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Here Are the Most, Least Safe US Cities

Nashua, New Hampshire, comes in as the safest on WalletHub's list; St. Louis ranks last

(Newser) - Community safety "comes in many forms," notes WalletHub —from avoiding mass shootings, natural disasters, and car accidents, to having health insurance, financial security, and avoiding eyebrow-raising websites. WalletHub looked at more than 180 of the nation's largest cities to see which ones are safest, using more...

Entire Portland Police Team Resigns After Officer Indicted

The group of about 50 will keep their jobs but not work protests anymore

(Newser) - About 50 officers in the Portland, Oregon, police force have quit the crowd-control squad tasked with handling protests. The officers aren’t quitting their jobs—they’re just leaving the Rapid Response Team, an extra duty they volunteer for on top of their regular duties, per the AP . The team...

Things Are Getting Ugly Again in Portland

Protester pepper-sprayed an officer who was in a police cruiser, among other incidents

(Newser) - Life goes on in Portland, but not peacefully. Among the tales: A man was arrested Sunday morning for allegedly shattering the window of a police cruiser and pepper-spraying the officer inside, per KATU . The suspect, 41-year-old John Russell, was later arrested, with a slingshot, laser pointer, window punch tool, and...

Proud Boys, Lefties Gather in Portland

Mother Nature plays a role in keeping them apart

(Newser) - A clash of left-wing activists and far-right Proud Boys seemed all but inevitable Saturday in Portland until the skies opened and everyone got wet, the Oregonian reports. A Proud Boys rally attracted roughly 500 people in Delta Park—many of them touting guns or tactical gear—as various left-wing groups...

Joe Rogan on Wildfire Rumors: 'I'm Very Upset With Myself'

Podcast host apologizes for spreading misinformation about fires out West

(Newser) - Comedian Joe Rogan moved his popular eponymous podcast to Spotify at the beginning of the month, and he got things moving last week by making an accusation regarding wildfires near Portland, Ore. "There is a madness going on there," Rogan said during Thursday's podcast, per CNN Business...

'Mass Fatality Event' Looms in One State

But changing weather might help firefighters in Oregon and California

(Newser) - Diminishing winds and rising humidity helped firefighters battling deadly blazes in Oregon and California, but with dozens of people still missing, authorities in both states feared that the receding flames could reveal many more dead across the blackened landscape, the AP reports. Oregon's emergency management director said officials were...

Portland Mayor, Trump Go At It in Real Time

Ted Wheeler says president should either 'support us or ... stay the hell out of the way'

(Newser) - As Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was giving a press conference Sunday, during which he criticized President Trump for quite some time, the POTUS was apparently watching. "Ted Wheeler, the wacky Radical Left Do Nothing Democrat Mayor of Portland, who has watched great death and destruction of his City during...

Patriot Prayer Founder: My 'Good Friend' Got Killed

Joey Gibson talks to the Associated Press

(Newser) - A man who was fatally shot after supporters of President Trump clashed with left-wing protesters on the streets of Portland, Oregon, was a supporter of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, its founder said Sunday. Joey Gibson, head of the group based in Washington state, told the AP the man who...

USMS: We Sent a Plane Over Portland to Surveil Protesters

Meanwhile, violent clashes between protesters and federal officers in the Oregon city start up again

(Newser) - Thursday night marked the 84th night of protests in Portland, with clashes between protesters and federal agents once more emerging after weeks of nonviolence. The Oregonian reports that police declared the demonstration in the Oregon city a riot around 11pm local time, with a couple hundred protesters initially gathering around...

Man Accused of Trying to Hit BLM Protesters Beaten After Crash

Police are trying to find out exactly what happened Sunday night near BLM rally in Portland, Ore.

(Newser) - A man who crashed his vehicle a few blocks from a Black Lives Matter rally in Portland, Ore., on Sunday is now in the hospital, but what put him there wasn't the accident. Per the Oregonian , the report on the injured man in the city's downtown area came...

2 Cops Injured as Portland Protest Is Declared a Riot
Police: They Chanted,
'Kill a Cop, Save a Life'
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Police: They Chanted, 'Kill a Cop, Save a Life'

Portland police declare a riot on Saturday night

(Newser) - Portland's 79th straight night of protests turned to violence Saturday night when demonstrators allegedly hurled objects that injured two officers, CNN reports. Police said one object was a 9.5-pound rock hurled by a someone with "press" written on their clothing. "Portland Fire & Rescue treated two...

Portland Protests Turn Peaceful—Almost
The Tone Changes in Portland
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The Tone Changes in Portland

Demonstrations are mostly peaceful, but police make two arrests

(Newser) - Portland protests heated up again Saturday night after a relatively peaceful stint following the departure of federal officers earlier in the week, USA Today reports. In fact, Portland police declared an unlawful assembly in southeast Portland after some protesters allegedly aimed lasers at officers and tossed things at them. Two...

'Trump-Loving Grandma' Outs Portland Protester

Karla Fox, 69, tells the 'New York Post' that it was her grandson

(Newser) - The identity of a bomb-throwing Portland protester remained obscure until someone claimed to know him: none other than his "Trump-loving grandma," the New York Post reports. Karla Fox tells the newspaper she identified her grandson, 18-year-old Gabriel "Rico" Agard-Berryhill, by the olive-colored vest she bought him with...

Trump Unloads on Twitter About Portland and Housing

The president says 'there would be no Portland' if not for federal officers

(Newser) - President Trump went "on a very aggressive Twitter streak this afternoon" and offered his take on federal agents in Portland—who may or may not be leaving the violence-wracked city, the Guardian reports. With Oregon Gov. Kate Brown saying she's reached a deal with the White House to...

Barr: Portland Rioting Unrelated to Floyd's Death

AG to defend sending in the feds at much-anticipated House hearing

(Newser) - Attorney General William Barr is defending the aggressive federal law enforcement response to civil unrest in America, saying “violent rioters and anarchists have hijacked legitimate protests” sparked by George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police. Barr will tell members of the House Judiciary Committee at a...

Shots Fired Near Portland Protest Site

Loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails also found

(Newser) - Police in Portland, Ore., arrested two people after reports that a shot was fired Sunday night near where thousands of people have turned out nightly for protests in the city that has become the epicenter of national unrest over George Floyd’s death, the AP reports. Officers responded to the...

Judge Bans Feds From Arresting Portland Observers

Move protects journalists for 14 days

(Newser) - A federal judge specifically blocked US agents from arresting or using physical force against journalists and legal observers at the ongoing Portland, Oregon, protests that have sparked confrontations between local officials and President Trump over the limits of federal power. US Judge Michael Simon made his ruling late Thursday, a...

Portland Mayor to Trump: Send Your Boys Home
Portland Mayor to Trump:
This Is 'an Absolute Abuse'
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Portland Mayor to Trump: This Is 'an Absolute Abuse'

Words are flying after federal agents scooped up protesters in Oregon

(Newser) - Portland's mayor threw down the gauntlet Friday after federal agents—some wearing camouflage in unmarked minivans—were seen grabbing people off the streets, the AP reports. "Keep your troops in your own buildings, or have them leave our city," Mayor Ted Wheeler said at a press conference...

In Portland, 'It's Like Stop and Frisk Meets Guantanamo Bay'

Protesters accuse federal officers in unmarked vehicles of making unlawful arrests

(Newser) - Protesters in Portland, Oregon, say unidentified federal agents dressed in camouflage have been driving around in unmarked minivans and grabbing people off the streets. The US Marshals Special Operations Group and the Border Patrol Tactical Unit have been sent to Portland to protect federal property. But protesters describe being detained...

Thomas Jefferson Goes Down in Latest Statue Removal

It happened in Portland, Ore., as a peaceful march took place nearby

(Newser) - Statues around the country of Confederate leaders and Christopher Columbus are meeting their demise, and now a stone tribute to the third president of the United States has found a similar fate in front of a high school in Portland, Ore. Per the Oregonian , the statue of Thomas Jefferson in...

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