No Child Left Behind

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Dad's Cheeky Absence Note Takes on Standardized Testing

Chicago's Jeff Jenkins said his daughter couldn't wait to get back to exams

(Newser) - A Chicago girl was sick from school on Wednesday, so her dad had to pen a note to explain her absence. And Jeff Jenkins didn't hold back in describing both why she missed class and how he feels about standardized testing, CBS Chicago reports. After noting his child had...

'No Child Left Behind' Reform Might Be Overblown
'No Child Left Behind' Reform Might Be Overblown

'No Child Left Behind' Reform Might Be Overblown

'Unlikely to produce many changes that are actually visible on the ground'

(Newser) - Goodbye No Child Left Behind, hello Every Student Succeeds Act. Congress on Thursday overhauled the former into the latter, and President Obama signed it into law, reports CNN . The big talking point out of the bipartisan deal is one summed up by David Kirp in an op-ed at the New ...

Most States Now Exempt From 'No Child Left Behind'

White House grants waivers to two more today, making 26

(Newser) - It's a milestone for No Child Left Behind, but not in a good way: More than half of the nation is now exempt. The White House issued waivers today to the 25th and 26th states, and another 10 are in the works, reports the New York Times . The exemptions...

Just 32% of US 8th-Graders Proficient in Science

Assessment shows only a slight gain from 2009

(Newser) - Just 32% of US eighth-graders are proficient in science, according to the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress exam. While that is a slight gain from 2009’s 30%, teachers and policy makers are concerned with the continued low numbers, the Wall Street Journal reports. "This is deeply disappointing,...

No Child Left Behind Waiver Granted to 10 States

At least 28 more plan to seek one

(Newser) - Ten of the first 11 states to apply for a waiver from the controversial No Child Left Behind law will be freed from the law's requirements by President Obama today, the AP reports. Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Tennessee received the waivers; New...

At Least 27 States Ditching No Child Left Behind

Arne Duncan says he's encouraging them to do so

(Newser) - It’s been a week since Barack Obama offered to let states out of No Child Left Behind's strictest provisions , and states are jumping to take him up on it. At least 27 states have already told the administration they’re opting out, and most of the rest are...

Obama to Let States Out of No Child Left Behind

If they agree to his education reform push

(Newser) - Barack Obama is today offering states a deal: If they adopt his preferred education reform policies, he’ll let them waive some of the more stringent and unpopular provisions of the No Child Left Behind law—most notably the 2014 deadline for making all students proficient in reading and math....

US Granting 'No Child Left Behind' Waivers

States can submit applications next month

(Newser) - Arne Duncan promised to take action on No Child Left Behind if Congress didn't, and now he's making good on that promise. With efforts to reform the controversial 2002 education law stalled in Congress, the Obama administration will allow states to apply to be exempted from the law....

Congress Must Change No Child Left Behind: Duncan

Education secretary promises to take action if Congress doesn't

(Newser) - If Congress doesn’t do something about No Child Left Behind, then Arne Duncan will. The education secretary promised to take steps to ease some of the sanctions for states that are trying to improve schools, if Congress doesn’t act on rewriting the 2002 law by the beginning of...

Obama's Next Target: Education Reform

'No Child' despised by both sides, but scope of reform disputed

(Newser) - Seemingly leaving no sweeping overhaul behind, even under the changed dynamics of the 112th Congress, the Obama administration is readying its next legislative push: education reform. An overhaul of No Child Left Behind has broad support on both sides of the aisle, reports the AP, but divisions begin to show...

'No Child Left Behind' Needs a Bipartisan Facelift
'No Child Left Behind'
Needs a Bipartisan Facelift

'No Child Left Behind' Needs a Bipartisan Facelift

There's a lot that both parties agree on in education reform

(Newser) - The new Congress is set to update No Child Left Behind, and it’s a chance to get both sides of the aisle behind real change, writes Arne Duncan in the Washington Post . Both parties share similar concerns about NCLB—its way of labeling schools “failures,” its bubble...

DC Schools to Fire Hundreds of Teachers

Poor performance, No Child Left Behind lead to 241 dismissals

(Newser) - The Washington, DC, schools are giving hundreds of teachers the ax because of their low scores in the district’s tough new evaluation system. Chancellor Michelle Rhee says 241 teachers are being fired for poor performance, the Washington Post reports. Another 737 were rated “minimally effective,” meaning they...

Obama Education Plan Abandons Accountability

President is weakening No Child Left Behind, writes Karl Rove

(Newser) - President Obama's education plan will gut one of the few parts of the Bush legacy that this administration claims to respect, writes Karl Rove. Obama's plan would destroy No Child Left Behind's accountability system by requiring that only the lowest-performing 5% of schools take action to improve test scores, Rove...

Obama Readies 'No Child' Overhaul

President looks beyond health reform to 'kitchen-table' issues

(Newser) - President Obama today promised to rewrite the sweeping and controversial No Child Left Behind law with a plan to prepare students for life after high school and to place better teachers at the blackboards. The announcement's timing suggests Obama is looking beyond the health care reform still lingering in Congress—...

Give Obama Some Credit for Education Reform Push

The president is taking political risks for the right reasons

(Newser) - President Obama ought to be applauded for pushing eduction reform, despite political risks. Obama's agenda is based on two ideas: That failing schools should face consequences and that teachers and principals ought to be evaluated based on student results. Each principle could benefit the system, writes Michael Gerson for the...

Bush Enjoys Cheney's Attacks
 Bush Enjoys Cheney's Attacks 

Bush Enjoys Cheney's Attacks

Ex-president says he won't personally make trouble for Obama

(Newser) - George W. Bush today offered his first public endorsement of Dick Cheney’s repeated attacks on President Obama. “I’m glad Cheney is out there,” Bush declared at a reunion breakfast for administration alumni. But he said he would personally continue avoiding the spotlight. “I didn't like...

'No Child Left Behind' Overhaul in the Works

2014 deadline for bringing all students to proficiency to be ditched

(Newser) - The Obama administration is planning a sweeping overhaul of the Child Left Behind law to create a new model for how schools are judged to be succeeding or failing. The White House plans to change parts of the law educators have found most objectionable and award more federal money based...

Ooops: Chicago Schools Not the Miracle Obama Claimed

(Newser) - Arne Duncan isn’t quite the miracle worker Barack Obama made him out to be, according to a new study from a Chicago civic group. When Obama introduced his nominee for education secretary, he boasted that Duncan had boosted elementary school test results “From 38% of students meeting the...

Obama Razes 'No Child Schoolhouse'
Obama Razes 'No Child Schoolhouse'

Obama Razes 'No Child Schoolhouse'

Bush-era name ditched as administration seeks to overhaul education law

(Newser) - A model of a little red schoolhouse used to promote the launch of the federal policy "No Child Left Behind" is no more, the Washington Post reports. In a highly symbolic move, the structure at the entrance of the Department of Education and policy logos of the Bush administration...

'No Child' Law Fails to Narrow Racial Gap

Minority students lag behind whites despite overall improvements since 2004

(Newser) - The achievement gap between white and minority students has not been changed by federal No Child Left Behind initiative, the New York Times reports. Scores from a federal test considered to be the most accurate yardstick of reading and writing proficiency show that elementary students have improved across the board...

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