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College Intern's Grueling 1.2K-Mile Commute Goes Viral

Sophia Celentano actually saves money by flying from SC to gig in NJ every Wednesday

(Newser) - College student Sophia Celentano gets up around 3am every Wednesday to get ready for her summer internship—not because her gig starts very early (it's a traditional 9-to-5), but because she's a "super commuter," flying 600 miles one way from her home in Charleston, South Carolina,...

Commuters in This City Have It the Worst

New York City claims the most commuting stress, Virginia Beach the least, per new report

(Newser) - When you're exhausted and cranky before you even get to work ... well, welcome to the world of commuting. One US city in particular, which already had a reputation for a grind of a commute, now has the dubious honor of officially being deemed the city with the most stressful...

West Dominates Greenest Cities List

WalletHub weighed factors such as greenhouse gas emissions and farmers markets

(Newser) - WalletHub is out with its assessment of how the 100 largest US cities are doing on practicing green living. San Diego tops the list, edging out San Francisco. To rank the cities, the site took into account 28 factors, including greenhouse gas emissions per capita, green job opportunities, energy...

NYC Commuters' 'Summer of Hell' Begins Monday

'I'd rather have my teeth pulled,' commuter says of anticipated woes from repair project

(Newser) - A massive two-month repair project will launch Monday at the country's busiest train station, temporarily exacerbating the daily commuting struggle during what New York's governor has predicted will be a "summer of hell," per the AP . At Penn Station, crowds of commuters fume at frequent delays,...

You Threw Away $960 Sitting in Traffic Last Year

Average American driver spent 42 hours bumper-to-bumper

(Newser) - If you're stuck in traffic for a few minutes today, look on the bright side: Those few minutes are nothing compared to the 42 hours the average rush-hour commuter spent in traffic last year—or the 6.9 billion hours American drivers squandered while bumper-to-bumper—at a cost of...

Risk of Anxiety Higher When You Do Too Much of This

Sitting's bad rap continues

(Newser) - If you sit too much throughout the day—behind the wheel, at your desk, or on the couch—you may be increasing your risk of developing an anxiety disorder. So report researchers in Australia this month in the journal BMC Public Health after they reviewed nine studies on the issue...

Bicycle Commuting Stats Surge, Still Pretty Pathetic

There are 60% more people biking to work, but that's still not very many people

(Newser) - Bicycle commuting is on the rise! It's just not rising very far. The number of Americans who bike to work has surged an impressive-sounding 60% over the past decade, a bigger increase percentage-wise than any other mode of transportation, according to a new Census Bureau report spotted by USA ...

Commuting Could Destroy Your Marriage
 Could Destroy 
 Your Marriage 
new study

Commuting Could Destroy Your Marriage

Longer rides linked to higher break-up risk: study

(Newser) - If it takes you or your partner 45 minutes or more to get to work, treat your marriage with care: It's 40% more likely to fall apart, according to Swedish researchers whose nationwide study looked at couples from 1995 to 2005. You may, however, have less to worry about...

Sitting in Traffic Cost Us Each $800 in 2011

Commuters released 56B extra pounds of carbon dioxide: study

(Newser) - This may not do much to quell road rage: America's commuters each wasted an average of $818 in time and gas while stuck in traffic in 2011, a yearly study finds, for a total of $121 billion nationwide. That's up $1 billion from the year before, the AP...

The Way You Commute Could Hurt Your Health
The Way You Commute
Could Hurt Your Health
study says

The Way You Commute Could Hurt Your Health

Walkers, bikers healthier than drivers: study

(Newser) - Whether you drive, ride the train, or catch the bus, commuting to work could be hurting your health, a study suggests. In a survey of 21,000 workers ages 18 to 65, Swedish researchers found that car and public transit commuters cited worse health, more stress and exhaustion, and more...

Popular Carpooling Website to Launch in US has caught on in Europe

(Newser) - The German website , a smash hit across Europe with millions of users, is readying a launch in the US, reports Fast Company . The web service connects passengers seeking transportation with drivers seeking to save cash who then negotiate a price for a ride. The site has rapidly expanded...

6 Dead as Snow, Big Chill Shut Down Midwest

Highways closed, flights canceled amid sub-zero weather

(Newser) - Temperatures have plummeted across the upper Midwest after a storm pounded the region with snow and strong winds this weekend, the AP reports. Six weather-related deaths were reported as the storm closed major highways in some states, canceled some 1,600 flights in Chicago, and collapsed the inflatable roof of...

World's Worst Commutes
 World's Worst Commutes 

World's Worst Commutes

Beijing and Mexico City lead the way

(Newser) - IBM surveyed drivers in 20 of the world's biggest cities to find the worst commutes. The bottom 5 (based on a slew of factors including time stuck in traffic and stress) in the commuter pain index are:
  1. Beijing (99 on a scale of 100)
  2. Mexico City (99)
  3. Johannesburg (97)
  4. Moscow

Drivers Call LA Commute Nation's Most 'Painful'

City tops IBM's 'commuter pain index'

(Newser) - Los Angelenos may have fun in the sun, but they suffer the worst commutes, Reuters reports. An IBM survey of 4,446 motorists found that LA commuters ranked their morning drive highest on a "commuter pain index," which measures traffic, stress, anger, and other factors. Though Los Angeles...

'Job Sprawl' Sucking Work From Downtowns to Suburbs

(Newser) - More and more US companies are setting up shop in suburban areas far from urban centers in a trend known as “job sprawl,” USA Today reports. Though urban jobs increased overall from 1998-2006, a Brookings Institution report shows the share of employment opportunities within 3 miles of downtown...

US Slow to Hop On Global Biking Boom

Countries that encourage self-propelled commuting see benefits instantly

(Newser) - The US remains uninspired by nations that have prodded people to save money by biking to work, the Washington Post reports. Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands installed infrastructure years ago to benefit bikers and discourage cars, but America—along with Canada, Australia, and Britain—have not. "It is very...

Where Will Cost of Gas Drive Us?
Where Will Cost of Gas Drive Us?

Where Will Cost of Gas Drive Us?

NYT writers ruminate on what the effects of spiraling prices will be

(Newser) - How does really expensive fuel affect you? The New York Times Op-Ed page asked 10 writers to ruminate on that question, and the responses are all over the map:
  • The lure of staying home could have workers demanding tax changes that benefit telecommuters, thinks Nicole Belson Goluboff.
  • Say goodbye to

San Francisco, Seattle Top US Fittest Cities List

Los Angeles trails in measures of healthy living, environment

(Newser) - San Francisco has narrowly edged out Seattle for the distinction of being America's fittest big city, says a new study released by the American College of Sports Medicine. Judging 16 large metropolitan areas on factors ranging from exercise frequency and fruit intake to the availability of parks and public transportation,...

$4 Gas Driving San Franciscans From Cars

Sky-high milestone boosts mass transit numbers

(Newser) - The Bay Area is used to being on the cutting edge, but becoming the first to pay $4 for a gallon of gas is a milestone San Francisco could do without, the Chronicle reports. Prices are expected to nudge past the mark next week—but many Bay Area residents have...

Jet-Setting Governor Irks Californians

Critics question Schwarzenegger's daily polluting commute

(Newser) - Californians are complaining about a governor who rarely spends a night in the state capital and dirties the air with almost daily commuter flights on a private jet, reports the Los Angeles Times. Arnold Schwarzenegger spends most nights at the family home in Brentwood in southern California. Critics say spending...

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