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She Went to Doctor for Shot, Mistakenly Got an Abortion

The nurse and doctor are being investigated

(Newser) - "The doctor and nurse have acknowledged their fault," police tell CNN , in a jarring case out of South Korea. Police say a pregnant woman visited a clinic in Seoul on Aug. 7 to get a nutritional shot—and had an abortion unknowingly performed on her instead. A nurse...

10 Priciest Cities to Call Home
10 Priciest Cities to Call Home

10 Priciest Cities to Call Home

It's a 3-way tie for No. 1—a first in survey's history

(Newser) - Not one, not two, but three cities have for the first time tied for the most expensive to call home in the annual Economist Intelligence Unit survey. Singapore, Paris, and Hong Kong share the distinction. Asian and European cities dominate the list of 10 cities—compiled by evaluating the cost...

In One Hip 'Hood, 'Serious Wes Anderson Vibes'

'Forbes' has a list of the coolest neighborhoods in the world

(Newser) - Where do all the cool kids hang out? Forbes thinks it's got that figured out with its list of some of the hippest, most happening neighborhoods around the globe, culled from travel experts. These are districts that aren't necessarily crammed with the most famous landmarks or where you'...

S. Korea Suspends Civil Defense Drills

Seoul says move will boost diplomacy

(Newser) - South Korea has suspended its summertime civil defense drills aimed at preparing against a North Korean attack to keep alive a positive atmosphere for nuclear diplomacy with the North. Seoul's decision on Tuesday to "temporarily suspend" the nationwide civilian drills had been anticipated since the United States and...

Jimmy Carter: I'll Talk to Kim Jong Un

Former president offers to make trip to North Korea to press for peace, professor says

(Newser) - Jimmy Carter wants "to prevent a second Korean War," and so has offered to meet with Kim Jong Un, per a University of Georgia professor who met with the ex-US president. Park Han-shik spoke of Carter's plans to South Korea's Korea JoongAng Daily amid rising tensions...

10 Best Cities for Students
10 Best Cities for Students

10 Best Cities for Students

After 5 years on top, Paris is dethroned

(Newser) - A French city has been replaced by a French Canadian one at the top of the QS Best Student Cities Ranking , a list of the best cities in the world for international students, based on university rankings, employment, affordability, and—for the first time this year—student opinions. To be...

Champion 'in Shock' After Losing Ancient Game to AI

Google machine wins first game in historic match

(Newser) - South Korea's Lee Sedol is ranked fifth in the world at Go, an ancient board game that relies on a player's intuition to surround and capture an opponent's stones on a grid. Yet he's just been schooled by a relative newbie. Google's 2-year-old computer program...

North Korea to Execute 33 Who Talked to Missionary
North Korea to Execute 33 Who Talked to Missionary
new report

North Korea to Execute 33 Who Talked to Missionary

According to reports, those who converted will be put to death

(Newser) - More reported brutality in North Korea: A source tells the Chosun Ilbo that 33 North Koreans will be executed because they were connected to a South Korean missionary who was arrested in the North last year. Kim Jung Wook made his first public appearance since his arrest on Thursday, admitting...

Never Mind: North-South Korea Talks Scrapped

Countries can't agree on who would lead delegations

(Newser) - Well, that was fun while it lasted. South Korea and North Korea scrapped their long-awaited talks today, a day before they were slated to begin. Why, you ask? Because the two countries couldn't agree on who would lead their respective delegations, the AP reports. Seoul wanted each country's...

N. Korea to Let S. Korean Managers Back In

Proposes talks to reopen Kaesong industrial complex

(Newser) - Is North Korea ready to play nice? Pyongyang today invited officials and businessmen from South Korea to discuss reopening the Kaesong industrial complex , a joint venture in the North's territory that was shut down last month during Pyongyang's temper tantrum . Seoul had previously proposed government talks on reopening...

Koreas' Last Tie Now Basically Severed

North Korea to pull workers, suspend operations at Kaesong

(Newser) - North Korea has just one remaining economic link to South Korea, and it's about to be severed: Pyongyang today announced that it will recall its more than 53,000 workers from the Kaesong industrial complex and suspend operations at the border factories, the AP reports. There's no word...

Seoul Lobbies US Hard for OK to Make Nuclear Fuel

Fear move could spark regional arms race

(Newser) - In a move unlikely to calm nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula, South Korea is pushing the US hard for permission to start creating its own nuclear fuel. The request comes amid a renegotiation of Seoul's 1972 nuclear cooperation pact with the US but while South Korea stresses it...

US Now Obligated to Fight If North Korea Attacks South

Countries sign mutual defense agreement

(Newser) - It's official: If North Korea provokes the South, the US is now obligated to help Seoul respond. The military today announced Friday's signing of a mutual defense agreement that the two countries have been working on since the North fired on a South Korean island in 2010, the...

S. Korea to North: You Can't Just Scrap Armistice

US calls threats 'hyperbolic'

(Newser) - South Korea has some news for North Korea: You can't just go scrapping the armistice on your own. Legally speaking, both sides must declare the armistice invalid, according to Seoul, which called on Pyongyang to dial down the rhetoric. South Korea wants to "absolutely keep the armistice agreement,...

Did S. Korea Just Threaten to Strike Kim Jong Un?

Warning comes in response to Pyongyang's threat to end armistice

(Newser) - In a rare response to North Korea's bluster, South Korea's military today warned that it is ready to strike at the North's "command leadership" if provoked—a term that could be referring to Kim Jong Un, the New York Times reports. The warning follows the North'...

Gangnam Style: The Substance Behind the Goofy Dance

 Gangnam Style: 
 The Substance 
 Behind the 
 Goofy Dance 

Gangnam Style: The Substance Behind the Goofy Dance

It's a critique of South Korea's wealthiest residents

(Newser) - You might think PSY's viral horse dance , Gangnam Style, is hysterical, but the AP takes a look at the serious social commentary behind the rapper's theatrics. The video offers up a critique of Seoul's ritzy Gangnam neighborhood, which is filled with new money, plastic surgery clinics, and...

Obama Ready to Cut Nukes Again

President issues nuclear warnings to North Korea, Iran

(Newser) - President Obama still thinks we could stand to get rid of a bunch of our nukes, and has promised a renewed effort to cut American and Russian nuclear arsenals following 2010's START treaty . "We can already say with confidence that we have more nuclear weapons than we need,...

Architects Apologize for Design Echoing 9/11

Dutch firm says towers supposed to evoke cloud

(Newser) - A Dutch architecture firm is apologizing for the design of a new luxury high-rise it announced last week, after people complained it was reminiscent of the exploding World Trade Center on 9/11, reports Reuters . Called The Cloud, the development in Seoul, South Korea, called for two white high-rises of 54...

'Occupy' Protests Hit ... South Korea

Thirty civics groups plan to Occupy Seoul

(Newser) - Apparently the Occupy Wall Street protest movement has gone global. A coalition of 30 civic groups is planning a two-day “Occupy Seoul” protest, calling on Koreans to gather throughout South Korea’s capital, including in its Yeouido financial district, the Yonhap news service reports. “We will join the...

South Korea Town has Highest Autism Rate Ever

Researchers say nearly 3% of kids in Seoul suburb have disease

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered the highest rate of autism ever found in a general population within a suburb of Seoul, South Korea. About 2.6% of the children in Ilsan have some form of the disease, reports the Los Angeles Times . That contrasts with the 1% figure found in the US...

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