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Lifeguards Left Coney Island. Then Came the 911 Call

Teen sisters, ages 17 and 18, drowned on Friday amid rip current warnings

(Newser) - Two teenagers drowned while swimming at New York's Coney Island Beach in Brooklyn, police said. Police received an emergency call for a water rescue in the area of Stillwell Avenue and Boardwalk West at 8:10pm ET on Friday, the NYPD said in a statement, per the AP and...

Giuliani Disbarred in New York
Giuliani Disbarred
in New York

Giuliani Disbarred in New York

Court finds former Trump lawyer repeatedly made false statements about 2020 election loss

(Newser) - Rudolph Giuliani, the former New York City mayor, federal prosecutor, and legal adviser to Donald Trump, was disbarred in his home state on Tuesday after a court found he repeatedly made false statements about Trump's 2020 election loss. The decision was handed down by a New York appeals court...

DA OKs Delaying Trump's Sentencing
DA OKs Delaying
Trump's Sentencing

DA OKs Delaying Trump's Sentencing

Alvin Bragg says sentencing on 34 felonies can stall until July 24

(Newser) - Manhattan prosecutors said they'd be open to delaying Donald Trump's sentencing in his criminal hush-money case following a Supreme Court ruling that granted broad immunity protections to presidents. In a letter filed Tuesday, prosecutors with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office said they wouldn't oppose delaying...

He May Be the First 'Squad' Member Voted Out
He May Be the First
'Squad' Member Voted Out
the rundown

He May Be the First 'Squad' Member Voted Out

House Democrat Jamaal Bowman of New York has alienated his Jewish constituency

(Newser) - Out West, Lauren Boebert's GOP primary contest on Tuesday is the main focus . On the East Coast, the big race is out of New York and among Democrats. Progressive Rep. Jamaal Bowman is at real risk at being the first member of the informal group known as "the...

These Are the Best, Worst States for Summer Road Trips

Texas ranks No. 1, per WalletHub

(Newser) - Summertime, and the drivin' is easy—or at least it is in Texas, the No. 1 city on WalletHub's list of the best states for a summer road trip. The site looked at all 50 nifty to see which ones have the potential to draw out your inner Kerouac,...

Vietnam Vet's Obit Reveal: 'I Was Gay All My Life'
Vietnam Vet's Obit Reveal:
'I Must Tell You One More Thing'
in case you missed it

Vietnam Vet's Obit Reveal: 'I Must Tell You One More Thing'

Edward Ryan tells the world he was gay, had longtime partner, was afraid of being ostracized

(Newser) - By all accounts, Edward Thomas Ryan could claim a life well-lived. As noted in his obituary published earlier this month in the Albany Times Union, the 85-year-old Vietnam vet and retired firefighter from Rensselaer, New York, was a beloved brother and uncle to many nieces and nephews, with various "...

Love Driving? You'll Feel Right at Home in These US Cities

Folks in Raleigh, North Carolina, drive nearly 40 miles daily per capita

(Newser) - Whether you walk, take public transit, or take a seat behind the wheel to get to school, work, or other activities may depend on where you live—but among the 50 most populated metropolitan areas in the US, people are driving the most every day in Raleigh, North Carolina, with...

Shinnecock Nation Has First Female Head in 200 Years

First female chair since 1792 hopes to ease conflict on reservation, with other governments

(Newser) - The Shinnecock Indian Nation in New York has been led by women before, but it's been more than 200 years. Lisa Goree has ended the run of male governance that has included tension with officials of surrounding governments and conflict on the Eastern Long Island reservation, planning a change...

John Oliver Isn't the Only Celeb Diving Into Red Lobster
Not Everyone Is Happy With
John Oliver's Red Lobster Stunt
in case you missed it

Not Everyone Is Happy With John Oliver's Red Lobster Stunt

Kingston business owner says he'd hoped to buy equipment from the eatery that Oliver scooped up

(Newser) - John Oliver's acquisition of a Red Lobster in upstate New York had many laughing after Sunday's Last Week Tonight segment on it, but not everyone appreciated the stunt. Per News 12 , Eric Deising, owner of Deising's Bakery in Kingston, near where Oliver's new purchase is located,...

Next on NYPD's Radar: Trump's Gun License

Felons in New York, Florida can't possess firearms; NYPD reportedly seeking to revoke Trump's license

(Newser) - As a convicted felon, Donald Trump is no longer legally allowed to own a firearm, under both federal law and state law in New York and Florida. Now, the NYPD is reportedly looking to lock that down. A senior police official tells CNN that the police department is getting ready...

Giant Parachuting Spiders Will Be Summering in NY, NJ
Giant Parachuting
Spiders Are Back

Giant Parachuting Spiders Are Back

Invasive but usually harmless Joro spiders are headed up the East Coast, sights set on NY, NJ

(Newser) - If you're an arachnophobe living on the East Coast, you may want to hunker down in your bunker for a while: The Joro spiders are back. NJ Pest Control had warned earlier this year that the invasive species also known as Trichonephila clavata would likely be returning to the...

Red Lobster Fans Have a New Hero in John Oliver

'Last Week Tonight' host buys all contents of a Red Lobster, including the cheesy biscuits

(Newser) - "John Oliver buys a Red Lobster in upstate New York" probably isn't a headline you expected, but the Last Week Tonight host has made that a reality. The seafood restaurant chain recently filed for Chapter 11 , and a Red Lobster in Kingston, New York, was among dozens to...

These US Cities Are Heaven for Mosquitoes

Los Angeles tops Orkin's top 50 list

(Newser) - Time to break out the repellent: Mosquito season is bearing down upon us. Pest control company Orkin wanted to see which cities in America have the most issues with the flying pests, so it analyzed the numbers on how many customers it provided residential mosquito treatments to in major metro...

Exonerated in 2013 Murder, He's Charged in New Case

Shamel Capers, 26, faces attempted murder charge following 2023 shootout in NYC

(Newser) - A man who was exonerated after spending eight years in prison for a murder he said he did not commit has been charged again—in a different fatal shooting. As the AP reports, Shamel Capers, 26, was indicted Tuesday on charges including attempted murder in connection with a July 23,...

Big Apple Is Going to Lengths to Recycle Those Pizza Boxes

The containers of the city's most iconic food is getting its own personal recycling bin

(Newser) - New York City might as well be called the Big Pizza instead of the Big Apple, and Central Park is taking a rather unprecedented step toward recycling the boxes that hold that favorite pie: a recycling bin specifically designed to accept pizza boxes. "People want to do the right...

That Naughty NYC-Dublin Portal Is Back Up

We'll see if we can have well-intentioned nice things again

(Newser) - A video link between New York City and Dublin that was shut down due to inappropriate behavior on both sides of the Atlantic has reopened with new security measures, reports the AP . The open-air video link between the two cities, which opened May 8 and was taken offline last week,...

911 Calls in NYC Will Soon Draw a New 'First Responder'

NYPD says it plans on deploying drones in response to 'certain' emergency calls

(Newser) - If you call 911 in New York City in the coming months, drones may show up to assist as the NYPD's newest first responders. Per the New York Daily News , station houses in five precincts—including the one that covers Central Park, as well as three in Brooklyn and...

University's Commencement Speaker Was AI Robot

Some students at D'Youville felt 'disrespected'

(Newser) - At D'Youville University in Buffalo, graduates were given life advice from a commencement speaker that wasn't alive. Sophia, a humanoid artificial intelligence robot, addressed the crowd in what the New York Times calls "a bold decision that drew mixed reactions." Like human speakers, the robot received...

Dublin-NY Portal Antics Show Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Livestream connecting the 2 cities temporarily halted after 'inappropriate behavior'

(Newser) - An art installation that claims it's trying to create a "bridge to a united planet" via livestreams connecting cities on Earth has had to temporarily shutter one of them after the AP says it became "a magnet for boorish behavior." "The Portal" in New York...

Judge: Long Island Leader Had No Authority for Trans Ban

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman's EO that barred female trans athletes was struck down

(Newser) - A New York judge on Friday struck down a Long Island county's order banning female transgender athletes after a local women's Roller Derby league challenged it. Judge Francis Ricigliano ruled that Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman didn't have the authority to issue his February executive order, which...

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