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French Crowds Protest Rise of Far Right

Left-wing parties form coalition despite differences on wars

(Newser) - Anti-racism groups joined French unions and a brand-new left-wing coalition in protests in Paris and across France on Saturday against the surging nationalist far right, with frenzied campaigning having begun ahead of snap parliamentary elections . The French Interior Ministry said 250,000 people turned out to protest, 75,000 of...

With Olympic Water Sports Looming, Bad News on Seine

River in Paris has levels of E. coli bacteria that are beyond limits determined to be safe for humans

(Newser) - Water in the Seine had unsafe elevated levels of E. coli less than two months before swimming competitions are scheduled to take place in it during the Paris Olympics, according to test results published Friday. Contamination levels in the first eight days of June, after persistent heavy rain in Paris,...

Macron's Gamble Likened to 'Russian Roulette'
Macron's Stunner
Gives France
a Stark Choice
the rundown

Macron's Stunner Gives France a Stark Choice

'Do you really want to be governed by the far right?' is how one analysis frames his gamble

(Newser) - The sentiment in news coverage appears to be unanimous in the wake of French President Emmanuel Macron's surprise decision to call early elections: It amounts to a monumental gamble in his fight with the far right. He is, in the words of center-right politician Valerie Pecresse, "playing Russian...

Biden Tweaks Trump in Visit to US Cemetery

Predecessor canceled planned trip while in France during his term

(Newser) - President Biden closed out his five-day trip to France by paying his respects at an American military cemetery that Donald Trump skipped when he was president. Before returning to the US, Biden honored America's war dead at the Aisne-Marne American cemetery in Belleau, about an hour outside Paris, the...

Biden Toasts 'Our First Friend'
Biden Toasts 'Our First Friend'

Biden Toasts 'Our First Friend'

State visit to France includes testimony to solidarity on fighting in Ukraine, Middle East

(Newser) - President Biden celebrated American's first ally in France on Saturday, stressing the strength of the partnership on a state visit that began with commemorating the Normandy landings in World War II. "This week, we have once again showed the world … the power of allies, what we can...

You Are Not to Touch the Royal Hand, Brigitte Macron

France's first lady tried to hold the queen's hand Thursday before taking a hint

(Newser) - It's always awkward when you reach for someone's hand and they refuse to give it. But it's far worse when that person is the Queen. French First Lady Brigitte Macron reached for Queen Camilla's hand during a D-Day memorial service in France on Thursday and was...

At D-Day Ceremony, Biden Draws Parallel to Ukraine

'To surrender to bullies, to bow down to dictators, is simply unthinkable'

(Newser) - President Biden marked the 80th anniversary of D-Day on Thursday by saying "we will not walk away" from the defense of Ukraine and allow Russia to threaten more of Europe. "To surrender to bullies, to bow down to dictators, is simply unthinkable," he said during a ceremony...

Prosecutors Don't Take Kindly to Coffin Stunt at Eiffel

They say display mentioning Ukraine was an act of psychological violence

(Newser) - Three people were released from custody Monday pending further investigation after they allegedly placed five coffins at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. According to officials at the Paris prosecutor's office, the three—citizens of Bulgaria, Germany, and Ukraine—placed the coffins, covered with a French flag that included...

Airbus' 'Racer' Helicopter Makes Its First Flight

The aircraft flew for 30 minutes in its maiden voyage in France

(Newser) - The Racer has taken flight. Quartz reports that the "strange helicopter-airplane hybrid" developed by Airbus went airborne on May 13, with a 30-minute flight in Marseille, France. Despite that flight's short duration, the company notes that the chopper's flight campaign will unfold more over the next couple...

Manhunt in France After 'the Fly' Escapes

2 prison officers were killed in ambush

(Newser) - A massive manhunt is underway in France for a drug dealer known as "the Fly" and the gunmen who freed him in a deadly ambush at a highway toll booth. Two prison guards were killed and two others were critically injured when the prison van was ambushed in Normandy...

Depardieu Faces New Legal Trouble

Faces New
Legal Trouble

Depardieu Faces New Legal Trouble

Famed French actor is reportedly in custody over sexual assault allegations

(Newser) - French media are reporting that actor Gerard Depardieu is in police custody for questioning about allegations made by two women that he sexually assaulted them on movie sets. Broadcaster BFMTV and the daily Le Parisien reported that the 75-year-old actor was summoned Monday morning by Paris police and placed in...

Meet Paris' New King of the Baguette
Meet Paris'
New King of
the Baguette

Meet Paris' New King of the Baguette

Xavier Netry of Utopie bakery beat out more than 170 other bakers to claim victory

(Newser) - Paris has a new king of the crusty baguette. Baker Xavier Netry was chosen this week as the 31st winner of Paris' annual "Grand Prix de la Baguette" prize. His long loaf beat 172 others, per the AP . Competing baguettes were evaluated for taste, look, texture, airiness, and the...

Library in France Yanks Four Poisonous Books

Literally: Their green covers are tainted with arsenic

(Newser) - The National Library of France has pulled four books from its shelves for the most unusual of reasons—they might be poisonous. As the AFP explains, this is not a metaphor. The 18th-century books have green covers believed to be laced with arsenic. It's not clear how much of...

After UK Clears Deportation Bill, 5 Die in English Channel

Human rights groups describe new legislation as cruel

(Newser) - At least five people have died while crossing the English Channel, according to French media, hours after the UK approved a migrant deportation bill, per the AP . The Voix du Nord newspaper said the bodies were discovered at the Wimereaux beach in northern France on Tuesday. The rescue operation is...

France Readies a Plan B for Olympic Ceremony

Amid heightened security concerns, opening of Paris Games may be moved

(Newser) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday said the opening ceremony for the Paris Olympics planned on the River Seine could be shifted instead to the country's national stadium if the security threat is deemed too high. France is on a high security alert ahead of the Paris Olympics and...

She Went Ghost Hunting, Was Found Drained of Blood

Authorities searching for male accused of abusing the French victim discovered in Italy

(Newser) - A French woman may have been hunting for ghosts before her body was found drained of blood on the floor of an abandoned church in northwest Italy. The 22-year-old woman, who has not been publicly identified, left her home near Lyon, telling family she planned to search for a haunted...

His Dive in Front of a President Doesn't End Well

Alexis Jandard of France entered the water the hard way as Emmanuel Macron watches

(Newser) - France's Alexis Jandard is an excellent diver, and he has the world medals to prove it. On Thursday, though, not so much. While diving in front of French President Emmanuel Macron and other French dignitaries, Jandard lost his footing on the board, fell onto his back, then kind of...

Couple Had 159 Cats in Small Apartment

Court in Nice, France, bans them from having pets for life

(Newser) - A French couple found to have been keeping 159 cats and seven dogs in their small Nice apartment have received a lifetime ban from having pets. Police arrived at the apartment last year to intervene in a neighborhood dispute and discovered the animals, and their poop, spread around the 861-square-foot...

Race Honors Paris' Celebrated Waiters
Race Salutes Paris'
Famed Waiters

Race Salutes Paris' Famed Waiters

Apparently by making them walk a mile and a quarter carrying coffee, water, croissant

(Newser) - Usain Bolt's sprint world records were never in danger. Then again, even the world's fastest human likely wouldn't have been so quick while balancing a tray with a croissant, a coffee cup, and a glass of water through the streets of Paris without spilling it everywhere. France'...

Scientists Urge French to Cut Down on Frog Legs

French taste for the delicacy was called out by 557 experts as overconsumption

(Newser) - Hundreds of concerned scientists are asking French President Emmanuel Macron to put the brakes on a very French custom: eating frog legs. The open letter , signed by 557 research, veterinary, and conservation professionals, notes that the European Union isn't exactly practicing what it preaches in how native frogs are...

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