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Early Forecast: Social Security Checks Could Go Way Up
Early Forecast: Social Security
Checks Could Go Way Up
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Early Forecast: Social Security Checks Could Go Way Up

Senior Citizens League forecasts 8.6% cost-of-living adjustment

(Newser) - Social Security's cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) doesn't happen until October, and it'll be based on the previous three months of inflation numbers. But a forecast from the Senior Citizens League indicates those Social Security checks could see a big hike. CBS News reports the advocacy group for older...

Feds: Widow Disposed of Husband in Trash, Took His Benefits

Aging Las Vegas woman allegedly hid the fact that her husband had died

(Newser) - "There was no ambulance, no hospitalization, no funeral, no burial, and no cremation," states a federal criminal complaint filed in connection with the death of a Pennsylvania man identified only as JPS. The person the complaint does name is the man's wife, Nancy Shedleski. She's accused...

Social Security Benefits See Biggest Jump in 39 Years

COLA for 2022 is 5.9%

(Newser) - Millions of retirees on Social Security will get a 5.9% boost in benefits for 2022. The biggest cost-of-living adjustment in 39 years follows a burst in inflation as the economy struggles to shake off the drag of the coronavirus pandemic. The COLA, as it's commonly called, amounts to...

Big COLA Announcement Expected Early Wednesday

Increase could be biggest in decades

(Newser) - Rising inflation is expected to lead to a sizeable increase in Social Security's annual cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, for 2022. Exactly how much will be revealed Wednesday morning after a Labor Department report on inflation during September, a data point used in the final calculation. Over the last 10...

Social Security COLA Likely Getting a Big Increase

Cost-of-living adjustment expected to be around 6% next year, the highest in four decades

(Newser) - Social Security's cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2022 is expected to be the highest one since 1982. Thanks to inflation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 68 million Social Security recipients will likely receive a 6% to 6.1% increase in their checks next year, CNBC reports. The average bump...

Social Security Depletion Date Is Now a Year Closer

Feds say pandemic depleted trust funds

(Newser) - The pandemic has pushed Social Security closer to precarious financial territory, the government warned in a report released Tuesday. The annual report from the Social Security and Medicare trustees said that unless Congress takes action, Social Security will no longer be able to pay full benefits by 2034, CNN reports....

Social Security Chief Wouldn't Step Down. Biden Fired Him

SSA Commissioner Andrew Saul refused to resign, per WH official

(Newser) - President Joe Biden on Friday fired the commissioner of Social Security after the official refused to resign, and Biden accepted the deputy commissioner's resignation, the White House said. Biden asked commissioner Andrew Saul to resign, and his employment was terminated after he refused the Democratic president's request, a...

Social Security COLA Is Announced: 1.3%

Increase is slightly lower than last year's, averaging $20 a month

(Newser) - Social Security recipients will get a modest 1.3% cost-of-living increase in 2021, but that might be small comfort in the face of worries about the coronavirus and its consequences for older people. The average increase for retired workers will be $20 a month, according to estimates released Tuesday by...

Woman's Grandmother Is Found Frozen at Home

Cynthia Black is accused of keeping her Grandma's body frozen for 12 years

(Newser) - Sorry, Grandma's dead and frozen in the basement—but she can still collect Social Security checks. That's pretty much the scheme a Pennsylvania woman is accused of perpetrating in order to rake in tens of thousands of dollars from the feds, Local 21 News reports. "It's...

Dead People Are Getting Stimulus Payments

Relatives of the deceased are asking: Will the government want it back?

(Newser) - The dead may tell no tales, but they do get stimulus checks—and media reports are cropping up about relatives wondering what to do with the windfall. "Obviously, she does not need stimulus right now," Jeanne Siracuse tells NBC News about her mother, who received $1,200 despite...

Treasury Does 180 on Stimulus Funds for One Set of Americans

Social Security recipients won't have to file tax return to get money

(Newser) - One of the biggest challenges the Treasury Department has in getting Americans their checks from the $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package is tracking down people who don't file tax returns. Now, at least one key group of nonfilers will see that process expedited. The official word, delivered from...

Look Out: Here Comes Trump's New Budget Plan

The AP says it relies on 'rosy' projections

(Newser) - Confronted with trillion-dollar-plus deficits for as far as the eye can see, President Trump is offering a budget plan that rehashes previously rejected spending cuts while leaving Social Security and Medicare benefits untouched. Trump’s fiscal 2021 budget plan, expected to be released Monday, isn’t likely to generate a...

Trump Suggests He's Open to Entitlement Cuts

'At some point' they will be on his plate, he says in CNBC interview

(Newser) - Entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare could potentially get cut under President Trump, or so he suggested at the very end of a CNBC interview from Davos on Wednesday. In what the Washington Post describes as a "new openness" to the idea—he pledged to protect entitlements...

Warren's Social Security Plan Calls for a Raise

She wants people to get $200 more a month, and she wants the rich to pay for it

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren is out with her latest policy proposal, and she's calling for those on Social Security to receive an extra $200 a month. In a post at Medium detailing the proposal, Warren says the increased benefits would be paid for by raising taxes on the wealthy. The plan...

Social Security Recipients Get Largest Raise in Years

But it will amount to just about $39 a month

(Newser) - Tens of millions of Social Security recipients and other retirees will get a 2.8% boost in benefits next year as inflation edges higher, the AP reports. It's the biggest increase most retired baby boomers have gotten. Following a stretch of low inflation, the cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, for...

Clue in Mail Bomb Sent to Obama: Cat Hair Under Label

Another clue: 'obliterated' eBay shipping label on package sent to Gov. Greg Abbott

(Newser) - A 46-year-old Texas woman faces a host of charges after she allegedly mailed explosives to then-President Barack Obama, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and former Social Security Administration Commissioner Carolyn Colvin. Julia Poff of Sealy had been repeatedly denied Social Security benefits and was also upset with the handling of a...

Social Security Recipients Get Largest Raise in Years

Though it'll only amount to $25 a month

(Newser) - Millions of Social Security recipients and other retirees will get a 2% increase in benefits next year. It's the largest increase since 2012 but comes to only $25 a month for the average beneficiary. The Social Security Administration announced the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) Friday. The COLA affects benefits for...

Social Security Recipients May Get Biggest Raise in Years

It's expected to only be about 2.2% (or $28 a month, on average), but still

(Newser) - Millions of Americans who rely on Social Security can expect to see their biggest pay increase in years in January, per projections released Thursday by the program's trustees, the AP reports. The increase is projected to be just 2.2%, or about $28 a month for the average recipient....

$600M Scam Lawyer Claims He's Fled US

Eric Conn claims he used a fake passport to flee the country

(Newser) - A fugitive Kentucky lawyer at the center of a nearly $600 million Social Security fraud case has fled the country using a fake passport and has gotten help from someone overseas with a job to help support himself, reports the AP . In an email exchange with The Lexington Herald-Leader over...

Wanted Lawyer Emailed Us Surrender Terms, Says Paper

Eric Conn, guilty in Social Security fraud, is on the lam

(Newser) - Someone claiming to be a fugitive Kentucky lawyer at the center of a nearly $600 million Social Security fraud case has contacted a newspaper to spell out proposed terms of his surrender. Disability lawyer Eric C. Conn, who disappeared a month before his sentencing, faces an outstanding FBI warrant for...

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