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Penn Gave Nobel-Winner Ultimatum: Leave, or Take Pay Cut

Katalin Kariko didn't leave, keeping up her dogged research that led to COVID vaccines

(Newser) - Hungarian researcher Katalin Kariko looks pretty good on paper these days: She co-pioneered mRNA research at the University of Pennsylvania that led to COVID vaccines that helped save millions of lives worldwide during the pandemic; as of last week she has a Nobel for her trouble ; and, just as icing...

She Becomes the 3rd Woman to Win Economics Nobel

Harvard's Claudia Goldin is awarded for her work on women in the labor market

(Newser) - The Nobel economics prize has been awarded to Claudia Goldin, a professor at Harvard University, for what Nobel officials described as "groundbreaking research" in her work on women in the labor market. Goldin is only the third woman to win the prize, which was announced by Hans Ellegren, secretary-general...

Winner of Nobel Lit Prize: I've 'Cautiously' Prepped for This

Norwegian author Jon Fosse's works 'give voice to the unsayable'

(Newser) - Jon Fosse, a master of spare Nordic writing in a sprawling body of work ranging from plays to novels and children's books, won the Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday for works that "give voice to the unsayable." Anders Olsson, chair of the Nobel Committee for Literature,...

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Winners Revealed in Rare Leak

Moungi Bawendi, Louis Brus, Alexei Ekimov honored for their work on quantum dots

(Newser) - Two American and one Russian scientist have won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work on tiny quantum dots—after receiving an accidental early heads-up. Moungi Bawendi of MIT, Louis Brus of Columbia University, and Alexei Ekimov of Nanocrystals Technology Inc., were honored for their work with the tiny...

Winning a Nobel Isn't Necessarily Good News
Winning a Nobel Isn't
Necessarily Good News
new study

Winning a Nobel Isn't Necessarily Good News

Study suggests that scientists who get one might then have a reduced impact on their field

(Newser) - Nobel season has begun, with the award for medicine having been doled out Monday morning. Winners get $1 million and serious bragging rights should they be so inclined. You might also think the prize translates into the winning scientists going on to have huge impacts in their field, but a...

Nobel Goes to Pair Who Worked on COVID Vaccines

Work of Katalin Karikó, Drew Weissman helped fight 'one of the greatest threats to human health'

(Newser) - Two scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday for discoveries that enabled the development of effective mRNA vaccines against COVID-19. As the AP reports, the award was given to Katalin Karikó, a professor at Sagan's University in Hungary and an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania,...

Nobel Team Rescinds Invite to 3 Nations

Invites to Russia, Belarus, Iran withdrawn after Swedish lawmakers said they'd boycott awards

(Newser) - The Nobel Foundation on Saturday retracted its invitation for representatives of Russia, Belarus, and Iran to attend this year's Nobel Prize award ceremonies after the controversial decision "provoked strong reactions." Several Swedish lawmakers said Friday they would boycott this year's Nobel Prize award ceremonies in the...

Number of Nobel Peace Prize Nominees Is Lowest in 4 Years

305 nominees, and we don't know much about them

(Newser) - The Norwegian Nobel Committee said Wednesday that 305 candidates were nominated for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize by the Feb. 1 deadline, the lowest number in four years. The names of the 212 individuals and 93 organizations weren't released, reports the AP , in accordance with committee practice. The Oslo-based...

Ben Bernanke Among Trio to Share This Year's Final Nobel

Nobel Prize in economics was awarded Monday

(Newser) - This year's Nobel Prize in economic sciences has been awarded to the former chair of the US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, and two US-based economists, Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig, "for research on banks and financial crises." In announcing the prize Monday, the AP reports the committee...

Belarus Claims Alfred Nobel Is 'Turning in His Grave'

European leaders, meanwhile, praise recognition for rights activists in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia

(Newser) - Officials in Europe praised the awarding of this year's Nobel Peace Prize to activists standing up for human rights and democracy in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, while authorities in Belarus scorned the move. "I hope the Russian authorities read the justification for the peace prize and take it...

Author Who Uses Words Like 'a Knife' Wins Nobel in Literature

French author Annie Ernaux, 82, takes home the writing world's big prize

(Newser) - French author Annie Ernaux is the winner of the Nobel Prize in literature. Ernaux, 82, was cited for "the courage and clinical acuity with which she uncovers the roots, estrangements, and collective restraints of personal memory," the Nobel committee said. Mats Malm, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy,...

Trio of Nobel Winners Have Helped Make Chemistry 'Click'

K. Barry Sharpless wins 2022 honor with Carolyn Bertozzi, Morten Meldal; Sharpless has won before

(Newser) - This year's Nobel Prize in chemistry has been awarded in equal parts to Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Morten Meldal, and K. Barry Sharpless for developing ways of "snapping molecules together" that can be used to design medicines. Their work, known as click chemistry and bioorthogonal reactions, is used to...

'Groundbreaking' Quantum Science Work Earns a Nobel

Scientists Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser, Anton Zeilinger split 2022's physics prize

(Newser) - This year's Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to Alain Aspect of France, John F. Clauser of the US, and Anton Zeilinger of Austria for their work on quantum information science. Hans Ellegren, secretary general of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, announced the winners Tuesday at the...

'Seemingly Impossible' DNA Task Earns Him a Nobel

Swede Svante Paabo wins prize for physiology or medicine for work on human evolution

(Newser) - This year's Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine has been awarded to Swedish scientist Svante Paabo for his discoveries on human evolution. Thomas Perlmann, secretary of the Nobel Committee, announced the winner Monday at the Karolinska Institute in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Paabo has spearheaded research comparing the...

Nobel Winner Sells Medal for Ukraine, Gets Huge Price

Journalist Dmitry Muratov's gold prize went for a staggering $103.5M; proceeds will go to UNICEF

(Newser) - Ukrainian children and their families who've been uprooted from their homes due to the Russian-led invasion are about to get a boost from a benevolent benefactor. Dmitry Muratov, editor-in-chief of Russia's independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper, announced earlier this year that he was selling the gold Nobel Peace Prize...

Nobel Winner Selling Medal for Noble Reasons

Russia's Dmitry Muratov, who won peace prize last year, wants funds raised to assist Ukraine refugees

(Newser) - People from all over the world are donating where they can to help the millions of refugees streaming out of Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion there—but very few have Nobel Peace Prize gold they can hawk to free up some funds. Russia's Dmitry Muratov is one of...

Nobel Chief Rules Out Quotas for Gender

'In the end, we will give the prize to those who are found the most worthy'

(Newser) - Just one of this year's 13 Nobel Prize winners was a woman, but the head of the academy that awards the prizes in science has ruled out bringing in quotas to even the balance. Since 1901, only 59 Nobel Prizes—6.2% of the total—have gone to women....

Nobel Winners 'Completely Reshaped' Economics World

David Card, Joshua D. Angrist, Guido Imbens show 'many of society's big questions can be answered'

(Newser) - Three US-based researchers have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for their work that shows "many of society's big questions can be answered," per the Nobel Committee . UC Berkeley's David Card has won half of the top prize "for his empirical contributions to labor...

'Uncompromising' Writer Takes Home Nobel for Literature

Abdulrazak Gurnah of Tanzania began writing as a 21-year-old refugee in exile

(Newser) - The 2021 Nobel Prize for literature was announced Thursday, an award that has in the past honored poets, novelists, and even a songwriter, Bob Dylan. The AP reports that Tanzanian writer Abdulrazak Gurnah took home the top award, with the Swedish Academy noting the Nobel was in recognition of Gurnah'...

Chemistry Nobel Awarded for Work in a 'Difficult Art'

Benjamin List of Germany and Princeton's David MacMillan win for new way of building molecules

(Newser) - The Nobel Prize for chemistry has been awarded to German scientist Benjamin List of the Max Planck Institute and Scotland-born scientist David WC MacMillan of Princeton University. They were cited for their work in developing a new way for building molecules known as "asymmetric organocatalysis." The winners were...

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