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Midwestern Pet Food Problems Keep Getting Worse

FDA issues warning to company after multiple recalls

(Newser) - Midwestern Pet Food has been recalling products since last year due to aflatoxin poisoning and salmonella poisoning, and the problem does not appear to be going anywhere. In a warning letter sent to the company, the FDA says more than 130 dogs may have died and another 220 or more...

With 70 Dogs Now Dead, Pet Food Recall Expanded

Midwestern Pet Foods recall more products containing corn due to possible toxin

(Newser) - More than 70 dogs have now died and more than 80 others are sick as a pet food company expands the recall it first instituted in December . Midwestern Pet Foods says in a statement that "additional corn-containing lot codes of Sportmix, Pro Pac Originals, Splash, Sportstrail, and Nunn Better...

Pet Foods Recalled After Deaths of 28 Dogs

Tests find toxin in some Sportmix lots

(Newser) - Federal regulators are warning pet owners that some pet foods sold under the Sportmix label "may contain potentially fatal levels of aflatoxin." At least 28 dogs died after eating dog food that was found to have high levels of the toxin, NBC reports. Another eight became ill. Midwest...

Euthanasia Drug Found in Dog Food, 4 Brands Recalled

Gravy Train, 3 other brands owned by JM Smucker recalled after pentobarbital discovered

(Newser) - Four brands of dog food under the JM Smucker Co. umbrella have been recalled after a DC TV station tested one of the brands and found traces of a euthanizing drug used on dogs, cats, and horses in 60% of the samples. The AP reports that shipments of cans of...

Euthanasia Chemical Found in Dog Food

Evanger's recalls Hunk of Beef Au Jus product

(Newser) - Pet food maker Evanger's is recalling some of its dog food because it may contain a chemical used in the euthanization of animals, as well as in lethal injection. The chemical, pentobarbital , can cause dizziness, nausea, and death, and was detected in a single lot of Evanger's Hunk...

75K Bags of Dog Treats Recalled

Salmonella concerns at Hartz Mountain Corp.

(Newser) - Careful what you’re feeding Fido, folks. A major pet product company—Hartz Mountain Corp.—is recalling 75,000 bags of its Hartz Naturals Real Beef dog treats, after a random FDA test discovered salmonella in at least one bag. So far there haven’t been any reports of...

Widening Peanut Recall Now Includes Pet Treats

486 are sick following outbreak at Georgia single plant

(Newser) - Peanut-flavored pet treats are the latest addition to the recall list of at least 125 peanut butter products, USA Today reports. A salmonella outbreak at a Georgia peanut plant has so far sickened some 486 people and may have caused six deaths. Pets can get salmonella from the peanut treats,...

Tainted Pet Food Firms Settle With Owners

$24M deal intended to cover expenses

(Newser) - Pet-food companies have agreed to a $24-million settlement with pet owners after their products were tied to the deaths of thousands of animals, the AP reports. Under the deal, pet owners can be reimbursed for financial losses, such as vet bills, burial costs, and the market value of their lost...

'Regulation' No Longer a Dirty Word in DC

Wall St. woes, toy and food scares have pols of all stripes on board

(Newser) - "Regulation" is becoming less of a dirty word in Washington in the wake of the mortgage meltdown, woes on Wall Street, and scares over tainted food and toys. Many Democrats and even some Republicans want a shift from voluntary industry standards in vogue since the Reagan administration. "We're...

US, Chinese Firms Charged in Pet Food Scandal

American owners intentionally sold tainted products, prosecutors say

(Newser) - US authorities today charged an American company and two Chinese businesses with manufacturing and importing tainted ingredients in pet food that killed thousands of cats and dogs last year, the AP reports. Las Vegas-based ChemNutra and its owners face a felony conspiracy charge and 26 misdemeanor counts for selling adulterated...

Wal-Mart Owns Up to Melamine in Dog Treats

Company quietly pulled products as it waited for further testing

(Newser) - Two Chinese brands of dog treats sold at Wal-Mart contain a toxic chemical, the discount giant confirms. Customer complaints about the products prompted the company to quietly pull them from its shelves last month as it waited for further tests. The results confirmed the presence of melamine, the chemical at...

Chinese Goods Flunk Gov't Safety Tests

Nearly 20% of domestic consumer products can't meet quality standards

(Newser) - The Chinese government acknowledged today what people around the world suspected—many products manufactured by the world's largest exporter of consumer goods are unsafe. One-fifth of its manufactured wares fail to meet government safety standards, a regulatory agency said in a posting on its website. Despite the findings, which did...

Safety of Chinese-Made Toys Is Hardly Child's Play

Flood of recalls raises concerns

(Newser) - The latest Chinese products posing safety problems for consumers are children's toys, joining toothpaste, pet food, and drugs on an increasingly worrisome list, the New York Times reports. Last week's recall of Thomas & Friends train toys brought the total number of toys recalled by the US this year to...

China Sentences Ex-Drug Chief to Death

Bribery conviction signals pharmaceutical industry crackdown

(Newser) - China's former top food and drug watchdog was sentenced to death today after being convicted of corruption and dereliction of duty. In the midst of an international uproar over food and pharmaceutical standards, the government found that Zheng Xiaoyu, 63, who was forced out in 2005, accepted more than $850,...

Trail of Chinese Chemicals Leads to Toothpaste

Governments on two continents investigate tainted product

(Newser) - The Dominican Republic is the latest country investigating the possibility that a poisonous chemical from China wound up in a consumer product. This time it's toothpaste that contains the industrial solvent diethylene glycol, which has already turned up in Panama and Australia, the Times reports. The Chinese government has tracked...

Ban Chinese Ingredients? Easier Said Than Done

They're in virtually all processed foods. Six or more in the the Twinkie alone.

(Newser) - In the wake of the pet-food poisoning scandal, some of the biggest U.S. food manufacturers—Tyson and Mission Foods—have banned Chinese ingredients. But since China is the world's biggest supplier of the flavorings, vitamins and preservatives that are used in virtually all processed foods, the bans may be...

Second Toxin Found in Lethal Pet Food

Cyanuric acid plus melamine could be fatal combination

(Newser) - Add cyanuric acid to the list of industrial chemicals found in the contaminated pet food that killed thousands of dogs and cats. Like melamine, it was used by Chinese animal feed producers  to fake higher protein content in their wheat and rice products, the New York Times reports.

Melamine Death Toll Passes 8,000 Pets

FDA says health risk for humans unlikely

(Newser) - More than 8,000 deaths of cats and dogs that may be linked to melamine-tainted food have been reported to the FDA in the two months since the pet food recall. The statistics come as the FDA tries to assure Americans that the tainted protein concentrates, also fed to hogs...

FDA Names Food Safety Czar After Chicken Scare

Democrats seek other roads to effective FDA

(Newser) - The FDA appointed a food safety czar yesterday, as the news that 3 million chickens had been fed melamine-tainted feed exacerbated growing public anxiety about food safety. The FDA said the chickens weren't recalled because most of them would have been sold by now, and the melamine was too diluted...

Chinese Add Melamine to Animal Feed
Chinese Add Melamine to Animal Feed

Chinese Add Melamine to Animal Feed

Filler that tainted pet food is commonly used as fake protein

(Newser) - The compound that tainted pet food and is being blamed for hundreds of pet illnesses and deaths is a commonly used additive in animal feed in China, reports the New York Times. The coal derivative melamine, used in plastics and fertilizers, is nitrogen-rich, which triggers tests for protein content.

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