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This Is the Best State for Women's Equality

New Mexico takes No. 1 spot in WalletHub's rankings; Utah is last

(Newser) - Women's Equality Day was celebrated in the US on Friday, commemorating the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. There's been significant progress in terms of women's equality since, but the scales still aren't completely balanced, and some states are...

Here Are the Best, Worst States for Gender Equality

Maine is looking good for women's rights

(Newser) - Despite making up more than half the US population, women are still lagging behind their male counterparts in pay and in leadership positions, and still claiming the lion's share of minimum-wage jobs. Some states are making better strides than others in closing the gender gap, per WalletHub , which looked...

A Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card for Rapists May Be Eliminated

Jordan's Article 308 allows rapists to marry victims to avoid jail time

(Newser) - Jordan's Cabinet took the first steps to undo a loophole protecting rapists on Sunday by revoking Article 308, a law that allows the criminals to escape punishment by marrying their victims and staying in that marriage for at least three years. Activists are celebrating this victory, with one calling...

Pregnant UPS Worker's Case Divides Supreme Court

Workplace equality ruling rests on ambiguous federal law

(Newser) - Peggy Young requested that she be put on lighter duty when, as a UPS driver, she became pregnant in 2006 and was told by her doctor not to lift heavy packages. That request was denied—forcing Young to take unpaid leave—based on a vague law stating employers must treat...

UK Ballroom Dance Council Moves to Ban Gay Couples

Current leaders would be unable to defend title

(Newser) - The UK's top ballroom dance authority is planning a big backward sashay when it comes to gay rights. The British Dance Council is considering a proposal that would ban same-sex couples from mainstream competitions, instead creating same-sex-only categories, the Guardian reports. The move would prevent the current leaders in...

Pope Urges UK Bishops to Fight Gay Equality Bill

Legislation 'violates the natural law,' pontiff contends

(Newser) - Pope Benedict wants English and Welsh bishops to fight proposed human rights legislation with "missionary zeal." The Equality Bill, which is pending in Parliament, is intended to combat discrimination on the basis of sex, race, disability, religion, or sexual orientation, but the pontiff argues that "it actually...

Gays Deserve Reparation Checks
 Gays Deserve 
 Reparation Checks 

Gays Deserve Reparation Checks

(Newser) - “The time has arrived to place economic reparations for gay and lesbian Americans on the political agenda,” Jacob Appel writes in the Detroit Free Press. Equality under the law is inevitable, if still a few years out; meantime, homosexuals must be compensated for their trouble. “While the...

Bitch vs. Ditz: '08 Campaign Was a Setback for Women

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton delivered major blows to feminism, gender equality

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin shattered the glass ceiling in politics, but the broken shards sharply undercut the feminist movement. “In the grand Passion play that was this election, both Clinton and Palin came to represent—and, at times, reinforce—two of the most pernicious stereotypes that are applied...

Rice 'Especially Proud' of Obama

Secretary of State 'especially proud' of Obama

(Newser) - Condoleezza Rice delivered emotional congratulations to Barack Obama today, saying that as an African American she is “especially proud” of his victory. The secretary of State called the Democrat an inspiration, the AP reports. “Americans are not going to be satisfied until they really do form that perfect...

Ann Landers Would Advise Voting No on 8
Ann Landers Would Advise Voting No on 8

Ann Landers Would Advise Voting No on 8

LA Times highlights writers with varying opinions on Calif. prop

(Newser) - From the schoolyard to the church, Californians are debating Prop 8, which would bar homosexuals from marriage if it passes Tuesday. The Los Angeles Times opened its opinion page to five more takes on it today:
  • Alexandra Cole, whose 8-year-old daughter polled her friends, says Prop 8's backers have done

A Black President Will Boost Brand USA
 A Black President 
 Will Boost Brand USA 

A Black President Will Boost Brand USA

Electing Obama will replace America's battered image with one of equality

(Newser) - Skin color is no reason to vote for anybody, Nick Kristof writes in the New York Times, but there's no denying that electing a black president would give America's image abroad a much-needed boost—"redefining the American 'brand' to be less about Guantánamo and more about equality."...

Women Rule in Spain's New Cabinet
Women Rule
in Spain's
New Cabinet

Women Rule in Spain's New Cabinet

9 of Zapatero's 17 ministers, including defense, are female

(Newser) - So much for machismo. Re-elected Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero announced a new government this weekend, with a surprise twist: His new cabinet boasts more women than men. The eight men and nine ministras include a pregnant woman who will head the army as defense minister, the...

High Court Limits Use of Race in School Assignments

Choice plans found unconstitutional

(Newser) - Taking race into consideration in school assignments is unconstitutional because it violates students' rights under the equal protection clause, the Supreme Court ruled today in a landmark decision that could cause upheaval in K-12 education. The decision, by an increasingly familiar 5-4 vote, invalidates diversity plans in Louisville and Seattle...

Study: Men Work Hard, Too
Study: Men Work Hard, Too

Study: Men Work Hard, Too

(Newser) - Men and women work about the same number of hours—if you count labor at home as well as on the job, a new study claims. Despite the popular wisdom that women do more heavy lifting, a broad survey of 25 countries, spanning the economic spectrum,  found that both...

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