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16 Hours, 27.4K Rolls of TP, and a Possible World Record

Michigan high school's robotics team hopes Guinness OKs world's tallest toilet paper pyramid

(Newser) - When Maxton Herst was a freshman at Michigan's Bullock Creek High School, he left YouTube on autoplay one day, and one of the videos that popped up showed something that piqued his interest: the world's tallest toilet-paper pyramid. Per , he brought up the idea with fellow...

Americans' Love Affair With TP Is Flushing Forests Down the Toilet: Report

New report says US producers need to start using alternative fibers

(Newser) - The average American uses nearly three rolls of toilet paper per week—which means Canada's forests are quite literally going down the toilet. Leading US toilet paper, tissue paper, and paper towel brands use only virgin fiber pulp for their products, and that pulp comes mostly from the old...

US Embassy Seeks Buyer for 1.2K Toilet Paper Rolls

Used car, broken vacuums also available at auction

(Newser) - Anyone in need of a lifetime supply of toilet paper should get in touch with the State Department. The US Embassy in London, which recently moved to a new building from the one it kept for more than 200 years, is cleaning house of the usual office gear: tables, chairs,...

Panicked Shoppers Buy Up Taiwan's Toilet Paper

After suppliers warn of coming price increase

(Newser) - Good luck finding toilet paper to buy in Taiwan: After TP suppliers warned last week that the price of the stuff was set to rise by 10% to 30% thanks to an increase in the price of the pulp used to make it, consumers started panicking. Shoppers hurried to stock...

Beijing Brings in 'Toilet Revolution'

It includes facial recognition toilet paper dispensers

(Newser) - Fed up with the theft of toilet paper from public bathrooms, tourism authorities in China's capital have begun using facial recognition technology to limit how much paper a person can take. The unusual move—part of a "toilet revolution"—is another step in China's vast upgrading...

The Numbers Add Up: Peeing in the Shower Makes Sense

It all comes down to water and toilet paper conservation

(Newser) - To pee or not to pee in the shower, that is the question. Various surveys have shown that lots of people do it—one questionnaire on BuzzFeed found that more than 80% of those surveyed say they do. Now IFL Science weighs in on the issue, noting that relieving ourselves...

China Seizes $13K Worth of Toilet Paper Showing Hong Kong Leader

Apparently Leung Chun-ying isn't so popular

(Newser) - China has taken a strong interest in the intimate details of Hong Kong hygiene. Officials in China's south have seized some 8,000 rolls of toilet paper marked with the face of Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong's chief executive, the AP reports. That amounts to about $12,900 worth...

Toilet Paper Is Getting Smaller
 Toilet Paper Is Getting Smaller 

Toilet Paper Is Getting Smaller

Squares are shrinking, and there's not as much on the roll

(Newser) - Does your toilet paper seem smaller to you these days? Well, you're not crazy: It is. As the Washington Post reports, toilet paper squares used to be 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches. Nowadays, they're up to a half-inch narrower, shorter—or both. (Apparently, it's enough...

Cops: Toilet Paper Snared Pizza Robber

Eric Frey, 29, wrote threatening note on toilet paper, blamed bearded man

(Newser) - A roll of toilet paper was the smoking gun in an attempted pizza parlor robbery in Pennsylvania. Eric Frey, 29, went to Michael Maria's Pizza Saturday allegedly armed with a toilet paper note that he handed to an employee, the AP reports. It threatened, "I have a gun....

Almost All the Bathrooms in This Country Are 'Wrong'

Rick Paulas explains why

(Newser) - You have until tomorrow to vote on the winner of this year's " America's Best Restroom " contest, but Rick Paulas has news for you—nearly all of the bathrooms in America are complete failures. He runs down his reasoning at Pacific Standard :
  • The toilet: It's actually

America's Oddest Hobby: Cataloging Toilets

It's a thing. Really

(Newser) - There are hobbies like collecting baseball cards and knitting, and then there's toiletfan1 , who spends his spare time, with his parents, taking videos of America's toilets and urinals. And plenty of them: some 4,514 to date, posted to YouTube. And while toiletfan1 may have been remarkably prolific...

Why 3 Women Ditched Toilet Paper

 Why 3 Women 
 Ditched Toilet Paper 

Why 3 Women Ditched Toilet Paper

They tell Huff Post Live of their switch to reusable cloths to help the environment

(Newser) - There's going green—dutifully recycling, switching to Al-Gore-approved light bulbs, reusing your grocery bags—and then there's this: going without toilet paper. Three women explain to Huff Post Live why they made the switch to reusable cloths and discuss the logistics of the choice that even they admit...

In One Sochi Men's Bathroom Stall, 2 Toilets

And the Twittersphere erupts!

(Newser) - They're the toilets seen 'round the world, in a photo taken and tweeted Monday night by the BBC's Moscow correspondent of the men's restroom in a Sochi Olympics venue. What it shows: one stall, two toilets. "Seeing double in the Gentlemen's Loo at the...

Kids TP Home, Which Leads to It ... Burning Down

Cheryl Crausewell tried to burn some lingering bits out of a tree

(Newser) - Toilet-papering a house is just a harmless teen prank, right? For one family in Dora, Ala., not so much. The first part of the story is fairly rote: Neighborhood kids TP Cheryl Crausewell's house of a dozen years over the weekend, doing a number on her yard and magnolia...

Toilet Paper Can Disguise Cancer Sign: Doctor

Blood in the toilet bowl could actually be red ink, he says

(Newser) - What looks like blood in your toilet bowl could actually be red ink seeping from your toilet paper, says colorectal surgeon Guy Nash—but he's still upset about it. That's because people who use toilet paper decorated in red may think they're seeing blood in the toilet...

Teen Shot by Neighbor While TPing Principal&#39;s Yard
Teen Shot by Neighbor While TPing Principal's Yard

Teen Shot by Neighbor While TPing Principal's Yard

Dale Bryant Farris now facing charges

(Newser) - A bunch of Tennessee teenagers were busily TPing their principal's house when a 15-year-old boy among them got shot—and it wasn't even the principal who pulled the trigger. Police say a neighbor, 65-year-old Dale Bryant Farris, fired at least two shots from his 20-gauge shotgun during the...

10-Hour United Flight Runs Out of Toilet Paper

Passengers told to use cocktail napkins instead

(Newser) - United Airlines forgot to stock a London to San Francisco flight last week with a crucial amenity. No, not the Sky Mall catalog, but something almost as important: toilet paper. Instead, the airline offered passengers on the non-stop 10-hour flight cocktail napkins, reports ABC Local . The napkins, unfortunately, had a...

Venezuela's Shopping List: 39M Rolls of TP

Also toothpaste, soap

(Newser) - It always sucks running out of toilet paper, especially when you're a country of almost 30 million people. Thanks to various international sanctions, Venezuela sometimes runs low on basic necessities, and right now, that very much includes toilet paper , which has a habit of disappearing from shelves the second...

Venezuela's Latest Shortage: Toilet Paper

Government to import 50M rolls

(Newser) - Amid milk and coffee shortages, Venezuela is now facing a sanitary crisis: There's not enough toilet paper to go around. "I'm 71 years old, and this is the first time I've seen this," said one man shopping for the stuff. "This is the last...

City to Workers: Bring Your Own ... Toilet Paper?

Budget cuts got personal in Windsor, Missouri

(Newser) - Congratulations to the guys in the Public Works Department of tiny Windsor, Missouri: They can stop bringing their own toilet paper to work, reports KCTV via Raw Story . It seems an overzealous bean counter determined that the men were using way too much and cut them off entirely. The mayor...

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