, too. The research team looked at the women's diets and discovered those who consumed more red meat, soda,...

Pasta Boss: No Gays in My Commercials

Barilla head sort of apologizes after boycott is threatened

(Newser) - The head of Italy's Barilla pasta company has apologized, kind of, for saying he'd never use a gay couple in any of his ads. In his interview with an Italian radio station, Guido Barilla did say it was fine by him if gays "like our pasta."...

Soda a Day Sends Prostate Risk Soaring
 Soda a Day 
 Sends Prostate 
 Risk Soaring 
study says

Soda a Day Sends Prostate Risk Soaring

Pasta, rice, cereal also pose cancer threat: study

(Newser) - Soda's dangers extend well beyond your teeth. Drinking an 11-ounce soft drink daily raises a man's risk of aggressive prostate cancer by a whopping 40%, a study finds. And while you're reducing your soda intake, you may want to take a look at your rice and pasta...

'Shoplifter Priest' Hit With Bucket of Pasta

Parishioner expresses his objections with ravioli

(Newser) - A British priest who said the poor should consider shoplifting things like tinned ravioli had a bucket of pasta dumped over him by an irate parishioner. The man lay in wait for Father Tim Jones outside his church in York, northern England, and then sloshed half the messy spaghetti and...

Italy Raids Pasta Makers in Price-Fixing Probe

Companies accused of colluding to drive prices up 36%

(Newser) - Financial police have searched the offices of Italy’s top five pasta makers to investigate claims that they’ve rigged the price of rigatoni—and you know, other pasta, too (rigatoni was just alliterative). The investigation has been ongoing since 2007, after consumer groups complained that prices were up as...

Watch Out for These Economic Recovery Signs
Watch Out for These Economic Recovery Signs

Watch Out for These Economic Recovery Signs

Keep an eye out for slowing pasta sales

(Newser) - We knew the economy was toast when the GDP dropped 3.8% in the last quarter. But such data lags behind the real economy, writes Dan Kadlec in Time, so watch out for these indicators of a turnaround:
  • Home sales. They started the downturn, so any upswing is a good

The Gnocchi Puzzle of Buenos Aires
 The Gnocchi Puzzle
 of Buenos Aires 

The Gnocchi Puzzle of Buenos Aires

The city dines on the pasta once a month—but why?

(Newser) - Most restaurants in Buenos Aires only serve gnocchi on the 29th of the month—but why? Marisa Robertson-Textor scoured the city for answers for Gourmet, and uncovered conflicting accounts. Gnocchi day may be a Genovese tradition, one diner said—or perhaps Uraguayan. Another claimed it is meant to give people...

Italy Says Ciao to Pasta for a Day
Italy Says Ciao to Pasta for a Day

Italy Says Ciao to Pasta for a Day

Consumers angry about rising prices call for boycott

(Newser) - Mama mia! Italians fed up with rising pasta prices will do the unthinkable today—ditch their beloved starches for a day. Consumers are being urged to boycott the nation's signature dish for a day because prices have risen 20 percent in recent months. Pasta makers say they're at the mercy...

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