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Superman Quits His Day Job

Hero leaves the Daily Planet , where he's worked since 1940

(Newser) - Clark Kent has held down a job at the same company for an impressive 72 years—but things are changing in Metropolis. Superman's alter ego is leaving his job at the Daily Planet newspaper with a tirade on how journalism has been taken over by entertainment, USA Today reports....

Dozen Stuck on Roller Coaster for Hours

Newly-opened Superman ride leaves passengers hanging in California

(Newser) - A dozen Six Flags visitors expected to soar like Superman yesterday; instead, they got stuck in the air for two hours. The Superman Ultimate Flight ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in northern California stopped working when twelve riders were 150 feet in the air, at the ride's peak,...

South American Superhero Makes ... $160 a Month

Meet Lima, Peru's Superman, Avelino Chavez

(Newser) - If crime doesn't pay, then fighting crime doesn't, either. Lima's own resident superhero makes just $160 a month—though, to be fair, he's not known for making daring rescues. Instead, Avelino Chavez dons Superman garb every day to appear at notable weddings and political rallies; he...

Superman Debut Comic Sells for $2.16M

Man of Steel issue busts comic record

(Newser) - Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's the price Action Comics No. 1 just fetched at auction. Superman's iconic debut issue grabbed a whopping $2.16 million in an online auction that started at just $1, the BBC reports. The...

Superman's Memory Crystals Inch Closer to Reality--as Glass Hard Drives

 Memory Crystals 
 Inch Closer to 
in case you missed it

Superman's Memory Crystals Inch Closer to Reality

Hard drives could soon be made from glass

(Newser) - The “memory crystals” Superman used to hear messages left by his parents are no longer just science fiction. Researchers in Britain have found a way to store computer data on glass by reorganizing its atoms. A laser creates miniscule dots, known as voxels, in silica glass. Light passing through...

Superman: I Still Love America

After dropping citizenship, hero salutes land of 'second chances'

(Newser) - Superman made headlines last month with his decision to drop his US citizenship —but he’s still American at heart. That’s made clear in a new issue of Superman, which features the superhero reaffirming his love for the country, Bleeding Cool reports. “That’s the American way....

Superman Renounces US Citizenship
 US Citizenship 
in case you missed it

Superman Renounces US Citizenship

But he'll go on representing the same values on a global scale

(Newser) - OK, so technically he's an alien, but really, what's more American than Superman? Heck, even his outfit is red and blue. But after years of fighting for "truth, justice, and the American way," the Man of Steel announced he's going to renounce his US citizenship...

Meet the New Superman: British Actor Henry Cavill

He'll star in the movie out next year

(Newser) - The new Superman will have to make sure his British accent doesn't show: Henry Cavill, a 27-year-old Brit known primarily for his role on Showtime's The Tudors, has been chosen to play the superhero in the Warner Bros. movie due out next year, reports the Los Angeles Times . The flick...

Clark Kent Gets Hot With 'Tude
 Clark Kent Gets Hot With 'Tude 

Clark Kent Gets Hot With 'Tude

Hipsterized Superman alter ego makes makeover debut

(Newser) - It's hot to be a nerd, especially now that Clark Kent is enjoying a hipster makeover complete with hoodie and skinny jeans. The apparently angst-ridden (also hot) Kent makes his debut in the new graphic novel Superman: Earth One. Clark is younger, sexier and broodier—a hero for the "...

9/11 Mosque 'Like Superman Fortress'

Developer 'looking forward' to groundbreaking in two years

(Newser) - A design`for the controversial Ground Zero mosque in Manhattan is being compared to the " Fortress of Solitude ," Superman's futuristic crystalline headquarters of comic book and movie fame. Some of the shapes in the 16-story white honeycomb highrise also appear to resemble the Jewish star of David, but the...

Today's Superheroes: Really Bad Role Models

They're all selfish millionaire womanizers

(Newser) - Superheroes aren't what they used to be, and that's bad news for the boys who look up to them, psychologists warn. While old-school heroes like Superman and Green Lantern worked hard at their ordinary day jobs and fought for social justice, too many of today's superheroes are self-serving millionaire playboys,...

Superman Saves Family From Foreclosure

Bank backs off after homeowners find $250K comic

(Newser) - The Man of Steel has come to the rescue of some folks about to be booted from their home. As they packed up to move out of a house that had been in the family since the '50s, they discovered a copy of Action Comics #1 in their basement. The...

Grow Up, America: He's Not Superman

And neither was any other president

(Newser) - Why do we expect President Obama to plug the Gulf oil leak, squelch the Taliban, reconcile the Israelis and Palestinians, and forge a global treaty on greenhouse gases? Because "Americans like to read politics and history as a tale of the Great Man," Paul Starobin writes in the...

Holy Kryptonite! Superman Debut Fetches $1.5M

'Hardcore fan' pays record-smashing price for Action Comics #1

(Newser) - Superman's first appearance has sold for a price that would have allowed his creators Seigel & Shuster to retire on the spot. A mint-condition copy of Action Comics No. 1 from 1938 went for $1.5 million on Internet auction site Comics Connect. The sale broke the record for the...

Batman Savior Flies to Rescue of Superman Movie

'Dark Knight' director Christopher Nolan is called in

(Newser) - Warner Bros. has hired Dark Knight impresario Christopher Nolan to be the “godfather” of its next Superman movie. Nolan probably won’t direct, but he will guide the film through development, insiders tell Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood . The studio doesn’t know much about the film, but one...

Superman Artist Turned to Erotica

S&M characters look like Lois Lane and Superman

(Newser) - Mild-mannered Clark Kent, holding a red-hot poker and spanking Lois Lane? Not exactly, but an artist who helped create Superman in 1938 later drew sadomasochistic comics with characters resembling the famous pair, USA Today reports. The bawdy panels, which once sold at drugstores in the 1950s, are revealed in a...

Superheroes: Ruining the Day
 Superheroes: Ruining the Day 

Superheroes: Ruining the Day

Summer's been hijacked by the spandex crowd, complains one curmudgeon

(Newser) - Once upon a time, summer movies appealed to everyone, not just 14-year-old nerds. They especially appealed to Chris Nashawaty, who outlines his love of big dumb action flicks in Entertainment Weekly. But now, our summers have been hijacked by an endless stream of lousy spandex-wearers, and Nashawaty is willing to...

Hunt's On for Burma's Hero Bloggers

Cyber dissidents on the lam

(Newser) - Burmese bloggers whose accounts and photos of the Saffron Revolution and the brutal crackdown by the military dictatorship riveted the world last week are now  being hunted by authorities, reports the Times of London. With the Internet shut down and the streets swarming with troops, the bloggers have gone underground.

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